Sexual Liberation Journey

Awaken your erotic potential, heal sexual shame and transform your relationship to your pleasure.

Online 1:1 Sacred Sexuality Coaching for beings ready to step into their erotic power.


An Ecstatic, Liberated Sexuality is your Birthright...

You know there is more to sex than what you have been experiencing...

Through centuries of repression and opression, we as a species have lost our divine connection to our sexuality- and therefore our power!

It is your true nature to have a free, wild and pleasurable sexlife, free of shame and self judgment.

To be able to connect deeply with others, experience mystical erotic states and to feel the aliveness of the whole universe rippling through you in oceanic waves of orgasmic delight!

Sexual liberation is a path of deep self knowing, self acceptance and self WORSHIP! 

Are you ready to ditch old paradigm conditioning and come home to your ecstatic, orgasmic nature??

Say goodbye to sexual shame...

Shame is conditioning, passed down to us from a traumatised, prudish culture that control people by supressing their life force.

One of the key practices of Tantra is to liberate ourselves from the bondage of conditioning- letting go of stories, projections and traumas that keep us from being totally present and totally alive. This is why applying Tantric practices and principles to your journey of sexual healing and liberation is so powerful!

People who are sexually liberated are more empowered, and harder to control. They live by their own truth and on their own terms! 

You were born to be free, and you are worthy of a truly empowered relationship to your body and to your lifeforce... and all the hot, juicy, orgasmic experiences your heart desires!

 Through deep transformational processes we get to the root of any sexual blockages you are experiencing, and explore Sacred Sexuality practices that will activate your sexual life force and empower you to explore your full erotic potential.

  • Explore your blockages, resistances and fears in a loving and safe container

  • Gently re-wire the nervous system to feel safe experiencing intimacy and pleasure and to be able to stay present with the sensations in your body

  • Expand your orgasmic potential with sacred sexuality practices

  • Learn to move sexual energy through the body

  • Explore sex magic and tools for creating the erotic life you desire

  • Create a compassionate and loving internal environment

  • Release sexual pain, numbness or trauma

  • Learn to become orgasmic, multi-orgasmic or how to have various other types of orgasm

  • Bring ritual, intentionality and consciousness to your self pleasure practice

  • Release the need for fanasy, porn, toys or other 'addictions' that stop you from being present with your body and with lovers.

  • Accept and embrace your sexuality, your desires and your needs. I hold a non-judgmental space for people of all sexualities, kinks, relationship dynamics and desires.

  • Worship, adore and love your body and all it is capable of!

From my Clients


I had 6 sessions of online coaching with Luna and they were amazing. Luna holds a very safe and non-judgemental space for all genders / sexualities and lifestyles, has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from, and really takes the time to get to know you so the coaching is planned around your individual needs.

In one session we focused on communication techniques that instantly improved my ability to hold space and deescalate ongoing issues that arose with my partner, even though he didn't participate in the coaching. We also did some inner child work, breath work, and finished off with a sexy guided yoni/lingam couples massage (which I highly recommend!).



Spirituality Meets Science...

I work with a variety of methodologies, bringing together the ancient wisdom of Tantra and Yoga with modern therapeutic processes and a deep understanding of the nervous system and trauma. This is a truly holistic approach working with mind, body and soul.

Utilising evidence based therapeutic techniques that embrace both neuroscience, psychology and spiritual wisdom, my clients learn to accept themselves with loving compassion, bring consciousness to the unconscious and heal emotional wounding at the root. 

You will learn to communicate with your inner parts and understand them, love them and create new choices from the integration and acceptance of all of your being. 

This process incorporates both a 'Top Down' intellectual understanding of the issues you are facing and the patterns playing out in your life, as well as the 'Bottom up' somatic approach of releasing and healing from the body and the primal brain. 

You will combine these powerful processes with the power or ritual, meditation, energy body work, ecstatic trance states and sacred sexuality practices that harness your divine nature and the mysterious realms of the divine. 

This combination is a grounded approach to spirituality that embraces both the modern and the ancient, and how they both compliment each other. 

I studied the VITA (Vital, Integrated, Tantric Approach) coaching method a the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, studying over 720 hours in my training, along with countless client hours, practicums, extra learning, workshops, courses and my own practice. 

