Retreat Workshops

Some of the workshops happening during the retreat. More added soon!




90 mins


A dance journey into feeling yourself and your authentic movement as you explore your sensuality, embody your erotic energy and express your unique sexuality.


Starting blindfolded, we use movement as meditation, finding ourselves in relation to our surroundings and feeling our bodies and how they interact with the ground, the air... Moving up from the floor, we explore the sensations in our bodies and awake our lower chakras to move the sexual energy through us, exploring how our body reacts and wants to dance and express this energy. First feeling safe with our blindfolds, we feel how our erotic energy wants to be expressed with no judgement, though the interesting part comes when we remove the blindfold and face our inner fears when we are witnessed, and how we feel to witness those around us embracing their sensuality as we address our conditioning around sexualised movement.



90 mins

An exploration of water dancing and movement. We use the pool to explore the element of water and how the added weight of this liquid impacts our senses and movements. Part dance, part yoga, part movement meditation.

Exploring elemental movement, we warm up by slowly floating in the pool and feeling the liquid sensations on our bodies. Moving into a dance we explore the effects of the water on our bodies in new, experimental ways. Next- we team up and play with some watsu techniques fused with contact dance to explore how we interact with other bodies in the water, then expand again into groups and see how we can let someone completely surrender to the water.



2 hours


The art of the tease- but not in the polished, burlesque way. We get raw and real as we embody our erotic self through our movement and play with our inner exhibitionist, as well as our voyeurism side. Playing with the intense energy that comes with being witnessed in your erotic expression- do you feel powerful or vulnerable? Playful or dark and mysterious? Cheeky nymph or royalty? There is so much that can come up from the viewpoint of observer or dancer.

We will go over some movements and dance styles to get us comfortable moving in our bodies, then learn some techniques for giving someone their own special lapdance.



3 hours

Ritual can be an amazing way to create a deep and sacred space for lovers or friends to give each other profound experiences. In this workshop we will begin with tools to communicate desire and negotiate consent for a ritual play experience and learn some simple and effective tools for interacting with a play partner in a sensual and impactful way using bodywork, bondage, sensory deprivation and intimacy, With a large assortment of sensory offerings, we'll then step into a ritual space where we will take turns to guide our chosen workshop partner through a ritual- with time for connecting energetically, assisting surrender, sensation play, aftercare and decompression.



2 hours

How to take self-love to a whole new level! Treat yourself like the remarkable, divine creature that you are and learn some tools to take your personal erotic practice to epic new heights! You're not just pleasing yourself, you are WORSHIPPING yourself because you are a god/dess!

We start with some sensual mindfulness meditations to get us in our body and sensually activated, then working on some of our mental conditioning we have around our self worth and self image. Once we're done kicking our negative beliefs around our worth, we'll do some practices with other people and work with mirrors as we learn to see all the divine glory that our beautiful bodies hold! Then we'll go over some juicy tantric self-pleasure practices and have a little taste-tester of the epic potential for a self-worship session!

Then we`ll play with the fantasy powerplay dynamic of God/dess worship and how we can take this energy and use it with our lovers!



2 hours

Drop that sacral chakra to mama Gaia and activate that sacred booty!

Time to bounce that glutious maximus in style with the divine as fuck twerkshop

For booty goddesses and twerk kings, learn some twerk technique to some trippy trap and feel the vibrations bouncing from your root to your crown as we shake what our mummas gave us.

  • +Worship your own sacred booty and learn to give yourself an epic tantric booty massage

  • +Worship the epic booties of your fellow twerk initiates

  • +Learn some epic twerk dance moves that you can use on the dance floor and in the bedroom. Group choreography!

  • +Tandom twerk moves to share with your chosen booty worshipee

  • +TWERK OFF! it's going down!   


Sol Faetish

120 mins
Come take a walk on the kinky side and connect with your inner caring, embodied fetishist. Be you submissive, dominant, masculine, feminine or anything in between. Dive deeper into what kink will mean for you.
Kink in a conscious, connective way! We’ll explore what I mean by the concept through discussion and two well established fetishes, my personal favourites, namely spanking and choking. During the discussion I will tell you about my own personal experiences with kink/bdsm while working as a fetish performer, before opening up for a discussion where we’ll try to get you started on your journey of finding your own, unique perspective on kink/fetish. Then we’ll finish by jumping into the playful side as I teach you the basics of spanking and how to explore erotic asphyxiation in the safest way possible. That said I take both parties safety when engaging in erotic asphyxiation very seriously and expect everyone to pay very close attention to the lessons I will impart regarding it. Needless to say this workshop will take your breath away!

