I have been asked many times about mentoring, which is not something I imagined being asked to do!

I have however been working for myself for 10 years now, first creating 'TrashDolls', my first large project managing a freelance network of models and performer, running kick-ass events and marketing online (and I was a CEO, believe it or not), while building my solo career as a showgirl and performer before moving full-time into the conscious sexuality and intimacy world. Pretty much all of it I had to figure out on my own through trial and error, until studying with the amazing Layla Martin this year and finally getting some real business and marketing training. 

I've run hundreds of successful events, workshops, retreats and parties over the years and it's a big passion of mine, and something I'm damn good at. A lot of people are wanting to move into the conscious sexuality industry now after having their own profound life-changing experiences through this work. It might seem easy to create a workshop or event, but a lot of work goes into making a really good one. You can have the knowledge to share, but there is a lot that goes into becoming a really good teacher and event organizer who makes memorable spaces for transformation.


I'm offering mentorship for those wanting to learn to create spaces for conscious sexuality and sensuality. My expertise is in events and creating a brand that aligns with you and your passion- I am not a specialist in making big money and living a luxurious life of abundance and easy like many others out there are offering. If you're looking to make easy money then there are plenty of programs and coaches promising that- what I offer is for those really wanting to share from a deep place for the movement, for healing and for the love of the work. 

I have managed to quit stripping and live full-time off this work, so there is definitely a potential for making great money in this industry and it is getting more and more popular every year. It is definitely a great business and I feel so blessed to be doing this work and holding these spaces.


So what would this mentorship look like?

  • 6 months of fortnightly calls focused on you and your career, getting all the support, coaching and tools I can give to you to help you create the sexy career you desire. 

  • You also will have the opportunity to work with me assisting workshops and at my retreats if you are able to be in the country I am in (I am between Australia, Asia and Europe!)

  • Photo shoots and help with websites and all those fun parts (if we are in the same place!)

  • Promotion of your creations through my brand and events

  • Possibility to use my workshop/event names (eg run 'Sensual Temple' or 'Sensual Rope' events) over time.

Because of the close relation of this mentorship, I will be selective in who I work with to be sure your values are aligned with my own.


€3200 for the 6 months (with possibility to be paid assisting me, which can be taken off the price)

This can be broken down and paid monthly. 

If you're interested please contact me and we can have a call to discuss further!


Want to work in the world of conscious sexuality,

pleasure and intimacy?

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