Welcome to The Art of Tantric Kink- and online course for learning Creative erotic skills, liberating shame and living the conscious and authentic life you desire!

This is the first course of it’s kind - combining the consciousness expanding practices of Tantra with the embodied erotic art form of kink.

This course will give you various practical tools for exploring kink in a safe, deep and holistic way that can help you on your path of exploration, liberation and deeper understanding of yourself and your desires. This Neo-tantric fusion is aimed to deepen intimacy, liberate shame and help you to explore your authentic, unique sensual expression.

We’ve designed the course to be informative as well as guiding lots of solo and partner practices and even including bonus demonstration videos to give you inspiration. Whether you have a current partner or you get this course to prepare you for future lovers, you can learn, explore and try some new ways.

So, you’re curious about kink... you have some desires to explore intensity, power or surrender - but you feel shame, judgment or resistance coming up when you think about giving it a try.

You know there is something to these desires though, that there is freedom hidden behind the blockage. You want to feel liberated and confident with all parts of yourself, even the ones you or others around you judge to be ‘Shadow’.

Or you’re already kinky and you want to take it to new, deeper and more blissfully connected states. You know there can be so much more to kink than just the physical side and you’re ready to explore the emotional, tantric and energetic realms of your play. This course brings neo-tantra and kink together for those wanting to explore the spiritual, sensual realms.

But my kinks are shameful and dark! That can’t be tantric!?

We believe with deep self inquiry, consent, communication and internal alignment there are ways to explore almost all kinks between consensual adults. We cover the most common types of kink in the course and those concepts can be applied in various creative ways. Shame comes from conditioning around what are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ways to explore our bodies and sexualities. When we allow those suppressed parts to be seen and explored we open up the way to deep self love and acceptance. Being loved, seen and accepted for who we are in our totality is one of our deepest longings and to learn ways to share that with partners brings you one step closer to it. We also talk about how Tantric practices and rituals can be designed to face these taboos and self judgments, and integrate them so they aren’t holding us back or causing us suffering.

I don’t have a partner so there is no point in me getting this course!

While we provide some partner exercises, so much of the course can give you the inspiration and tools you need for your future lovers/kink partners. We also find that aligning yourself with your desires by making a commitment (like taking this course) can help you call in the kinky tantric partner of your dreams. There are also tonnes of practices to do solo until you do find someone to work with!

So why did we make this course anyway?

We both have spent a lot of our adult lives between the spiritual and kinky communities, and have a shared passion for conscious, spiritual sexuality that gives space for intensity and kink play. We both have experienced numerous benefits, self healing and empowerment so that we want to give as many people as possible access to this integrated approach… However we’ve found there are very few teachers in the world who are sharing these kind of tools of those two worlds and it can be really hard to find them if you’re new to this world!


I started in the kink world quite young, attending my first fetish parties at 18 and performing at fetish events from 19. I worked in the adult industry and around Kink for most of my adult life, and also started my spiritual journey through yoga and tantra in my early 20s. When I moved to Berlin in 2015 I started attending conscious sexuality play parties, festivals and events, as well as learning shibari and really diving into conscious kink, as well as getting certified as a yoga teacher and eventually as a integrated sex, love and relationship coach. I ran my first conscious kink party in 2017 and have been teaching and holding spaces for this world ever since.


My kinky desires go back to age seven and I started exploring them with the age of twenty. I had no idea that this would open up so much self healing for me. It was more than empowering to not hide any longer who I am, release childhood trauma and learn about my boundaries and desires. When I eventually started to combine kink with the depth and spirituality of Tantra in 2015 I knew I found my home. I got certified as a Meditation and Yogateacher, Sexological Bodyworker, attended countless workshops and trainings for tantra, dearmouring and massage and am being trained as a Creative Consciousness Coach. Since then I am sharing my passion to bring people into their sensuality and full self expression, in workshops, circles, coachings and bodywork sessions all around the world. I want all people who feel the calling to get access to liberation and pleasure!

