I thought I'd share some free practices, resources and goodies that I've found super helpful for people stuck at home who are limited with money. There are honestly soooo many out there, you can find pretty much anything you desire online for free these days.

PLEASURE MEDICINE - with Luna and Sanya is a group Sanya and I made with some live guided practices too!

If you identify as a womxn check out Womxn‘s Circle - Global Tribe

Feel free to comment more below and I'll add them to this list!

BREATHWORK Breathwork is so powerful- it helps release emotions, resets the nervous system by releasing unfinished stress response cycles, energizes the body and it boosts the immune system. It's probably the #1 thing I would recommend for everyone to do in this time.

MEDITATION, YOGA AND TANTRA Staying centered, grounded and empowered is so important. Right now the meditation pillow and the yoga mat are my fav places and helping me get through all this chaos!

Some other free goodies I offer

Feel free to post your fav free online resources below! Enjoy!