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Private Sessions

Work 1 on 1 (or 2 on 1!) with me, in the flesh!

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One on one session (or 2 on one with a couple!)

Have you always wanted to know what it feels like to be tied up, spanked, caressed, whipped, teased? To enter 'subspace' and surrender to sensation while feeling safe, held and seen...

Maybe you are curious about tantric techniques or how to better take care of your lovers? Or yourself?

With a one-on-one Sensual Ritual and Experimentation Session, we will dive deep to figure out what it is you desire and how we can go about giving you that experience. You'll practice communicating, asking for what you want, finding your boundaries and enjoy being a receiver.

Working with a variety of senses and sensations, as well as with mindful embodiment techniques, I will guide you into a deep altered state of consciousness and help you discover your body in entirely new ways. This can be done with ropes/bondage so you can fully embody your surrender, or without.

This session is entirely about you and your experience, your desires and needs. You can feel safe to surrender and receive in ways you might not usually feel comfortable to do.

This is a sensual, non-sexual encounter so you will be keeping underwear on during the session unless we specifically decide otherwise as part of your healing journey. There is no genital contact or 'release'- this is about a whole body/mind experience and not about 'getting off'

Prices from $250 (AUD) per hour, all pricing it dependent on what experiences you wish to have, the location etc. Please contact me for more information!


Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to explore conscious kink, their sensuality and the art of surrender. This is for people who want to experience the world of sensuality and intimacy without 'sex'. A lot of people focus their intimate lives on 'getting off' and they don't go fully into the powerful world of sensuality! This is for people who want to explore the orgasmic bliss available to them without the need for genital stimulation- those who want to feel how the whole body is sensual and orgasmic! This is for you if you want to go deeper into yourself and to sensitize your bodies- to learn to let go and to feel more!

This can also be an amazing experience for a couple who want to add more to their intimate lives and try new things but perhaps don't know what to do or where to start!

What you can expect

- You will arrive and we will go over a form discussing what you like and don't like in your sensual experience

- We go over what your goal is and your overall desire

- We will talk about communication and safe words for the experience

-We start with connecting to ourselves and each other by meditation, breathwork, eyegazing etc. 

- The Sensual Ritual begins- a play session involving whatever we have agreed on before.

- We finish with a meditation and a recap of your experience and perhaps advising some take-home practices to help you towards your goal.

What is not involved

- Sex or sexual stimulation of genitals. 

- I will be in clothing/underwear unless specifically stated before. 

All genders and sexual orientations welcome

Photos of your experience available for an additional $100



Learning the art of sacred sexuality

This is a combination of coaching, education and embodied experience for people who are ready to step up their relationship to their sexuality. 

In these extended packages we will go deep into what you desire, what is holding you back and where you wish to be in relation to your own sexuality, relationships or self love. 

We start with integrated sexuality coaching to really dive deep into what it is you want from your life and what is getting in the way of you getting there. These sessions involve embodied and powerful tools for transformation and self regulation- they are techniques which have been shown to have profound life transformation results and may include working with your shadow pieces (fears, disgust, shame, judgement), inner child work, mother/father issues, boundaries, self love and more. 

Next we go to doing active practices for learning to harness your sexual energy and power in your body- tools from tantra, taoism, conscious sexuality and modern tools for self empowerment and embodiment. This can involve breathwork, movement/dance practices, release tools and more. I will give you tools that you can use in your day to day life and in your relationships to come into your power.

Then we will have an embodied ritual experience for you to feel your full power and radiance. This could be a sensual rope ritual, a tantric worship ritual, 5 senses ritual or a primal wild ritual. 

Mini package 

$500  solo, $700 couple 

1 hour coaching

1 hour breathwork release practice

1 hour sensual ritual

Day package

$1300 solo $1500 couple

2.5 hours of coaching

3 hours practices, breathwork and tantric tools

Dinner and cacao ceremony

2 hour Ritual experience

Weekend personal retreat experience available- contact for details. 

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