This course is a unique blend of neo-tantra and Kink/BDSM that gives you practical skills, juicy inspiration, deep self-inquiry, tools for maximizing pleasure and for expanding awareness.

This course is trauma-informed, transformational and a lot of fun! We aimed to create a course that really offers you all the foundations you need as well as leaving infinite opportunities for creativity and bringing your unique desires to the table.

We have entwined our unique experiences of over 20 years combined expertise in these fields, so that people all over the world who want to experience this work can access it, thanks to the magic of the internet. This course is a combination of thousands of hours of trainings, retreats, exploration, experimentation and research into this world.

Some of the benefits you may experience are:

  • reconnecting to your body and desires

  • learning to communicate your wishes and boundaries

  • liberating shame and guilt

  • making peace with your shadow side and your kinks

  • learning tools to bring deep connection and intimacy into your play

  • learning tools to create a safe container for more trust and intensity

  • understanding emotional care for yourself and your partner

  • exploring all kinds of different kinks in a safe, playful and pleasurable way

  • combining your kink play with tantric tools

  • combining your tantric play with shadow work


This course is designed for you to do at your own pace and timing. You can start any time and we recommend to not rush it.

We have many sections and you could explore them for example in a weekly rhythm which then will give you enough time for integration. Please use the facebook group for support with your fellow explorers, for any questions and to build community. We are available for simple questions any time or if you wish for more in depth support we offer private coaching sessions upon request.

The Curriculum


  • Who are we

  • How to use this course 



  • What is tantric kink 

  • Kinky tantric history 

  • What Tantra and Kink have in Common 

  • Benefits of Kink/BDSM and Tantra

  • Choosing your partner

  • Rituals and Kink 

  • Trauma aware Kink



  • Intro 

  • Internal attitude

  • Safe ways to check in

  • traffic system / safewords

  • aftercare for tops and bottoms 



  • intro + journaling pdf

  • centering / grounding meditation

  • Creative Play with the Microcosmic Orbit

  • demo self exploration

  • kinky self pleasure 



  • Intro to Partnerplay and Dynamics

  • Finding common ground 

  • desire worksheet

  • Intro to Connection Exercises

  • eye gazing basic

  • 3 min game

  • heart to heart breathing

  • kinky heart to heart breathing 

  • somatic secret / fantasy sharing



  • Talk about ideas and options 

  • Bossy massage

  • D/S play demo 



  • intro

  • flogging

  • spanking

  • talk about other tools and hand




  • Breathwork

  • partnered microcosmic orbit 

  • energy - build and spread

  • meditating into the sensation/through the eye of the pain 

  • 3 states (receiver, becoming the pain, the witness) 



  • Intro

  • Intro Talk ACTIVATION

  • ACTIVATION with Different “touch tools”

  • ACTIVATION with Candles/heat

  • Intro Talk DEPRIVATION the void/death/kali 

  • DEPRIVATION for eyes, ears and mouth

  • DEPRIVATION through Choking




  • Intro Talk

  • rough body play fight




  • Intro Talk 

  • meditation to find your fantasy role / archetype / play 




  • Intro video

  • moving emotions 

  • emotional transfiguration 


We’re a couple - can we both share the course?

Yes you can! We suggest you create a joint account that you share a password for so that you can keep track of your progress through the course. If you both have accounts with the Sensual Arts School from other programs you can request to have the course added to your individual school accounts.

Is this a course about traditional tantra?

This course is built on some traditional tantric techniques and philosophies, but it is a neo-tantric course as we don’t implement the full traditional Tantrika path and focus much more on sexuality than traditional Tantra would. In traditional tantra only a tiny percentage of the teachings are connected to sexuality or partnered work! The focus of this course is not mainly on sexuality, but on liberating yourself, about integrating consciousness, and about self development into your regular life. We believe that sexuality is a pathway to higher states of awareness and consciousness, but we don’t consider sexual pleasure as the main goal or “final destination” on your life path. We also combine the practices with modern embodiment tools, trauma aware practices and somatic empowerment.

