The Sensual Arts Retreat

April 22-29

June 4-7

October 24-30



"Totally totally amazing!!! It has changed my life . I found a kind of peace . At last I have met people who share the same views as me with respect to spiritual practice , sex in general and kink in particular. I have discovered shibari and I love it. I feel my life has opened up in a way I could not have previously envisioned."- Toby, Sensual Arts Retreat 2019

Are you looking for a blissful,  holiday escape to learn some seriously delicious new skills, meet lots of friendly, open minded people and let your playful side out for a week of epic connection and self exploration?
The Sensual Arts retreat is designed to be a deep and expansive experience for any exploratory sensualist or conscious kinkster, with a perfect balance of learning, experiencing and soul nourishing rejuvenation... while keeping it playful and fun!

The retreats run now in various locations and times of the year in Bali and Europe.



The Sensual Arts retreat is designed to be a deep dive into the realms of sensuality and intimacy. We explore what our authentic desires are, how to communicate them and how to access our boundaries and express them. We aim to create a space of safety, self awareness and creativity. 
The retreat is part internal exploration and part skill development for those who wish to gain tools for creating intimacy with others, skills like shibari, massage, sensory play, energy play and more. This will give you a tool box for exploring your creative side in your sensuality and having new ways of interacting with others in your life, as well as the internal resources for finding your authentic path. 
We use tools from Tantra, Yoga, Taoism and ancient wisdom, tools from modern therapy as well as tools from the world of kink. 
This retreat is a celebration, an exploration and a space of discovery. 

  • Authentic expression- That all of you is welcome here, including sadness, anger and all other emotions. While we're exploring sensuality then all kinds of emotions can come to surface and they're all perfect and part of the journey. 

  • Radical consent and communication- Full body YES and celebrated NO's.

  • Conscious exploration- We have a alcohol-free event and encourage a deep dive into what your motives and desires are. We take time for self reflection, sharing and self-discovery. 

  • Inclusivity- All genders, sexualities, races, spiritual beliefs and relationship styles welcome. 

  • Environmental consciousness- A portion of the ticket sales go towards carbon-offsetting projects planting trees and helping the environment. We recognize international retreats contribute to carbon emissions with flights so we endeavor to give back in the ways we can. We also serve vegan food because it is the best for the environment and for the planet, as well as all the creatures living on the planet.

  • Safety- We take a trauma-aware and gentle approach to our event that values nourishing a sense of safety, as well as self responsibility. We want you to meet your edges in a way that is integrated and promotes true growth and healing. 


The retreats generally feature workshops about:


  • Consent and Communication

  • Shibari (the Japanese art of bondage).

  • Yoga, Qi Gong and other embodied practices

  • Ecstatic Dance 

  • Tantra

  • Sensual & erotic dance

  • Conscious Kink and play

  • Contact dance

  • Massage and bodywork

  • Breathwork

  • Self love and Self worship

  • Conscious relating

  • And More!!


There will also be performance nights and special events, rituals and ceremonies. Particulars change retreat-to-retreat depending on the teachers. 



You will learn skills for sensuality, intimacy and conscious relating, meet new like-minded people and build friendships and community, as well as discover parts of yourself that you may not have uncovered previously. Previous participants have remarked that the experience was life changing and opened up a whole new world for them and the way they relate to others. 

You'll also get plenty of time to learn the art of shibari from one of the worlds best!

It is also an amazing chance to unwind, pamper yourself, play and explore in beautiful Bali!




This retreat is open to everyone looking to deepen their self-connection and expand their freedom through the field of conscious sensuality. Curious wanderer, exploratory sensualist or conscious kinkster, whether beginning your journey or experienced. You are welcome to come as a couple, alone or with friend(s) and explore whatever level of connecting feels right for you.

All spiritual orientations, relationship status and sexualities will be respected.  Celibacy, monogamy, polyamory, asexuality… We embrace all kinds of connection whether it be platonic, romantic, experimental or just connecting with yourself.

We are an inclusive event- Queer and poly friendly ♥ All of our teachers are inclusive and work to avoid stereotypical gender polarities and judgement. This is also a SW friendly event for industry pros who want to get a new depth to their work without shame and judgement.



​Every exercise and workshop proposed you’ll chose to practice or not, alone or with your partner or friend or classmate within the scope of your limits. There is no pressure to be intimate with anyone, at any time, beyond your comfort levels. We encourage enthusiastic consent and celebrate 'no's and recognizing personal boundaries. 

The only required workshop is a consent and safety workshop so that we can be sure to have a safe and respectful container for us all.

There is never any pressure to push your limits beyond what you are feeling. We are big on promoting a trauma-aware, gentle and integrated approach to exploration and boundaries that is empowered and nourishing. 

The communal spaces are only for sensual play, but further exploration between guests is at their own discretion in privacy if all are consenting.




We are aware that exploring to the edges of human sensuality can sometimes bring up intense feelings and past experiences. We have a care team of trained professionals who have worked in the psychiatric field, emotional and energy healing as well as trauma safety and are ready to handle any triggers or emotional issues come up during the course of the week. We’ll create the safest container possible where anything coming up can be expressed and integrated.

We have protocol for possible consent violations or issues that may arise and endeavor to support you fully in your experience no matter what comes up. There is also an on-site spa if you want any additional bodywork, plus options for coaching sessions. 




Full or partial nudity can be proposed in some of the workshops. As everything else it isn’t mandatory but you should be willing to be around other people who are exercising this human freedom. 

Outdoor nudity may be possible depending on the venues.

There will be a shibari rig for suspension play. 

We’ve brought together some really amazing teachers who will help expand your understanding of yourself, your desires, your boundaries and your creativity.


"I really can’t begin to say enough how brilliant the whole thing was. It was so well organised and done with the most amazing sensitivity. I have rarely met such a group of pure souls . So empathic and so open . Yes , we the group, made the event by “showing up” by being brave , but that would not have been possible without all the work and planning that was done to create the container that allowed that magic to flow" -

—  Toby, 2019




jUNE 4-7