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Empowered Sensuality // Women's night (1)

For women exploring self love and internal power....
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Time & Location

10 Sep 2019, 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Blinco-Creative, Lvl 1/19 Blinco St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

About the Event

Do you want to practice radical self love?

Do you want to feel at home in your body, to love every sensitive and delicious part of it?

Want to explore and express yourself through authentic movement?

Looking to learn about feminine sensual practices for nourishing your life, healing yourself and tapping into your power?

Are you looking to connect with other women as sisters- beyond judgment, shame, fear and comparison? 

This evening event is based around women's empowerment, sensuality, self love and embodiment. 

When women come together as sisters to learn about ourselves, our bodies and out sexuality- we can help heal ourselves and one another. 

We will use tools from ancient spiritual traditions as well as modern techniques for embodiment, trauma release and empowerment. 

Part exploration, part playful celebration and part powerful healing. 

This is a queer friendly space for all orientations and types of women- all ages (18+) and experience levels welcome. 


Gathering with other women to share is something so healing on its own. We start the evening with sharing and some tools for sisterhood. We will enjoy a cacao ceremony to add to the ecstatic energy of the space and open our hearts.

FEMININE ENERGETIC PRACTICES (Tantric and Taoist practices with a modern take!)- 

Learning to harness our sexual energy and move it through our bodies is key to experiencing full, integrated sexuality. Connecting to our heart, our yonis and our mind- we can discover a whole-body experience and pleasure unlike anything we have felt before. 

Women came together to share knowledge of sexual energetic practices for thousands of years before the knowledge was cut off due to patriarchy, witch burning and religious conditioning- we will go over some skills for cultivating our power and activating our sensitivity. 

Using breath, movement, sounding and mindful awareness we will go over techniques for full body empowerment. 

If you have a yoni egg then you can bring it with you and use it for the practices, if not you can do the practices without! (Check out Yonie Pleasure Palace - https://www.yonipleasurepalace.com/?ref=lunaagneya ) 

(We will be working with body touch and energy but not open genital touch- you may wish to remove your top but we won't have full nudity for this practice! If you're using an egg you can go to the bathroom to insert it before the practice!)


Do you feel at home in your body? Do you feel safe to fully express yourself in your body, in front of others? Embodiment is the revolutionary experience of being at home and comfortable in your body- not focused on how you look to others but how you FEEL in each present moment, what nourishes you and makes you feel good. What brings YOU pleasure? We have spent lifetimes being told that we are only as good as we look, and many of us have layers of trauma cutting us off from feeling our sensations. Through sensual embodiment and dance we can begin to feel at home and safe in our bodies, as well as celebrate one another as they express themselves. This is an exercise on personal exploration as well as sisterhood as we move through this experience together. 

This will be a build-up from guided embodied movement to an ecstatic dance celebration!

The workshop will run from 7pm- 10pm

Price- $70 or $45 for student/financial issues

Limited to 18 spaces. Price includes cacao and snacks. 

This workshop will have a second part the following fortnight... WILD WOMEN ritual night. Stay tuned!

What to bring- 

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move and dance in.

If you want to dress up for the final celebration then you can do so!

If you have a yoni egg you can bring it for the energy practices to intensify the experience.

You can bring items for the alter to use in the ritual or to send your energy to.

It's recommended to have a sarong for your space.

If you like to dance with props you can bring things too (hoops, silk, fans etc)

This is venue is accessible with only a couple of stairs in total... practices can be done sitting or in a chair if needed. 


Luna Agneya from Sensual Artistry- www.sensualartistry.com

Perth born and word travelling nomad, Luna has been working between the adult industry and the spiritual communities for over 8 years. Her passion is fusing the conscious communities and the kink and sex positive spaces, as well as specializing and dance and movement after spending most of her life as a dancer and performer. She loves sharing a modern take on spiritual practices that is grounded and inclusive.

Luna has been doing yoga, tantra, meditations and all kinds of spiritual healing modalities over the years, getting certified as a Yoga/meditation/pranayama instructor in 2016 and is currently studying Sex, love and relationship coaching at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality with the incredible Layla Martin. Luna also has completed a trauma awareness for facilitators course and is passionate about creating safe spaces for transformation and integration to occur. 


Jacinta is a Perth local & budding psychosomatic therapist. She became passionate about embodiment the moment she viscerally understood what it meant to be "in your body" after receiving her first Bodywork session at her training last year. Prior to this, she had numbed herself out with alcohol and hard drugs for 10 years of her life, being an avid party goer and all-round emotional escapist. It wasn't until she hit rock bottom 3.5 years ago that she began on her spiritual journey to pick up the pieces of her life again. Having explored a range of spiritual practices, from Meditation, to Yoga, to Tantra, to Shamanism, she believes that at the very core of any teaching, it all comes down to embodiment. To learn what our own personal Truth is, we must go 'in' to our bodies, to listen to our bodies wisdom, not our minds, and be guided back home to ourselves. When we know our bodies, we know ourselves. 

Jacinta is just as passionate about creating safe spaces as Luna is, and has also completed a trauma awareness for facilitators course. With a background in her own trauma recovery, as well as Psychosomatic Therapy training, she understands and advocates the importance of creating safety within the body and helping clients feel resourced within themselves. 

Lastly, she loves nothing more than to hold cacao ceremonies and share from her heart! 

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