Sensual Ropes



Learn the art of conscious bondage in an intimate weekend retreat. 

The Sensual Ropes Retreat is a shibari/kinbaku immersion, focusing on intimacy, connection, ritual, sensuality and play while working with the versatile medium of shibari rope.

Luna has run many sold out rope workshops and retreats over the last years, and our full weekend experience has been hugely in demand. She often collaborates with other rope instructors in her retreats to bring a variety of styles and skills into the mix.



The workshop is great for various levels, whether you’re a beginner or someone with shibari experience who is seeking to deepen their practice and add a new layer of intimacy and connection to their rope exploration.
Perfect for people just starting out to build the foundations they need to safely and confidently step into the world of shibari, or for people with some basic rope skills looking to dive deeper into the intimate and sensual side of ropes, this will help you build on your skills and take them to another level.
If you are a little more advanced we can also offer some additional drills and ties to explore in the class, though everything we teach will be floorwork based.



This is for people who have done the beginners course and want to take their rope to another level, featuring more inticate ties, bamboo floor play and decorative rope. The aim for this retreat is to up-level your basic skills to make more structured and intentional ties, building on what you learned in the first course.

Beginners Retreat

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We focus on simple and effective rope techniques that can be used in an infinite amount of ways, as well as communication tools, desires and boundaries, bodywork and energy play, so that you can create a safe and intimate experience for your partner. You will learn some techniques for breath and somatic awareness to deepen the experience, and the power of ritual and intention in rope scenes.
A lot of rope classes focus on just the rope techniques and people leave without really knowing how to take the skill into their play, this workshop aims to give even beginners the confidence to guide their lovers and friends through a really beautiful, blissful, sensual experience they won’t soon forget. We finish with a Sensual Rope Ritual, so you can play with what you have learned and have an embodied experience to bring home with you.
We also focus on moving bodies and using bodywork and breath to deepen the experience for tops and bottoms. This is a 'Tantric' approach to rope- taking the experience into a conscious, mindful and deep experience capable of create deep shifts in the unconscious and liberating hidden aspects of the psyche. We explore how conscious BDSM and exploring polarities and power dynamics can become a practice of embodied shadow work.

The Weekend


10am-12pm Arrival & camp setup

12pm- Opening the container and introductions

12.30pm-Safety, foundations and communication

2pm-Lunch break

3pm- Intuitive tying and basics harnesses

6pm- People not staying overnight leave, dinner for those staying and relaxed evening. 


Breakfast and morning warmup for those staying overnight

10am- EARTH ELEMENT- Getting grounded with rope

12pm- WATER ELEMENT- Contact improv and flow with rope

1.00pm- Lunch break

2.00pm- FIRE ELEMENT- Semenawa/pain play with rope

3.30pm- Break and prep for final ritual

4.00pm- Cacao ceremony and Rope Ritual

6pm- Closing circle.

Images From The Last Retreat

Before the final Rope Ritual we will have a cacao ceremony. Cacao is a heart opening, energizing plant medicine. Cacao has been used with sensuality, romance and love connections for thousands of years and it is a beautiful addition to rope play

Safety and Trauma-Awareness

The workshop also includes trauma awareness, as working with BDSM can bring up a lot of emotions and past trauma, and has potential for incredible healing when it is done in a safe(r) way. Many of us struggle to surrender in our life, and using this practice with a strong foundation of safety, trust and consent, we can experience a unique type of letting go which has powerful effects on the psyche. Often after a rope class people will share that they feel very much in their body, connected, trusting, blissful and at peace. With solid safety and communication tools taught in the workshop, you will feel safe to communicate your wants and desires so that you can have the experience you desire!

Come Alone or Bring a Partner!

(Beginner course only)

You can come to the workshop with someone you know or you can be paired up with someone in class, if you find you're not comfortable working with a stranger it is best to bring someone you know to partner with. We work with a 'switch' dynamic which means that both people in a pair will be encouraged to both tie and be tied. It can be interesting and enlightening to switch from our usual 'roles' and experiment both sides of giving and receiving, it teaches us a lot about how it feels to be on the other side and make you a better rigger/bunny when you know more about the other side- however, if a pair wish to only have 1 person tie then you can have extra time to practice when the rest of the class switch.

The Pricing Options

This event has passed. Tickets are no longer available.


Choose between a camping or no-camping option, for those who would prefer to go to their own home for the night and return the next day.

Camping option includes a light dinner and a breakfast on Sunday.




COVID POLICY- If there is a lockdown, the event will be moved to a new date. If you're not able to attend the new date you can get a full refind minus $30 admin fees. 

Scroll down for more info on location and facilitators! 


Intermediate Retreat

August 6/7/8, 2021

Perth Hills


Want to take your rope play even further?

This retreat is for those who have already done a Sensual Ropes workshop/retreat and want to go further into their rope exploration.

We will explore some more structured ties like the TK, for a more versitile and stable form to play with, as well as some other ties designed for sex and intimate play to give you some tried and tested ties for you to explore. 

On the Sunday we will explore BAMBOO floor ties, this is where we use a piece of bamboo to create a more rigid structure and effects similar to suspension without the dangers and many years of training required to do suspensions safely. The bamboo ties will open you up to whole new possibilities for your rope play.