90 mins
Experience the liberating and empowering aspects of voyeurism and exhibitionism through exciting games where we switch between being the observer and the observed.
A workshop where we’ll explore the adventurous edge of our comfort zone, wherever it may lie for us individually. After a short introduction of myself, what experience I wish to share with this workshop, the principle importance of consent and the fact that no one is allowed to do anything they truly don’t want to do. We will team up in pairs and continually switch roles between observer and observed in various engaging games meant to first of all make us aware of what sensations we experience in our body, then how the mind interprets it when we engage in this play and second of all help us reflect on our currently established patterns in these roles, different ways we could maybe act instead and to then inspire us to find our own desired form of freedom of expression in these respective roles. After we’ve all gotten to know each other and we’ve pushed the edge of our comfort zone a little further, we will, should we be willing, each engage in a final act of exhibitionism where we take the centre stage and let the lime light bathe us in it’s shimmering splendour.

90 mins
The aim of the game is in the name, here we’ll explore the surprisingly sensual side of stand up and floor wrestling. So get ready for a non-competitive, fun and playful rough-and-tumble after getting an introduction to wrestling.
I will guide everyone on a playful journey into wrestling, using my years of martial arts training and practice to make it safe, sane, sensual and ridiculously fun!


What to wear: Ideally board shorts and/or leggings and a snug rash guard, if not that then general training wear or yoga wear. Something made for exercise.


120 mins

Embrace the power of hugs, pun intended!
This workshop is all about connection and energy harmonising through two mediums, hugging and cuddle puddles.

We’ll try to explore the full spectrum of hugs, though I have feeling it may be infinite! We’ll first go through what actually happens physically and energetically when we hug, then we’ll explore hugs from different cultures, group hugs and tap into our creativity as we craft our own hugs before ending up in one big, beautiful cuddle puddle together.



This workshop is about intimacy... What is intimacy and why does it matter?
Through somatic exploration, emotional awareness, authentic movement, and various meditation skills we’ll question our willingness and ability to feel. Alone and with partners we'll dive into the art of presence, self love and vulnerability.



This workshop is about the dance of feminine and masculine energies within and its rippling into the outer world.

Through embodied play, introspection, sharing, energetic and emotional exercises we'll bring light to the polarity dynamics running our inner world. Learning to connect with wounded immature parts we'll activate their wisdom potential and gain tools to become a creator of harmony, joy and power inside and out!

The use of the terms "masculine" and "feminine" is not an indicator that we operate from a place of duality and gender separation... nope! This terminology is just a effective way to name the different energies that each of us is made of in this polarized incarnation. We are all masculine AND feminine regardless of our physical form.


This workshop is about integrity.

Within the context of touch we’ll explore consent dynamics.
Through subtle yet powerful exercises we’ll improve our capacity to feel our needs and boundaries. We’ll train our expression and negotiation skills to clear up our interactions with another from any shadow area.
This workshop is about becoming a safe place to ourselves so that we can navigate gladly any delicate situation and cross our boundaries in a nurturing and empowering way.



Avalon will be teaching classes in Shibari each day from beginner to intermediate level. Advanced private classes available.  


Blue Lotus & Crystal Healing Sound Journey with Eva Aourah.


Experience the exquisite essence of the Sacred Blue Lotus Flower served as a ceremonial Tea with Crystal Healing Sound & Scent Harmonics to tune the Mind, Body & Spirit to a state of Balance & Peace.

Native to Ancient Egypt, the Blue Lotus Flower represents spiritual rebirth and life force energy. This majestic Flower was used in Temple Ceremonies for blessing, anointing, healing and meditation. Served as a Tea, the Blue Lotus flower warms your body with a light euphoric glow and allows you to access deeper parts of your subconscious Self. A gentle Dream Herb and Aphrodisiac, the Blue Lotus Flower has Balancing Healing properties, particularly in the areas of circulation, immune system & reproductive organs.

Blessed with Dutch-Indonesian Roots, based in Bali, Eva Aourah travels the world as a Yoga, Sound & Subtle Energy Healing Facilitator. She designs Retreats, Ritual Journeys, Nature Immersions & Products that inspire to connect with the elements of the Earth, our Vital Energy, Essence and True Nature.

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