"Totally totally amazing!!! It has changed my life . I found a kind of peace . At last I have met people who share the same views as me with respect to spiritual practice , sex in general and kink in particular. I have discovered shibari and I love it. I feel my life has opened up in a way I could not have previously envisioned."- Toby, Sensual Arts Retreat 2019

Are you looking for a blissful,  holiday escape to learn some seriously delicious new skills, meet lots of friendly, open minded people and let your playful side out for a week of epic connection and self exploration?
The Sensual Arts retreat is designed to be a deep and expansive experience for any exploratory sensualist or conscious kinkster, with a perfect balance of learning, experiencing and soul nourishing rejuvenation... while keeping it playful and fun!

The retreats run now in various locations and times of the year in Bali and Europe.


With the uncertainty around this time and prediction of a second wave, it's hard to commit to things and know if we'll be on for the retreat. We hope October is late enough that things will be returning to some form of 'normal' by then. 

Our center is very understanding and will allow us to reschedule the retreat if it comes to it, so we won't lose the deposit.

Therefore we're offering full refunds on deposits (minus some small paypal fees) if the retreat can't go ahead as planned, or the transfer of your deposit to a later date if it is moved. 



The Sensual Arts retreat is designed to be a deep dive into the realms of sensuality and intimacy. We explore what our authentic desires are, how to communicate them and how to access our boundaries and express them. We aim to create a space of safety, self awareness and creativity. 
The retreat is part internal exploration and part skill development for those who wish to gain tools for creating intimacy with others, skills like shibari, massage, sensory play, energy play and more. This will give you a tool box for exploring your creative side in your sensuality and having new ways of interacting with others in your life, as well as the internal resources for finding your authentic path. 
We use tools from Tantra, Yoga, Taoism and ancient wisdom, tools from modern therapy as well as tools from the world of kink. 
This retreat is a celebration, an exploration and a space of discovery. 


The retreats generally feature workshops about:


  • Consent and Communication

  • Shibari (the Japanese art of bondage).

  • Yoga, Qi Gong and other embodied practices

  • Ecstatic Dance 

  • Tantra

  • Sensual & erotic dance

  • Conscious Kink and play

  • Contact dance

  • Massage and bodywork

  • Breathwork

  • Self love and Self worship

  • Conscious relating

  • And More!!


There will also be performance nights and special events, rituals and ceremonies. Particulars change retreat-to-retreat depending on the teachers. 



You will learn skills for sensuality, intimacy and conscious relating, meet new like-minded people and build friendships and community, as well as discover parts of yourself that you may not have uncovered previously. Previous participants have remarked that the experience was life changing and opened up a whole new world for them and the way they relate to others. 

You'll also get plenty of time to learn the art of shibari from one of the worlds best!

It is also an amazing chance to unwind, pamper yourself, play and explore in beautiful Bali!




This retreat is open to everyone looking to deepen their self-connection and expand their freedom through the field of conscious sensuality. Curious wanderer, exploratory sensualist or conscious kinkster, whether beginning your journey or experienced. You are welcome to come as a couple, alone or with friend(s) and explore whatever level of connecting feels right for you.

All spiritual orientations, relationship status and sexualities will be respected.  Celibacy, monogamy, polyamory, asexuality… We embrace all kinds of connection whether it be platonic, romantic, experimental or just connecting with yourself.

We are an inclusive event- Queer and poly friendly ♥ All of our teachers are inclusive and work to avoid stereotypical gender polarities and judgement. This is also a SW friendly event for industry pros who want to get a new depth to their work without shame and judgement.

the teachers

Luna Agneya


(Host and creator of Sensual Artistry)

Luna will be teaching Shibari, sensual dance and embodiment (for all genders!) , tantra and self love, consent and communication as well as leading some of the rituals and celebrations. 

Originating from Australia but being found in various places around the world, Luna has spent most of her life between the spiritual and the erotic, working as a stripper, adult entertainer and fetish performer while simultaneously practicing yoga, tantra, meditation and exploring the divine around the world. Luna is now a full time sensuality teacher, event organizer and sex, love and relationship coach. She has a unique perspective on conscious kink and sensuality from her unconventional life and has a lot of experience running workshops, teaching yoga and dance and running events around the world for people to come together,  explore, empower one another and connect in a safe and friendly space. 

