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The art of conscious bondage online course

Curious about the world of Conscious Kink and Tantric BDSM?

Shibari is one of the most versatile mediums to explore the art of surrender, devotional domination, sensory play and erotic communication. This artform has taken off around the world in the recent years for it's power to facilitate intimacy, explore polarity and provide some deeply embodied experiences of release. 

It's also a great place to learn conscious communication, space holding and explore forms of intimacy that don't need to include genital stimulation. 

And if you're kinky, it's a space to play with power dynamics, pleasure and pain in a beautiful way. It can envelop so many parts of BDSM depending on how you decide to play.

Really, rope can be a lot of things... it's a tool that can be nothing or everything. 

The Sensual Ropes online course is created to give you a comprehensive beginners education around Shibari/Kinbaku and Conscious Kink so that you can create beautiful intimate rope experiences with lovers and friends. 

I created this course after exploring Shibari for over 5 years and finding my own style through learning with various teachers- both traditional Shibari styles and contemporary. I often found a lot of workshops and tutorials focused on the ties and patterns- an important part of the skill but not necessarily the most important part if your goal is to create a deep and intimate experience. This course combines my years of exploring various styles and modalities, combined with my work in tantra and conscious sexuality. 

Communication, consent and creating a safe container for exploration are key focuses in my teaching as I have found this to be one of the most important parts of having a really powerful experience. Through shibari we can learn how to speak our desires, boundaries and even learn the subtleties of non-verbal communication and reading body language. I include trauma-awareness and a lot of safety information in my course because I find that almost everyone has some degree of trauma around intimacy and sexuality, some more than others. I wanted to create a course that covered a strong foundation of rope skills, communication skills, sensual play and emotional depth, and after teaching a lot of Sensual Rope Temple workshops around the world I decided to develop this online version so that no matter where you are in the world you can learn!

This whole course is floor-based Shibari and designed for people who want to tie from a sensual perspective. There are a lot of ways to explore rope- some more technical and traditional, some more kinky and sadomasochistic, some more playful, some more artistic- this is one perspective that I specialize in. With this foundation you can also explore different styles and take your education further to things like suspension work and intricate designs, and I think having a good base of knowledge that includes how to create a safe and deep scene will serve any rope-lover no matter what style they use. 

The Sensual Rope Ritual

This course builds up to creating a 'Sensual Rope Ritual' - A beautiful experience you can create for your lover/friend/partner/client/beautiful stranger. 

The Rope Ritual involves creating a safe container, setting intentions, connecting with your partner then moving into the bondage scene mixed with 5 senses activation, before coming into the un-tie and aftercare of the scene. I give you a video example and guided audio that you can use for your own at-home ritual experience. 

So what is in the course?

Introduction- History, safety, communication, check-ins, empowered submission, embodied yes/no

Preparation- Rope types, rope meditation, connecting exercises, moving bodies, aftercare, movements in rope, bundling the rope and mid-play check ins.

Solo rope drills - (to practice on yourself!) Single column, double column, nodome, futomomo, quick release tie, hishi harness, diamond tie  

Partner rope- Single column, double column, intuitive tying, box tie, futomomo, hishi leg tie and more being added! 

Rope Ritual- Preparation, example and guided ritual.

Additional talks- Shibari and tantra, trauma aware kink play

+ more being added all the time!

We have live lessons every month, often with guest teachers to give you even more alternative perspectives from amazing rope artists and bodyworkers around the world. 


Chloe, Australia

I can definitely recommend Luna's online shibari course. Having been tied by her previously, it was obvious that she had a lot of knowledge with matching confidence levels. All of the videos in the course were very easy to follow. She had great chemistry with her model and explained things in such a beautiful way; it made me feel like I was standing there in her house. It's also really great as she goes into much more than just the patterns as some people forget about the negotiations, the chemistry etc.

Jaina, Berlin

“While I am a huge fan of in-person learning, and tend not to enjoy watching videos, this course made me change my mind. It allowed me to learn and repeat the single and double column knots at my own pace, in my own home. I’ve always been too shy to ask the instructors for help, and to repeat themselves. Enter the rewind button! This is an invaluable merit of this video course. I also found it to be different from other Shibari courses I have taken because it was far more holistic. I learned about consent, safety, sensory play, and many other important aspects of rope play which somehow never sunk in before. Thank you Sensual Artistry!”

Angelique, Paris

The Sensual Rope course is perfect for a first shibari experience. I really like your teaching, both technical and the sensual touch that you add that is really inspiring. I feel fully inspired with plenty of tips and techniques to use in the bedroom which is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much!

From the course..

Intimacy, passion, connection.

This course is for those who want to explore the depths of connection through surrender, power, trust and embodied intimacy and play. 

Do you want to experience the sweet freedom through bondage?

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