This Sensual Temple is a conscious space devoted to exploring your sensuality in a safe container with other like-minded people.

This is a night to explore intimacy and eros, to play and connect!

We open with an introductory circle to start the night as a unified group- warming up with some fun games and icebreakers that focus on consent and getting in touch with your desires and boundaries, then opening up to a sensual open play space with some performances and demonstrations through the night to inspire and entertain you.


The Sensual Temple is a space for exploring the realms of intimacy before genital contact. This generally involves things like shibari, massage, contact dance, cuddle puddles, sensation play, kink and energy play.

There will be space to dance and socialize if you're not feeling the eros and want to stick to platonic energy, or plenty of private and public play spaces to explore if you are! Arkane is a beautiful location which provides more private play spaces in the upstairs (including a bamboo shibari rig and various kink furniture) plus a lovely open space.


We celebrate in this space the vast and magical realms of sensual intimacy, all those juicy spaces to connect before genital contact. This is not because we are against full sexual expressions but to create a soft space for intimacy without the expectation or pressure of it moving to a sexual place, and we aim to allow a space of exploration for people who find full permission spaces to be too intimidating or unwelcoming, or people who just want to get their sexy, sensual fix!


Our event is Queer friendly ♥ All genders and sexual orientations welcome. Come solo or as a couple/group if you want to explore being in a sensual space with your partner. You're welcome to stick with your lovers in a group space or explore with others!


There is no pressure to participate in anything that you don't want to do. Whether you want to explore your edges and try some new things, or just come to observe and meet some new people, you are free to explore what is authentic and real for you on this evening.


We have a strict start time of 8pm when the doors close and the opening circle starts, where we will introduce the space and all the lovely humans joining us for the night, discuss consent and boundaries and how to have a safe and playful night.

You are able to arrive between 7pm and 8pm and get settled before we start. It is encouraged to stay until the closing circle so we can all integrate and share to finish where we started, but if you need to leave earlier you are able to leave when you like.


We will have a care-team during the evening who are there for emotional support and for sharing any safety or consent concerns, and to offer some experiences to people.


Underwear is required at all times to help maintain this sensual boundary and ensure the comfort of all participants (breasts are fine! #freethenip). Dress in whichever way is comfortable for you and will help you feel in your sensual, divine energy- Whether that is your sexiest lingerie or your pajamas, feel free to dress to express!


This is an alcohol, smoke and drug-free event, we will have a special elixir bar with herbal aphrodisiac 'cocktails' thanks to High Vibes Jun-tea, ceremonial cacao and other goodies. Please bring cash for the bar.


We request that you do not drink alcohol before the event- intoxicated people will be asked to leave. This is an incredible opportunity to explore your desires and boundaries without what may be your usual substances, and going against this request violates the consent of those who wish to play with sober minded folks.

In the opening ritual you will be offered a 'love potion' herbal aphrodisiac if you desire to set the intention of sensual eros flowing!



Evening plan:


7-8pm - Arrival and social space

8-9pm -Opening ritual and ice-breaker games

9pm-11.30pm- Open play space

11.30pm-12am Closing circle and integration


The performances will be through the night and we will announce 10 minutes before with a chime.


DRESSCODE - Dress to express. We welcome inspiration from temples, erotic deities, sensual superstars and expressing your inner magic. Be as comfortable or uncomfortable as you desire!


WHAT TO BRING: Rope, toys or other sensual delights you wish to enjoy in the space (though plenty are provided to borrow!).

A sarong or blanket for your personal space (especially if you want to play with wax!) is recommended.

There are some rigging points upstairs for people who like to work with shibari suspensions.


This is an invite-only event.

A few people have permission to invite others to this facebook event, and if you're invited you're welcome to bring 1 chosen friend/lover who you vouch for. This friend/lover will be your responsibility if they are involved in any issues or consent violations and if they are asked to leave you will have to go with them.

This event is limited to 50 spaces.


COST: EARLYBIRD (until Sept 2) $50 per person, includes optional love potion in the welcome ritual.

$70 after

Volunteer spaces available as care team or doing demos/performances. Please contact Luna!



LOCATION- Arkane is a kink space in Kardinya. There is plenty of street parking, please use this event page for carpooling.

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