Self Portrait

So, who is this Luna?

I guess I have always been a little unconventional, always rebelled against the norm and wanted to live my own truth. Bouncing through worlds as a stripper, yogi, circus artist, fetish performer, designer, event manager or whatever else I felt like that week... gaining unique insights into the many realities of life on this earth. I've found my own way, my own hybrid combination of pieces of knowledge, wisdom and my own truth and bundled them together to create a life of authentic being and creativity.

Labels, boxes... they help us understand reality to a degree and are essential for communicating with one another, but when we cling to them we limit ourselves.

So you can try to box me as a few things, I'm 'spiritual' I guess, bisexual by definition, vegan mostly. Somewhere between non-monogamous and relationship anarchist. Kinky, weird, slutty, creative... Do these help you to understand me?

Well maybe you don't need to, I'm just a mirror for you after all. I'm just another set of eyes, a perspective on this thing we call life.

I was born in Perth, Australia, and lived there most of my young life... besides a year-or-so in Ireland where my father is from. Once I was 18 I set out to see the world, moving my base to Melbourne and travelling often. I was working as a stripper which is actually what got me into yoga and meditation thanks to a customers suggestion. I worked as a showgirl and won a few competitions in Showgirl/strip performances and travelled a lot to perform while I observed the industry, the psychology of the work and the human interactions and connections. This eventually lead to my career in circus arts which kept me travelling and eventually resulted in my move to Berlin, one of the artist meccas of the world.

I was already kinky, but mostly in private and on stage in strip clubs, but Berlin brought out a whole other world for me of sex clubs, fetish parties, sex festivals and alternative relationship dynamics. It is really one of the craziest, most interesting cities in the world.

An epiphany at a festival resulted in Aethereality being born- an event combining conscious and spiritual growth with sexuality and kink. Berlin was the perfect place to start, with its booming shibari scene, openness to sexuality and diversity, plus amazing underground conscious scene. Combining the spiritual scene and the kink scene has been a big passion of mine, and eventually the event evolved into a 3 day festival with the help of my partner Sol and the family of conscious kinksters we found along the way.

After getting swept up in the fetish performer scene, the project took a bit of a sideline until recently when I realised that performing was no filling my soul as much as working with people and sexuality. It is what I'm good at, it's what I know and it is what the world needs right now- we are in the middle of the sexual and spiritual revolution but I feel a lot of the representation in the sacred sexuality scene is very hetero-normative, monogamous and vanilla. It felt like time for me to step back into this passion of mine, for working with this combination and sharing my experience with whoever wants to listen.

I have little idea of where this will evolve to, what I will write about in the future or what I will learn from all of this. I just feel it is time to face my fear of putting myself out there in this mode, to step into my power and to share. I have learned so much from so many inspiring people who have shared their experiences online, and I want to contribute to this insane amount of knowledge we have access too in this day and age thanks to the internet. What a blessing that no matter where in the world we are, we can connect like this and learn from each other.

Please connect with me on social media if this interests you and be sure to suggest topics you would like to hear more about, I'm happy to continue my radical honesty practices with whoever out there is listening.

I see you.