Welcome to Deep Self Worship- Embodied erotic self mastery for all genders!

6 weeks to master self-pleasure, explore solo tantra and transform your relationship to yourself.

This group coaching/online course is an exploration into powerful self pleasure practices, liberation practices,  Tantric yoga tools and exploring embodied eroticism and self love. These practices awaken energy in your body, help you create a regular self practice with your sexuality and explore the potential of our ecstatic nature.


Bust through shame, explore self love and connect deeper to your body than before. This program is for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and feel more freedom in their every day life.


This is pleasure activism, we're welcoming in the sexual liberation generation!

These practices can be done by all genders and sexualities without a partner, and are also foundational practices that can be explored with others to completely change your sexual relationships. Not only will this course totally change how your explore your own sexuality but it will fundamentally change your relationship to others. When we can know our own bodies and empower our own pleasure then we can relate to others from a place of overflowing, abundance and unconditional love rather than one of need or consumption. 

I first really explored tantra during a period of celibacy over 6 years ago and it really changed the way I related to my sexuality, my body and to other people. I was able to move my energy and use it for fueling my life instead of feeling the unconscious desire to sleep with whoever was around to release the tension- or shutting off my sexuality completely.


Now after studying for years and going deep into these practices I've found states of pleasure I would have never thought possible, especially with myself. I love sharing practices that work no matter what genitals you have, what your lifestyle or background. The fundamentals are the same, so I designed this course based on practices I've seen effective in all kinds of people over my years of teaching. Self exploration and sexuality training are vital for having a thriving sexuality, so if you're interested in exploring then come and join us for this process.

The foundations are based in classical Tantric philosophy, principals and practices with modern embodiment and neo-tantra tools, giving the perspective of classical Tantric wisdom aimed for the modern era.

Each week there will be a live 90 min call covering the topic of the week with a Q&A, after the call you will have access to the next module containing a practice and a meditation. It is recommended to do each practice at least 3 times, ideally 5! It's amazing to work on creating a daily pleasure practice or aiming to do as much as possible.

Everyone participating will be in an online group where they can discuss how they are going with the work, support one another and share, as well as having questions answered by me!

You can opt-in for having your own private coaching, either 1 on 1 or if you have a partner they can join to learn more about tantric sexuality practices.

The course starts May 14, and live sessions will be held weekly on ZOOM, you will be added to an online course area and have unlimited access to the practices after the course. If you can't make the live sessions you will still be able to watch the replay in the course. You'll have unlimited access after the container closes too, so if you're worried you won't be able to keep up with the weekly sessions you can always do it at your own pace later.




Module 1. (May 14, 11am CET, 5pm Perth/Bali, 7pm Eastern Australia)
Tantric fundamentals, energetic body activation and foundations.
Learn about tantra, some of it's history and the key points of the philosophy that we will be incorporating into the course. We'll cover the chakra system, kundalini and energy activation.
Practices- Energy body activation and chakra installation
Gentle kundalini awakening meditation

Module 2. (May 21, 11am CET, 5pm Perth/Bali, 7pm Eastern Australia)
Holistic sexuality tools and sacred self pleasure.
Here we will explore the key tools for deepening your sexual practices, experiencing more sensitivity and pleasure and activating more erotic energy. This module helps you look at all the important factors that make up our sexual selves, our mindset and our conditioning. 
Practice- Sacred self pleasure
Mindful somatic pleasure meditation

Module 3. (May 28, 11am CET, 5pm Perth/Bali, 7pm Eastern Australia)
Primal sexuality and emotional transmutation
Unlocking the primal, wild sexual self and working with sexual shadow. We will explore how to transmute our emotions into pure energy and how this effects our sexuality and our relationship to ourselves. 
Practice- Primal breathwork and emotional transmutation
Meditation- Witness consciousness

Module 4. (June 4, 11am CET, 5pm Perth/Bali, 7pm Eastern Australia)

YIN power

How deep can you go inward? A lot of focus is on 'Yang' style sexuality, the outter expression and movement- in this module we will explore yin practices for going deeply inwards and seeing how much power we can get from sensitivity and relaxation.

We also cover sexual healing and emotional empowerment, as well as how cultivating awareness lets you experience more pleasure. 

Practice- Yin oceanic orgasmic power.

Meditation- Heart and Full body listening

Module 5. (June 11, 11am CET, 5pm Perth/Bali, 7pm Eastern Australia)

Sex magic and manifestation through self pleasure
Learn the amazing practice of SEX MAGIC! This is my favourite practice and can produce amazing altered states of consciousness, as well as being used for calling in things to your life.

We go into a desire mapping process for getting clear on your goals and desires for your life, as well as the obstacles.

We'll explore how to get clear on your intentions and desires and how to create this ritual using tantric microcosmic orbit practices and 5 senses activation.
Practice- Sex magic
Meditation- grounding

Module 6. (June 18, 11
am CET, 5pm Perth/Bali, 7pm Eastern Australia)
Full body energetic orgasms and ecstatic self worship
Reaching ecstatic heights through breath, sound, movement and pleasure!

This week we cover sexual thriving, the orgasmic brain and creating community around empowered sexuality.

We'll explore this week the 'full body energy orgasm' and how to give yourself one, how to put yourself into ecstatic orgasmic states and give yourself the ultimate erotic experiences.
Practice- Energy and full-body orgasms
Meditation- High vibe emotion imprinting.


This course empowered me to connect deeply with myself and my sexual energy! I want to take it again!
-Jaina, 42



As we are facing a worldwide pandemic and lots of economic uncertainty, I'm offering various price-points depending on your financial situation. As the world takes a pause and comes to stillness, having a resource like this can be vital and I hope all who really want to access it can feel welcome, while still supporting myself as someone also deeply affected by this economic crisis. I ask that you be honest in what you can afford and honor the value of this work, and if you're in an abundant state that you give so that I can continue to support others with lesser means as well as myself. 

€80 - Financial Hardship "I've lost all my income and am super broke!' (Limited to 5 spaces)

€160-Low income 'I don't make much money and have a small amount coming in'

€222- Regular 'I'm doing OK for money right now!'

€333- Supportive 'I have plenty of money, savings and am happy to support those who have less!'

Payment plans available 

+€200 for an additional x2 private coaching sessions to take your journey even deeper. 


You will have permanent access to the practices and videos after the course and the group to discuss and ask questions.

Hope you join us for this journey! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ready to dive deep?

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