Tantra and kink don’t seem to go together. Did you just make this up?

While tantra and kink might seem quite opposed to each other for some folks, there are many aspects that can be beautifully combined. We have dedicated a whole section to explain and elaborate this question.

The exercises that we are sharing are mostly combining elements of those two worlds and bringing for example tantric breathing techniques into your kink play, however there are practices in traditional tantra that work with ‘intense’ forms of sensation and experiences to expand awareness and explore the internal world, and these type of practices are common in kink and BDSM, as well as working with facing taboos and exploring non-duality.

I’m totally new to all of this- is it OK for beginners?

This course suits all kinds of levels and absolute beginners too. We cover a lot of topics that will introduce you to tantra and kink and will support you in creating safe spaces and sessions. For beginners we recommend taking some extra time for integration and practice, before moving on to the next topic- and not expecting that after doing one online course that you will become a master. Exploring kink and tantra are both lifetime paths and interests that take time to embody and understand- this will give you a great starting point on your journey!

Will this course bring me healing?

Attending our course does not replace professional, psychological or medical advice!

While many of the exercises are designed to move or release emotions and to liberate shame, this is no promise for any sort of healing. With this sort of work self healing mechanisms and potential MIGHT get activated.

If you have some active trauma or medical conditions that could be risky for your attendance, we highly recommend consulting your psychologist or doctor first. Sanya Alaya and Sensual Artistry do not take any responsibilities in this regard.

Will I be a professional dom or workshop facilitator after finishing the course?

This course is made to bring you expansion and exploration and juiciness into your private life, but DOES NOT MAKE YOU A PROFESSIONAL OF ANY SORT!

The exercises and methods that we are sharing are for private use only and please note, that if we would teach them to a public group we would do them differently and add quite some elements. So the content of this course is NOT for others to teach. We offer training and mentorship for people wanting to become facilitators.

Will this course make me a better lover?

There are many factors that determine your level of “being a good lover” and it would be a whole other course to cover all of them. We believe that being able to create a safe and trusted space, good communication, consent and boundaries, playfulness and creativity are some of the most important “lover abilities” to connect sexually with another being. Many of those topics are covered in this course and can help you in those areas.

I am into this, but my partner isn’t...how can I convince them to join?

Sexuality is a big topic in most relationships and often faces the challenge of differing interests and desires. While we encourage everyone to experiment and open up it is important to understand that any kind of pressure mostly leads to the opposite. If you tried considerate and compassionate talking and sharing, and your other part does not want to participate with you, you could consider taking this course for yourself at first - if this is within your relationship boundaries. You can also consider discussing the option of exploring non-sexual kink with people outside your relationship if that suits your dynamic.

If you feel there might be bigger underlying topics you might want to consider a 1:1 coaching session with Sanya or Luna, or couples coaching with Luna, to support you in finding an approach that satisfies you both.

Is an online course really worth the money? Can I even learn Tantric Kink online?

There are many different ways and possibilities to learn or deepen your skills and everyone has to find their own way. Learning The Art of Tantric Kink in the format of an online course gives you the benefit of being able to do it at your very own pace. Also you can repeat any section as often as you want for as much time as you need. Another advantage of learning online is that you can access all the content and exercises from any place where you feel comfortable and practice in absolute privacy with no other people around, than your selected one(-s). However really embodying and learning this will take dedication to practice and exploring- just watching the videos will not replace real life experience and exploration. The course gives you the tools to start this real life exploration.

What if I’m not satisfied with the course?

If you are not happy with the course and didn’t get anything out of it we offer you an inquiry call with the option of getting a full refund. Please contact us before the end of 14 days after your purchase.


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