November 5-9

Bali, Indonesia 

Beautiful sister,

We bring together some powerful teachers in the feminine sensual arts and temple arts for an amazing deep dive retreat. Are you ready to channel your authentic inner goddess through movement and practice? To be inspired by other women who are in their essence? To look at all the many faces of the goddess in her power, wisdom, freedom, shadow, eroticism and softness, so you can embody what resonates with you and your authentic higher self to express the amazing woman you are?

This sister temple space will be held at a private, luxurious villa in the magical and powerful island of Bali. For 4 amazing days we will journey together, empower each other and celebrate our divine femininity in all its many facets.

The Temple Arts retreat is an deep dive into ancient feminine wisdom expressed through dance, energy work and meditation. You will learn Tribal fusion bellydance and Temple dance techniques, explore invoking goddesses through ritual and movement, amazing feminine tantric meditations, techniques and breathwork, embodying archetypes and finding your authentic movement and expression of the divine. Through movement we can express parts of ourselves that the mind doesn't quite reach, we can learn so much about ourselves, call in experiences and channel the divine. Dance can be an extremely potent form of creation, and working on some foundation movement skills, plus having space for exploring and finding authenticity is a sure way to grow and expand through your entire body. With this combination of practical skill based training paired with intuitive exploratory practices, we can get in touch with our body and discover the divine flow space when we dance, where we can let go of thought and let muscle memory come into play so we can transcend to higher states through movement.

Sisterhood is so powerful, and when we come together to learn, expand, grow, explore and hold space for each other, true magic happens,

This is a small and intimate retreat with only 20 spaces available, so you will feel deep connection to the women taking this journey with you. We invite women who are ready to end judgement and shame against our sisters and come together to support and love one another in a powerful feminine bond.

We have some incredibly inspiring teachers with us to help guide you through learning more about yourself and you immense power and beauty.

There will be daily dance, movement and meditation workshops plus ecstatic dance, rituals, group massage, self worship practices and lots of cacao, sharing and deep bonding and connecting as sisters.

This is a retreat for women who are ready to challenge themselves with their sexuality and sensuality, who are ready to release shame around their bodies and their sexual essence. Who are ready to end the judgement of their fellow sisters and to embrace their whole selves, shadow, light and all. Full nudity may be requested in some of the practices is not forced but we encourage women to challenge themselves to embrace their natural, perfect forms in all their naked glory, to be able to be nude and natural around your sisters is an incredibly healing and empowering experience. For some practices like tantric breast massage, it is ideal to be at least comfortable to be topless.

Trans and female identifying people welcome, some practices may be focused on the female reproductive organs but you can visualise your energetic womb if you do not have one from birth. 

If this sounds like the kind of amazing transformational journey you would like to go on then keep reading for more!

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Your teachers


(Host and creator of Sensual Artistry)

Luna will be teaching sensual and erotic dance, movement meditation and embodiment as well as leading nude sensual yoga, goddess meditations, sacred circle hoop flow and some fun activities.

Originating from Australia but being found in various places around the world, Luna has spent most of her life between the spiritual and the erotic, working as a stripper, adult entertainer and fetish performer while simultaneously practising yoga, tantra, meditation and exploring the divine around the world, she has a unique perspective on conscious kink and sensuality from her unconventional life and has a lot of experience running workshops, teaching yoga and dance and running events around the world for people to come together,  explore, empower one another and connect in a safe and friendly space.

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Silfath Sophia Pinto is a Feminine Embodiment Teacher, Womb Whisperer, Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher. She has spent the last 10 years elevating women around the world, supporting their blossoming: from changing jobs to starting a new career, from letting go of the past to moving to a new city, from meeting their soulmate to improving relationships, from losing weight to flourishing in radical self-love.

Silfath Sophia’s lineage roots in shamanic healing and tantric feminine alchemy, her mission on Earth is to activate the wisdom of the Feminine and reveal the secrets of enlightenment through embodiment. She carries the tantric feminine activation codes and combines Sacred Dance, Ancient Feminine Wisdom, Yoga, Spiritual Healing Journeys, Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing, Theta Healing® and Reiki to raise your frequency to higher vibrations of love for you to full manifest your essence here and now.

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Justina Azrienne fell in love with belly dance when she was taken a breadth by the famous serpentress Rachel Brice, at the age of 17 she dedicated her path to Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. She has spent the last 11 years studying with the pioneers of tribal fusion such as Rachel brice & zoe Jakes, whilst performing & teaching her way around the globe, Embracing festival main stages in Australia, America, bali, Europe, and India. collaborating with world renowned artists such as Gaudi, Adam Freeland, Estas tonne, Birds of Paradise, Ben Templestep and many more.

Her intention is to work with and infuse the mental, physical and spiritual planes, to transform negative mindsets, stagnant energy and enhancing our soul truth and primordial essence through presence, expressing the integrity of every movement, in every moment, expanding our elegance and grace through awareness practices and seeping potent creativity and empowerment in all areas of our lives!  

through activating our neurobiology to another level, building our awareness into our muscle memory by creating and strengthening neural pathways and layering strong powerful isolations with soft graceful slow sensual movements, empowering ourselves through this merging of the ancient and modern serpentine dance. activating and igniting our inner earth fire and bringing women together in the circle of dance and expressing the poetry of our body.

