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Hey, I'm Luna!

Thanks for dropping by my website and the interest in this project.

How I got to this space in my life, working with these topics, is a long tale that would take a novel to get through... I have definitely had far from a conventional life and my exploratory nature has taken me many places in the world and seeing many perspectives. 

I was born in Perth, Western Australia (the most isolated city in the world, and 3rd windiest!) to an Aussie/Estonian mother and an Irish father, and lived for a short while with my family in Ireland when I was young, but mostly grew up Australian. I was a bit of a punk, a bit of an emo, a raver, metalhead, doofer and always a bit (or maybe a lot) of a hippy.

I bounced around subcultures from a young age as I tried to figure out where the hell I belonged with my rebellious nature, creativity, passion for communities and parties and my eco-curiousity in my younger years.  I studied fashion design and costuming, then graphic design but I wasn't looking for a 'real job' yet, so I started travelling solo when I was 19 and visited a lot of places over the years, mostly thanks to my work as a stripper which gave me the money and freedom to go where I wanted, when I wanted. 

I started performing at fetish parties and as a showgirl when I was 19, working with burlesque at first and pole. I started a company called 'TrashDolls' based in Melbourne with my best friend at the time and we created a great, fun and creative crew of women who ran events, performed at expos and did a lot of modelling and creative projects. I loved to help empower other women and we fought against the exploitation of models and performers in the industry. I loved the work and running the website, but it was hard to make it financially viable and as you can imagine there was a fair amount of drama and obstacles to overcome when working with so many women and with sexuality in this way. 

After that project winded down, I fell in with love with circus and wanted to live in Europe so I went travelling and eventually moved to Berlin. The revolutionary counter-culture and freedom of the city drew me, and I moved into a tent in the centre of town by a river with a bunch of people living in TeePees and started going to fetish clubs and sex parties. I finally had some success dating, and got to experience open relationships and alternative dynamics (non-monogamy is the norm there) and my adult sex education really began. Shibari classes, sex festivals, workshops, intensives.. the sexual revolution is powerful in Berlin and I was soaking it all in. 

While on a dancefloor I got the download to fuse the conscious dance party world with the kinky sex party world... I knew a lot of conscious community who were in to kink and shibari, and who would love to try something new but didn't find themselves drawn to the dark style of the fetish scene. We wanted something burner friendly, light and playful that wasn't just about the sex, so my new project Aethereality was born. The first event was chaotic and barely anyone came but the concept was solid- tantra workshops, shibari, dance, cacao, sensual performances, good people... It had a lot of potential. Over the years my amazing crew and I have ran a few events, eventually creating a multi-day mini festival that was so much fun and I really saw how well the concept worked (though the name was far too confusing for people so it had to go!)

I left Berlin and heading back to the southern hemisphere to get some sunshine and nature. I broke my hand and made the decision to quit circus, and in my down time I re-evaluated my priorities in life. As much as I loved performing, it was time for me to change my direction, and working with conscious sexuality and conscious kink was always something important to me, so I decided to make it my primary focus, and this new project was born.

I'm now studying sex, love and relationship coaching (With Layla Martin at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality) while continuing my own person study into kink and alternative relationship dynamics while I study. I am so in love with this work- the depth, the intensity, the pleasure, the transformations... and I'm so excited to continue to grow and explore, as well as continue to help people discover aspects of themselves through my work. 

I truly believe in all the things I share with you, it is what has helped me come to a point in my life where I am truly happy and confident in myself. 

It seems like a lifetime ago that I was a suicidal young woman who was taking way too many drugs and could never find a lover... I've managed to transform my life into something I love and I hope we can all find the same happiness for ourselves and the people we love. 

Wishing you all the best on your journey too,