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Since I was 18 I've been diving deep into the erotic world and the mysteries it contains, I began my career in the adult industry at 19 and quickly began to explore the kink world as well as many areas of human sexuality and sensuality. 

In my years of industry work I have learned so much about sexuality, consent, boundaries, desire, communication and all the variations of these expressions. 

I've been studying tantra and spiritual practices for years, attending countless retreats, festivals, workshops and classes on a variety of topics from hundreds of teachers, and now I'm studying VITA Integrated Sex, Love and Relationship coaching at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality... an amazing combination of modern sexology and psychology paired with tantra and spiritual practices which is giving me the tools and wisdom to dive deeper than ever before, and help YOU, and people like you, to discover themselves through their sexuality. 

Whether you want an embodied, in person sensory experimentation session or you want coaching and guidance to help you discover your desires, blockages and fears and transform them to become the best you, there are a variety of ways we can work together, even if we're on other sides of the world. 

The Sensual Artist

A sensual artist is one who creatively uses the senses and various forms of stimulation and introspection to create a blissful, euphoric and expanding experience.

Our sexuality can be a creative expression and we can make sensuality into an embodied art-form, which will give us an experience that will be game-changing for multiple aspects of your life even beyond your sexuality.

This kind of experience can include visuals like erotic dance and being enchanted and mesmerized by the artist as she enchants you, Taste of aphrodisiac foods (I am a cacao addict personally!), delicious scents, Sounds and sounding and of course touch- a variety of pleasure and pain. All this mixed with mindfulness, breath-work and a deep feeling of connection and love. You don't have to be 'spiritual' to have a deep, intense experience from this work, and you can expand your capacity for pleasure by tapping in to these realms, heightening your sensory experiences in all aspects of your life. This can be healing for people and totally revolutionize the way they interact with their body. 

What do you want to try? To feel? 

Do you want to feel safe, held, loved?

Do you want to feel pleasure, pain, excitement, adrenaline?

Do you want someone to listen, to hold space like a lover would?

Do you want to learn about how to self-worship? How to have a more conscious sex-life? How to make your partner go wild? 

Do you not know what you want, and you want to figure that out through experimentation and self work?

There are so many reasons why someone might desire to see a Sensual Artist.

I also have a lot of personal experience in alternative relationship dynamics, working through depression, anxiety and mental illness as well as chronic illness... so if you have specific issues with these kinds of things, I can help with perspectives and empathy as someone who has actually lived it. 

What I don't do (Not that I have bias against it but these is not my specialties) - Full service work, yoni/lingam massage in one-off sessions (only if working with someone over an extended time) , webcam domination, anything I deem to be a risk of re-traumatization of mutilation causing actual harm to the person. 

Whether it is online or in person, I hope I can help you to discover more about yourself.


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