Luna has studied with many teachers, including a year intensive program at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality with the incredible Layla Martin. 


Seani Love has been exploring and teaching erotic ritual for over twenty years.

His work combines ritual techniques, Conscious Kink, Neo-Tantra, Jungian Psychology, and ritual theatre. His work enables him to take his clients on profound journeys into their inner worlds and helping them find power, wisdom, love, and pleasure within themselves

An expert in this unique field, Seani received the prestigious industry award ‘Sex Worker of the Year’ in London in November 2015.

Check out his Website here


Sanya Alaya is a Somatic Sexuality & Empowerment Coach, Tantric Bodyworker, certified Sexological Bodyworker, Pleasure Activist, gypsy and dance addict.

For the last three years she has been travelling the world, learning from various teachers and growing into her purpose. She is trauma informed and uses techniques and tools from Tantra, Tao, Shadow Work, Conscious Kink, Tantra Massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Dearmouring, Creative Consciousness CC® Coaching, Breathwork and Meditation.

Coming from a background of self healing through sacred sexuality and kink, my heart mission is to support men and women to overcome their traumas, fears and shame that hold them back from living a powerful, sensual and loving life. I have worked with hundreds of clients and am all about bringing people back into their bodies - back to pleasure! In my 1:1 sessions, online coachings and workshops all over the world I empowers my clients to love themselves, unravel conditioning and to not hold back to express fully and unapologetically who they truly are.

The location

The retreat will be held at a beautiful center in Granada, Spain.

The Granada retreat center features a seasonal outdoor swimming pool and beautiful terrace set within the gardens of the property. The restaurant at this tranquil retreat serves traditional homemade dishes. A beautiful shala is where will host the workshops and rituals during the week.

The retreat is located at Pinos Puente, Granada, Spain. This is 20 min from Granada airport, 2h 30 min from Sevilla airport, or 1h 15 min from Malaga airport.

If you wish to have an airport transfer from Malaga we are happy to organise for you both pick up and drop off in time for your flight after the retreat. You can also get to the house via train or bus to Granada. Both, buses and trains, leave Malaga or Sevilla city regularly throughout the day and we can come pick you up from the bus/train station in Granada.


Price for the retreat (accomodation extra)

SUPER EARLYBIRD: €720 (until April 30)

EARLYBIRD: €82o (Until June 30)

REGULAR: €950 

  • BONUS- All retreat guests get a choice of 'Sensual Ropes' or 'Pleasure Yoga' online course to take home and continue your practices.

  • Goodie bag including sensory tools, sarong, blindfolds and more ;)  


Room prices depend on if you are in a single, twin/double or triple share room (prices per person)

SINGLE ROOM €800 (week)




Food is included in the prices above, as well as cacao and treats for the rituals. 

Deposit of 400/pp to secure your space.

Payment plans available for those securing their space by July 1st, 2020


All final payments must be made by October 1st, 2020.


With the uncertainty around this time and prediction of a second wave, it's hard to commit to things and know if we'll be on for the retreat. We hope October is late enough that things will be returning to some form of 'normal' by then. 

Our center is very understanding and will allow us to reschedule the retreat if it comes to it, so we won't lose the deposit.

Therefore we're offering full refunds on deposits (minus some small paypal fees) if the retreat can't go ahead as planned, or the transfer of your deposit to a later date if it is moved. 

20 per ticket will go to a carbon offsetting project to be announced at a later date. If you are flying a long distance flight (from outside Europe ) you can volunteer to pay a bit extra to offset your flights.


Some of the staff are available for extra coaching, classes or bodywork.

  • VITA integrated Sex, Love and Relationship transformational coaching with Luna. Special retreat price of €120 per hour, available during breaks (usual price €200/h). Take your retreat experience to the next level with additional coaching support, working through issues surrounding your sexuality and/or relationships. This is a fully embodied, somatic approach to coaching that uses Tantric wisdom and modern techniques for rapid life transformation.