Justina now lives creatively in Bali, teaching tribal fusion at karma house in Ubud.

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Anya Lei is on a mission to elevate the consciousness of the planet by guiding and empowering visionaries and leaders to step into their full embodiment. She is a Somatic and Depth Psychotherapist (M.A.), Transformational Coach, Leadership Embodiment Mentor, Theta Healer, Hypnotherapist, Quantum Channel, Women Empowerment Facilitator, Tarot Alchemystic and Ritual Dancer. Anya specializes in Trauma to Thriving, supporting women and men to transmute their shadow and trauma to create a thriving foundation and align with their vision, thus leveraging their influence in the world.
Since the young age of 4, Anya has been studying various forms of dance first in Ukraine and then in the United States. From ballet, to hip-hop, to modern dance and jazz, Anya was seeking the full expression of her essence through dance until she discovered belly dance at the age of 18 and Shamanic Fusion Dance with serpents at age 25. Her journey of discovery with dance weaves in parallel of her path to healing and full embodiment. She believes that dance and movement is the bridge of spirit and matter, and is ultimately our greatest instrument to healing and true essence expression. Anya cultivates dance as medicine through ritual dance, archetypal embodiment and prayerformance, creating sacred space and channeled movement as an offering to the divine and activation of the Goddess within.
Anya is moving to Bali in the fall, where she will host retreats and client immersions, whilst building an online mystery school with her beloved.

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Resident photographer (also available for personal shoots)

Mad Dame is known to many as a provocative artist with a beautiful and bizarre approach to alternative portrait photography. With 17 years of experience in photographing everyday people and portraying them in diverse creative contexts, she has since won awards for her fine art and launched a magazine called DAMED in 2013 to inspire others in her wake.

Over the years, Mad Dame has developed a unique style of photography, digressing from self-portraiture to involve a focus on other people. Mad Dame’s confidence and emotional intelligence allows her to connect on an intimate level with those she works with, mostly everyday individuals representing diverse ideas of beauty, gender, spirit and identity.
Through the Mad Dame lens, her catalogue to date is an array of human bodies in various forms – from the very stylized to the unsettling and raw, exploring themes such as relationships and mortality. And of course, the O.G. Glitter Queen traveling from Australia - Bali - Tokyo - North America, glitterfying the human skin of creatures of this earth. Inspiring a worldwide movement in the art of the Glitter Healing modality.

Mad Dame “creates an outer skin from your inner essence.”
As a photographer and creative director, Mad Dame works quietly amidst the artist’s chaos, describing her mind as “constant”, her energy frenetic but controlled.

The process itself is an unequivocally cathartic and empowering experience for clients, many of who attest to Mad Dame’s natural ability to make them feel confident in their own skin.

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The location will be a beautiful private villa where we will have the luxury, privacy and comfort of having an amazing space to express and explore! With our own pool, outdoor and indoor workshop areas and beautiful rooms featuring king sized beds (some with multiple/single beds) so you will likely be sharing with one of your sisters, please let me know if you are travelling with a sister you wish to be paired up with.

 We will be near the beach for some morning/evening practices and down time. More information on the location released closer to the date.

All meals included- amazing high quality vegan food.

Optional excursion day after the retreat finishes!

Day plan overview (subject to change!)

Every day there will be morning yoga, 3-4 workshops and an evening activity.

Monday ((Earth))

arrive from 12pm. Welcome circle, dinner, cacao ceremony, sharing, dancing

Tuesday ((Water))

Morning beach practice, workshops, performances

Wednesday ((Fire))

Workshops, fire ritual, breathwork ceremony

Thursday ((Air))

Workshops, Final night cacao and  ecstatic goddess ritual dance

Friday ((integrate))

Closing circle, lunch time departure or day trip. If you’re staying for the Sensual Arts retreat then you’ll go for the day trip and return for the start of the next retreat!

So what is the investment?


Only €1100 (earlybird until 16th Sept) or €1450 (regular price) for 4 days, including all meals and accomodation in this beautiful, luxury private villa! You will be sharing a king sized bed with one of your sisters or possibly be in a single bed in a shared room.
€500 deposit to be paid to secure your spot! Final payments can be made in cash at the retreat or online before arriving.

Pay in full by Sept 16 to get a €100 discount on the retreat price (€1000)


You can also join the Sensual Arts retreat before and stay all for 9 days for only €2000 (earlybird) or €2300 (regular price)

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So what is the investment?


Only €1100 (earlybird until 16th Sept) or €1450 (regular price) for 4 days, including all meals and accomodation in this beautiful, luxury private villa! You will be sharing a king sized bed with one of your sisters or possibly be in a single bed in a shared room.
€500 deposit to be paid to secure your spot! Final payments can be made in cash at the retreat or online before arriving.

Pay in full by Sept 16 to get a €100 discount on the retreat price (€1000)


You can also join the Sensual Arts retreat before and stay all for 9 days for only €2000 (earlybird) or €2300 (regular price)

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And Join us on facebook for updates!

See you there sisters....

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