Looking for a workshop facilitator at your next retreat or event?
With 8+ years in the adult industry, 7 years of yogic practices (and 3 years as a certified teacher) plus having attended hundreds of workshops and retreats of various natures all around the world, I have a variety of skills that I often share. Here are some of my most popular classes but I'm happy to work with new concepts!


Starting blindfolded, we use movement as meditation, finding ourselves in relation to our surroundings and feeling our bodies and how they interact with the ground, the air... Moving up from the floor, we explore the sensations in our bodies and awake our lower chakras to move the sexual energy through us, exploring how our body reacts and wants to dance and express this energy. First feeling safe with our blindfolds, we feel how our erotic energy wants to be expressed with no judgement, though the interesting part comes when we remove the blindfold and face our inner fears when we are witnessed, and how we feel to witness those around us embracing their sensuality as we address our conditioning around sexualised movement. 


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