  • Bodywork, massage and de-armouring with Sanya- prices vary

  • Private sessions with Seani- prices vary

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The cost


I've never been to an event like this, is it a bunch of weird people touching each other? Will I be pressured to cuddle and touch people I don't want to?

Absolutely not! Consent and boundaries are a core part of the experience and a heavy focus in the retreat. We go really in-depth into this and arrange all our workshops so that people have lots of choices on how they want to engage. You're always welcome to just watch or work with yourself if you don't want to participate in any pair/group exercises and there is plenty to do alone! These workshops are a place to explore what is your authentic YES and NO, and we CELEBRATE your NO! We think that boundaries are key to healthy relationships and intimacy so we encourage people to really tap into what is it they REALLY want, whether that is wanting lots of cuddles, massages and touch or if it is wanting to have personal space. 


I'm curious, but scared about coming alone and not fitting in or being rejected :'(

This is always a big fear! I remember on my way to my first play party I had a panic attack and felt nauseous for the first half of the night. We have a really dedicated care team who are there to make sure everyone feels welcome, seen and has a voice. Our team are professionals with mental health care expertise- and are super fun and love to cuddle! We have found at all of our events we attract really amazing people who are super loving and open hearted- this kind of event really attracts a special kind of person and we're so lucky to get to receive really genuine people. If you're really worried then jump on a call with me and we can have a chat!


I'm in a monogamous relationship, is this a good space for couples?

We usually have a few couples at least at every event, some monogamous and some in open dynamics. You always have the option to only do exercises with your partner and you don't have to switch/play with anyone else if you don't want to. This experience can be a really beautiful way for a couple to rekindle their sexual fire, learn new tools and skills for exploring their relationship and have a lot of fun together. 


I'm queer/old/a POC/trans/disabled/alternative, will I be welcome?

We really aim to welcome everyone and make them feel accepted, seen and held in the container. Our care team is happy to help with any special needs and to talk about any things you need to feel welcome in this space. ALL of our teachers are incredibly open minded and accepting and all are doing our best to be inclusive. We don't do practices based on gender and want to make sure that people feel safe to be themselves. If you are disabled please let me know your needs and I can talk with the venue about accessibility and options for you. If you have questions and concerns then please jump on a call with me and we can talk more!


I'm totally new to all this- is this good for beginners? 

This is a perfect entry-level experience for someone who is curious about conscious sexuality, tantra, kink or any other fields. We go pretty deep in this time, so you should be willing to try new things and give it a go. It is recommended that you have some experience with yoga/meditation as we do a lot of work with this, but if you're brand new our facilitators are happy to give some extra assistance for those who need it and you can take your time, miss some classes and integrate if it's getting too much!


I'm a pro with a lot of experience, will I get anything out of this?

For sure! If you know a lot of shibari, Avalon is experienced at running peer rope events for multiple skill levels and can give new exercises to people who are more skilled, as well as having free time. If you're an industry pro you can connect with others and always pick up new ways of doing things. Our team all have years of experience under our belts and are happy to share more and offer options for workshops to take things deeper if you desire, and of course there is lots of free time to just relax and play!


I'd love to come but I can't afford it :( 

We can sometimes do special prices for people willing to be assistants or offer something in exchange like photo/video or performance. The room/food prices must be covered by everyone attending as a minimum price but if you really want to come and can't afford the full price, get in contact and we can see if we can find a solution. 


Booking conditions


Deposits are transferable but non-refundable unless we cancel the retreat. Extreme cases may be accepted (broken bones, family issues) case-by-case, ideally if you can no longer come it is best to find someone to take over your booking and transfer the deposit to them. Retreat will only go ahead if the minimum of tickets are sold, otherwise it may be cancelled and refunded. 

 In cases of natural disasters etc, we will reschedule the retreat and if the changed dates aren’t possible for you then there will be an 80% refund (as we lose the deposit on the villa)

We have the right to refuse any guests who may not align with our values from attending the retreat. If you attend and break our consent agreements you may be asked to leave and no refund will be given. 

©2018 by Sensual Artistry.