About Me

So who am I anyway?

What is my story?

How did I get to be doing this work?

I'm an Australian born, half Irish human who has lived in a few countries around the world. 

Some labels I occasionally identify with when needing to be labelled are Queer or Pansexual, Poly/relationship fluid, Kinky... I'm female identifying but also flowing somewhere on the gender spectrum that could be considered non-binary (though she/her is good for me!)

I prefer to avoid labels and boxes on identity but the human mind does like some categorizing. 

I've worked for 10 years in the adult industry (mostly as a stripper), and while I till work in the field of sexuality, I consider myself a retired sexworker, though I do occasionally do professional bondage sessions with people as well as the educational and emotional work I now focus on. This time working in the industry has given me such a huge range of experiences and chances to meet people of all walks of life, to discuss intimacy and relationships with people in ways other people usually wouldn't get to, and I've got to see the importance of intimacy, touch and connection as part of a persons wellbeing. 

I've always been an artist, exploring and studying various mediums like fashion design, graphic design, circus, dance and performance as well as many other skills. I like to see sensuality, eroticism and intimacy as an artform that can be explored with the same curiosity and creativity that can keep someone interested, engaged and evolving throughout a lifetime. 

I've been creating events for most of my adult life, starting while I ran 'TrashDolls' so that I could create stages for talented performers and artists to share their work on, then moving into creating conscious sexuality events in 2017.

I've lived so many different lives over the years it's almost hard to believe I am the same person I used to be.

From awkward nerdy 'straight-A' student, to punky delinquent who took too many drugs and left school early (mostly after getting chronically ill), to raver and DJ, party-girl stripper and TrashDolls CEO... to Fire eating showgirl and circus artist and finally hippy sensuality professional. 

I really believe all these experiences, adventures and issues I faced have let me become the teacher I am today, having experiences so many perspectives in life. It has helped me live with less judgments of people and situations, and having been to the depths of depression, illness, loneliness and ego, I have confidence in the human ability to be resourceful, resilient and to liberate ones self from the oppression of the mind.

I first dived head-first in to the conscious sexuality world when I moved to Berlin in 2015 and started attending play parties and workshops. I attended my first shibari class that year and was hooked, as well as beginning to perform at Berlin's infamous fetish clubs and events.  Eventually going to India to get my yoga teacher training done and beginning to teach spirituality as well as circus and movement.

The first conscious sexuality event I ran was called 'Aethereality' which fused tantra, shibari, cacao, dance and circus in a single night. This eventually turned into a multi-day festival and eventually was transformed into the Sensual Arts Retreat and Sensual Arts Festival! 

After a circus injury in 2018 put me out of performing for many months I finally decided to leave the showgirl life and move full-time into teaching, running events and coaching, and Sensual Artistry was officially born. 

I know this is my dharma path, my calling, to work in this field. All my years of experience in the adult industry, running events, teaching and exploring have come together to make this project. 

Thanks for being here, for reading this and I hope you get something out of the work I love to share with the world.