I majored in Tantric Sexuality and Relationship Transformation, focusing on sacred sexuality, awakened relationships and nonduality.

‚Äč"Sex, love and relationship coaching is partnering with a client in a loving, compassionate and supportive way to create a conscious container for transformation that results in greater self-love, integration and self-realization while staying focused on the client achieving their goals and desires in alignment with the truth of their original essence" - Layla Martin's definition of her VITA coaching system. 

Besides my extensive coaching training, I also am a certified Yoga/meditation/pranayama teacher and am currently studying Nondual Tantra at the Tantrika institute, and have completed extra training in trauma awareness for facilitators, Shadow work, applied Jungian practices, attachment therapy, numerous breathwork trainings, Authentic relating, consent and sexuality trainings and I have 10 years of experience in the adult industry working 1 to 1 with people from all over the world and having countless discussions around sex, intimacy and relationships. My life is dedicated to all things liberation, intimacy and healing and I am always learning and expanding my knowledge, as well as living what I teach.

On the road to liberation, you will be guided to...

Identify and Clear Sexual Blockages

Find out what the unconscious stories, projections and fears are that are limiting your sexual expression.

We create a space of internal safety for you to heal, transform and liberate yourself from your past. 

Using powerful mind-body therapeutic processes we will idetify the blockages and re-write your sexual story to a new, empowering one!

Explore Sacred Sexuality Practices

You will be guided through sacred sexuality practices that help you to expand your orgasmic potential, release blockages and trauma, increase sensitivity and create deeply profound ecstatic states.

Full body orgasms, erotic rituals, chakra breathing, self healing, primal release- depending on your desires, I have a variety of practices that can help your each your sexual goals. 

Create the Erotic Life of your Dreams

We work with your desires to create a thriving relationship with your sexuality, and empower you with tools that will create a new reality for you in all future relationships to come. 

This process is designed to give you a series of tools and practices that you can always come back to and that will serve you for a lifetime. 

Liberate your Eros, Liberate your Life...

Over 8 sessions (weekly or fortnightly), you will be taken through a series of processes and practices designed to awaken your erotic power, reclaim your body and expand your relationship to your sexuality.

You will gain a toolbox of practices that will serve you through the rest of your life for activating sexual energy, sublimating and grounding energy, manifesting through erotic rituals and entering the limitless rounds of the internal energy realm.

When your sexual power is awakened, when your blockages, traumas and resistances are cleared through- your whole life will transform. I am here to gently guide and hold space for this unfolding and empower you to have the life you desire. 

Some of the tools and practices we may use over the course of your journey are...

  • Tantric practices to awaken your energy body and divine nature

  • Mindful self pleasure and sensitisation 

  • Breathwork & Energy orgasms

  • Erotic rituals

  • Solo de-armouring and trauma healing practices

  • Emotional alchemy

  • Erotic Shadow work

  • Primal ritual

  • Embodied inquiry

  • Manifestation/sex magic

  • Journalling practices

  • Full body orgasm and Tantric orgasm practices

  • Desire mapping

Ready to say F*ck Yes to your Pleasure?

When you sign up for this journey, you're creating an inner and outer commitment to a process of transformation. 

When you say yes, you sign up for 8 sessions designed to take you on a journey towards your desires and goals. 

If you start the journey and don't feel it is a fit for you after a few sessions, you have the option to leave and receive a partial refund or stop further payments, as it is important that people feel safe to invest and not pressured into continuing if they feel it is not truly aligned for them. 


$1980 Aud

Or $495 per month over 4 months

  • Fortnightly sessions, 90 minutes in length

  • Emails between each call 

  • ‘Homework’ and any


$2850 Aud

Or $720 per month over 4 months

  • Personal online client portal with session recordings and notes

  • Customised audio practices between sessions for your practices.

  • Access to my whatsapp for questions, sharing and advice between sessions.

  • Includes ‘Pleasure Yoga’ online course.

Sessions are held online via Zoom, You camera will be turned off during any self pleasure sessions. There will be no nudity on my side. 

Sessions are 90 minutes in length but can sometimes go overtime. When you sign up you will get a scheduling link to book in a time that suits you. 


