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Desire Playground

A fun, playful, interactive intimacy workshop focusing on desire and conscious sexuality in your relationships!
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Time & Location

31 Jan 2019, 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm, 96 Wray Ave, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

About the Event

The Desire Playground is a space to explore the art of desire, intimacy and connection in a playful and educational way. When you make your intimate life into an artform, you transform your relationship to your sexuality for good- because the things in life that invite us to show up again and again, that allow us space to play, explore, expand and express ourselves- these are the things we will never get bored of!

Sometimes we feel that in long term relationships that desire just fades with time, but with a creative, conscious outlook on your sexuality you can explore it for life, and co-create experiences that captivate and engage us and help us to discover our true, authentic selves through our love expressions and relationships.

We’ve specially designed this workshop to be a fun, interactive night where you will not only have a great time but also learn some seriously game-changing tools and techniques that can transform your intimate life and bring in new levels of desire and creativity.

The basis of these techniques come from tantric teachings as well as authentic relating, ethical kink communities and other amazing methodologies- and in this workshop they’re specially designed to be fun and playful, as well as seriously deep! Often intimacy and relationship workshops can become so serious, so we wanted to create a light-hearted and playful way to explore these realms and still change your intimate life forever!

Also- none of these practices are gender based or about polarities so this workshop is welcoming for all sexual orientations and genders.

Not only will we guide you through these practices and tools but we’ll also explain how these work and affect you on a psychological and biologic level so you can understand why we use them and how they work, so you'll understand why we do them in the first place!

We’ll start the night with a special cacao ceremony to open our heartspace and give us some yummy, ecstatic energy for the evening.

Next we’ll go over some key foundations for creating lasting intimacy with our lovers (as well as other people in our lives!)

After that we have 3 main segments-

PRIMAL PLAY- Wild, untamed, primal play is something so many of us desire and it often comes so naturally when we’re newly in love, though some of us have a hard time to let our hair down and really go wild, and often in long-term relationships it gets harder and harder to keep the wild, sexy fire alive! We’ll explore why this is, what is holding us back and have some fun exercises for activating your primal desire and how to tune into this space at any time!

FANTASY PLAY- Not only can fantasy play be fun for trying something new and spicing things up once and a while- it can also be an amazing way to consciously process some subconscious wants, needs, desires as well as traumas. We can dive into characters to help tap into parts of us we wish to explore and experience, embody archetypes, revisit past memories and explore our inner power.

KINKY PLAY- Kink isn’t all whips and chains (as much as I personally love that!), Kink is about exploring power dynamics, surrender, pleasure, pain, our edges and our desires. You can absolutely explore kink without any need for pain or black leather outfits! For this section we’ll play with tools for kink scenes- working with the ‘traffic light’ system, empowered submission and subspace, setting up a scene and the art of topping (aka having the power to give someone an epic experience!)


Couples, singles, lovers and friends who want to explore the realms of intimacy and desire and have a fun and playful night while they’re at it! We are queer friendly, poly-friendly and SW friendly.

We only sell tickets in pairs, because you will be working with the same partner for the whole workshop, and because of the level of intimacy we will be exploring. If you’re not in a relationship, talk a friend into coming with you! The level of play will be totally fine for friends as well as couples. If you really want to come and don’t have a partner, please post on the event page and we’ll try to find you a match! We need even numbers for the workshop and we don’t want people to be paired with strangers that they don’t feel comfortable with so pre-arranging a partner is essential.

If you’re in a triad relationship- let me know and we can arrange a special ticket- though exercises are based around 2 people taking turns and are timed, so you might have to take turns skipping exercises or shortening the time for yourselves


$150 per couple/pair until Jan 23, $170 after.

Price includes ceremonial cacao and snacks.


Please come to the workshop clean and showered without excessive scents (like body spray and lots of perfume) as we will be getting close with our workshop partners and scents can be very intense for some people.

Wear comfortable clothing you can move in.

If you like to journal or take notes then bring something to write in.

Please eat before the workshop, we will have snacks available.


We know a lot of people feel the need to drink alcohol to calm their nerves before doing something edgy, or for doing anything intimate… it can be scary and a lot of us only have confidence for this kind of thing after a few drinks! We strongly discourage this because true intimacy can only be formed with a clear mind- alcohol often results in crossed boundaries and has a numbing effect on your sensual self. Cacao is a lovely assistant plant medicine that helps you feel connected to others which is why we love to use it for these workshops- to help you feel MORE and not less! If you absolutely feel you must have a drink please only have 1 with dinner before the workshop. Obviously intoxicated people will be asked to leave the workshop.


Luna Agneya from Sensual Artistry-

Perth born and word travelling nomad, Luna has been working between the adult industry and the spiritual communities for over 8 years. Her passion is fusing the conscious communities and the kink and sex positive spaces. Luna has been doing yoga, tantra, meditations and all kinds of spiritual healing modalities over the years, getting certified as a Yoga instructor in 2016 and is currently studying Sex, love and relationship coaching at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. Luna is currently based in Bali and travels to Australia often to run workshops as well as hosting retreats.


Space holder and assistant for the night- Jacinta is a somatic therapist who is passionate about holding space for authentic expression and sharing the magic of cacao!

  • Regular price (duo ticket)

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