Resources and Links

Here I'll be listing some of my favourite websites, blogs and teachers who work with similar themes to me or who I've collaborated with. 

There are so many amazing conscious creators out there so feel free to check out some of these amazing humans and learn some more!


Safer spaces course for facilitators- I recommend this for anyone running events, workshops, retreats or holding space for people!

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Layla Martin is my current teacher and goddess guru. Click the picture to go to her youtube channel which is full of amazing videos on sex, love and relationships that are seriously game changing! You'll see why I decided to study under her!


Certified Jade eggs, pleasure wands and other goodies! I personally have the sacred slut essentials kit and a Jade egg from Asti and they're great quality, she also has a great sex magic manifesting course :) 

Open relationships and polyamory

The Ethical Slut  (book)- Pretty much the bible for open relationships. Everyone should read this, I kind of wish it was highschool reading material :P

Open Relationship Tips- Great open relationship advice videos and posts. 


Faetish- Another project of mine where I run fun, funky, fantasy themed kink parties (mostly in Berlin but ideally doing more internationally in the coming years!) plus some costumes and kink toys when I'm staying in 1 place long enough to make them ;)

Bound/Avalon Ropes- Amazing shibari artist and teacher based in Melbourne, sells good quality ropes.

Fetlife- The ultimate site for kinky people! Network, find fetishes and events in your area and groups discussing all kinds of kinks and bits and pieces. 

DEMASQUE- You can find an article of mine in their first edition (Dec 2018) :) 

THE (NEW) TOPPING BOOK & THE (NEW) BOTTOMING BOOK- From the same writers who did 'the ethical slut' , books about BDSM , great for people who love to be dominant or submissive or anywhere in between