Once a month I open a 'low income' option for people who are unable to afford the full price. Please book a call with me and we can have a chat about options if you have the deep desire to go on this journey but finances are in your way. 

Out of your budget?

I also run 'group coaching' courses through the Sensual Arts School... these are designed to be an affordable option for people who aren't able to work 1 on 1 with me but want to learn about Sacred Sexuality and transform their lives. 

Choose between 'Deep Self Worship', my group coaching experience for learning Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, or 'Pleasure Yoga' for a do-at-your-own-pace course to get you started on your conscious self pleasure journey!

Trauma informed & Inclusive Coaching

Sexuality is inherently a space of trauma for many people, this is why my sex coaching training had trauma awareness as a foundation for all of the work. I aim to empower you with the tools you need to feel safe in your body and your sexuality, integrate and heal past experiences and have the tools for the future to work through whatever may come at you in life. 

I'm also passionate about inclusivity... especially as a queer, kinky ex-sexworker with an invisible chronic illness myself! I understand how hard it can be to find professionals who you feel safe with and not judged for being who you are.

I have worked with people of all genders and beyond, people who are monogamous, poly, relationship fluid or unsure, as well as people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. I aim to create a space that is free from judgment or projection that invites you to show up in your truth and authenticity. 

That said, in some cases I might not be the ideal person to work with you. If you're experiencing very intense PTSD or trauma responses that are overwhelming then it is best to first see a therapist, and come to coaching when you are feeling more grounded and able to focus on thriving. 

Also if you have very specific needs around sexuality issues that I don't feel equipped to handle, I will do my best to refer you to someone who specialises in working with people like you.

More testimonials from beautiful souls who have undertaken the journey with me…


Doing the sessions with Luna was an eye opening experience for me. It helped me unite many different concepts and activities, like Meditation, breathing exercises, guided introspection and visualization, etc, into one personal way to communicate with my inside universe and the Kosmos outside. I connected with very deep and very strong aspects of myself that were before shadowed or negated, bringing to me a lot of peace, self understanding and tools to deal with myself and with the world in everyday life.


I managed to connect with long time repressed and denied aspects of myself that were yearning to come out. Now I pay a lot of attention to my female aspects, for example, or to the defenses mechanisms that my persona uses to protect me and that were before perceived as blockages instead of mechanisms


Luna is an absolutely amazing genuine person who has the rare ability to read and manage peoples higher emotional states whilst simultaneously providing professional help.

Even one session with her can lead to a positive change in your life if you are wanting to heal, explore parts of yourself you may not be able to do alone. She is not only professional but personable in all aspects of her life which is a must for any form of healing process with a patient / client relationship.

I highly recommend her to assist you with any form of issues that you may be dealing with. Words cannot describe how much she has helped me, it transcends above and beyond anything I have experienced before in a therapeutic arrangement


I have often struggled with giving myself the permission to go deeper and to heal. The practices, compassion and acceptance that you gave to me allowed me to find the strength and courage within me to face some of my most painful wounds. The transformation in this process was far larger and faster than I expected! Within a few sessions I found with ease my ability to set and hold boundaries, to hold space for myself and my fears, anger, doubt and pain in love, to care for my inner child, to find the wisdom and support I needed from within myself and to break free of the conditioning that held me back from experiencing my full potential. In the past, I have found it triggering to drop into my body and to pay attention to my body and my desires because I have found it overwhelming and very frightening but through our journey together, I finally feel safe, I feel secure and I feel free to express myself in ways that I could never have imagined. You have inspired me and given me the tools to maintain a regular, daily, practice that continues to allow me to heal and transform, allowing me to release and let go of what no longer serves me and to actively acknowledge that I am perfect as I am.


Wow, this journey really opened me up to a whole new layer of my sexuality and my power.

I was able to finally let go of a lot of shame I kept with me since a teenager and to reconnect with my pussy. I had my first full body orgasm which I didn't think was possible for me. I feel so much more alive in my body than I ever have, after years of numbness I was starting to think I was broken but it is all finally shifting. 

I loved learning sex magic and I'm going to use it so much more in my life now!

It was so worth every cent, my sexlife is totally transformed now!

Thank you Luna!

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