As well as having more structured ties we will continue to dive deeper into how we tie and create emotional energy through various positions, tension and power dynamics. 

As we will be doing more complex and intimate ties, you are required to bring a partner to the retreat that you will work with the whole time. We aim to give enough time for each tie to be done twice for practice, so if you want to be paired to switch and both try each tie that is an option, though we recommend 1 rigger 1 bunny so the rigger gets enough practice to go deeper into exploring the ties. 

The Weekend


Optional bonus...


Feeling a bit rusty and want to drop in with some rope practice? Come join us for a casual rope Jam on Friday night.

If you get this additional ticket, it includes breakfast on Saturday morning. 

7pm- Rope Jam starts

You can arrive from 5pm to set u camp if you are camping with us. 

POT LUCK DINNER. Please bring a vegan dish to share.


Breakfast for Rope jam attendees.

9am-11am Arrival & camp setup for those not attending the rope Jam

11am- Opening the container and introductions

TK- Learn a solid TK chest harness for floor play

1pm-Lunch break

2.30pm- Bedroom bondage. Rope for intimate play

6pm- People not staying overnight leave, dinner for those staying and relaxed evening with Suspension demo.


Breakfast and morning warmup for those staying overnight

10am- Bamboo Bondage- Exploring bamboo ties, predicaments and positions

1.00pm- Lunch break

2.30pm- Intermediate flow and additional practices based on desires of the attendees. 

4.00pm- Free flow rope scenes

5pm- Closing circle and decompression

6pm Home time.

The Pricing Options

Weekend tickets are sold as a COUPLE TICKET for 2 people, you must have a partner for this event. You can use the facebook event page to find a partner if you don't have one yet. It's recommended to have one person as the main 'rigger' and one person as the 'bunny' but it can be possible for a couple to switch if they desire to both tie and learn.


Choose between a camping or no-camping option, for those who would prefer to go to their own home for the night and return the next day. the location is 45 mins from Perth near Kalamunda.

Camping option includes dinner Saturday night and a breakfast on Sunday.



We're offering one pair a discounted ticket in exchange for helping with setup and packdown. Please contact for information.


COVID POLICY- If there is a lockdown, the event will be moved to a new date. If you're not able to attend the new date you can get a full refund minus $30 admin fees. 

With guest teacher: Dany (@danydayze) 

Dany was one of Luna's first students many years ago, and with his dedication to studying rope with the best in the world, both virtually and in person, he quickly took her over in the technical skill department. 

Dany's love of shibari started when he witnessed a friend being tied in 2017. Watching them transcend from being in a state of uncomfortable resistance to a state of full surrender was completely captivating, and he wanted to share that experience with others.

Dany is drawn to rope through the intimacy, the process of creating transient art, the state of flow you only attain through tying, and the ability to communicate with someone without words. He’s been tying for over 3 years, and has learned from numerous highly skilled teachers, both Australian and international. He’s very passionate about all things rope, live music and art in all its forms. His style of rope centres around sensuality, body manipulation, and connectiveness.

The Location

Just 45 minutes from Perth in the beautiful and serene Kalamunda area, we have a private property for the retreat. With a beautiful swimmable dam and lots of shaded spaces for camping, it's a lovely weekend getaway.

You can either pitch your tent/swag or we have some matresses and a sofa-bed that can be put in the communal area for the night if you prefer. Please bring your own sheets, towels etc.

The Team

Want more information on our teachers and assistants? 

Luna Agneya

Luna Agneya from Sensual Artistry-
Perth born and word travelling nomad, Luna has been working between the adult industry and the spiritual communities for 10 years. Her passion is fusing the conscious communities and the kink and sex positive spaces. Luna has been doing yoga, tantra, meditations and all kinds of spiritual healing modalities over the years, getting certified as a Yoga instructor in 2016 and studying at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, specializing in Tantric sexuality and relationship transformation. She has been practicing shibari for 6 years, mostly studying in Berlin with the contemporary rope scene as well as at dojos and with various amazing teachers around the world. Luna has created her unique style of sensual, tantric and flowing rope play that has been popular in workshops and festivals around the world.

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Tristen Tan

Tristen will be assisting Luna with the Beginners retreat, and on support team for the Intermediate retreat.

Tristen discovered the bliss of tantra a few years ago and has been exploring its depths solo and with partners ever since. Shortly after starting a relationship with Luna be begun to practice shibari and has grown a lot in that time with his skill and passion for rope. 

Tristen also helps out as part of the emotional support and care team in the events.

What to Bring


• Sarongs/blankets recommended to bring for laying on and aftercare..

• We have a few yoga mats but not enough for everyone so please bring one if you have one!

• Any ropes of your own that you have or play toys for sensation play (spankers, ticklers, fun bits. We will have some but the more the better! Sound healing tools are also amazing like chimes and singing bowls) We have loads of practice ropes so bringing your own isn't necessary, only if you want!

• If you have a huge appetite, are uncomfortable with an entirely vegan diet or like to snack a lot its recommended to bring a little extra food for yourself. 

More detailed list sent to attendees before the class!


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