1:1 Coaching

What if you accepted yourself fully, explored your desires with playful wonder, connected with others deeply and experienced total presence, pleasure and embodiment? 

Feeling total freedom in your body, complete self-acceptance (yes, even with that 'weird' kink you have!), and comfort while expressing what you want and how you want it is something you can experience!


We've all grown up in a sex-negative, dysfunctional society that gives us limiting narratives around what sex, love and pleasure are about. We're either too sexual, not sexual enough or we're weird for liking what we like! We have few role models of what a healthy and thriving sexuality looks like, and few examples of relationships that are as unique as we ourselves are.

Whether we know it or not, these subconscious beliefs are effecting not only our relationships but our day to day energy, our health and our lifestyles. Reconnecting to our pleasure and loving ourselves might sound like a greedy pleasure, but in a world that profits off endless consumption and emotionally shut-down working folk, it is really an act of rebellion and an act of love. When we clear through conditioning, liberate ourselves from shame and numbness and learn to connect more deeply with ourselves and others, we can create a more connected and authentic world for us all. 

I offer coaching on all topics 'Sex, love & Relationships' for people who want to become the true, authentic expression of themselves- in whatever way that shows up in the world! 

Master the erotic arts and unleash your inner sensual artist. Explore, express and accept yourself in ways you couldn’t even imagine. Unlock your creativity with intimacy and creating lasting pathways to desire. Allow yourself to experience deeper connection and more love- Allow yourself to THRIVE! 

I am happy to work with people of any gender, sexual orientation or relationship style- I have personal lived experience with various relationship dynamics (I'm fluid/poly), I'm queer (pansexual/fluid) and have 10 years of experience in the adult industry, so there is not much I haven't seen by this point in time! 

Coaching is done online via ZOOM, so you can work with me from anywhere in the world. There is no explicit nudity necessary for this type of coaching, and you can decide to have your camera turned off for any practices working with movement or pleasure. 

some popular coaching topics are...

I work with a variety of tools and from a trauma-informed perspective. The coaching has a strong foundation in Tantric philosophy where all emotions and expressions are fuel for growth and development. 

3 key Tanric philosophies are

-Awakening (You are not what you are raised to believe you are. You are not your ego, thoughts, emotions.  Awakening is getting woke to the idea that you are the presence and consciousness within you.)

-Liberation (Social conditioning and our ideas of ourselves hold us back. We create this literal prison of taboos, fears and discomforts and all kinds of things in the unconscious. Liberation is the decision to be free of that which is not true to the truth of us.)

-Consciousness (There is a unifying presence and consciousness (or divinity) in everything)

We work with embodiment practices, somatic experiencing, breathwork, inner child work and reparenting, emotional express and release, meditation and other powerful tools for inner discovery and exploration. 

I studied the VITA (Vital, Integrated, Tantric Approach) coaching method, studying over 650 hours and gaining over 60 hours of coaching experience with more than 60 clients so far. I've worked with all varieties of topics, from sexual pain and shutdown, gender identity, life/business coaching, relationship problems, boundaries, religious conditioning and working with people who just desire a fuller, sexier, more free lifestyle. 

I majored in Tantric Sexuality and Relationship transformation, so I love working with people who want to explore conscious sexuality and deepen their connection to themselves and others. 

"Sex, love and relationship coaching is partnering with a client in a loving, compassionate and supportive way to create a conscious container for transformation that results in greater self-love, integration and self-realization while staying focused on the client achieving their goals and desires in alignment with the truth of their original essence"

- Layla Martin's definition of her VITA coaching system. (The Vital & Integrated Tantric Approach to Coaching)

I combine these teachings with many other tools from my experience in conscious sexuality work, BDSM and consent training as well as embodiment and dance tools. 

coaching packages

Coaching is most effective when done in a package as it is a process, and the more you commit to doing the whole process and the home practices, the more results you will see. This work goes as deep as you're willing to let yourself go!

I currently have 2 options for coaching packages depending on your budget and your desire. 

Sensual Transformation

10 Week sensual awakening journey for radical self acceptance and thriving sexuality.

Returning to your authentic, sensual and embodied self...
We all desire to be our freest, happiest selves. We all want a life of bliss, pleasure and self-love.

To love our bodies, accept ourselves and to be able to cultivate deep and lasting relationships with others.

But, we all have some degree of conditioning, trauma and misalignments that can impact us in our daily lives, relationships and our sexuality, and it can be difficult to know how to move through these blockages and release them. This takes a variety of mind based techniques (finding your fears, limiting beliefs and issues and transforming them on a mental level) as well as somatic, body-based techniques for releasing on a primal, emotional and truly embodied level. 

This deep-dive exploration is a holistic approach to sexuality and self-love, looking at various areas of your life and relationships.  

In Sensual Transformation sessions, we will discuss your desires and fears, and create a safe space to explore these and release what doesn't serve you... making room for pleasure, love and positive experiences you desire in your life.

Using a combination of mind-body exercises, breathwork, meditations, empowerment tools, sensual practices, dance and other modalities to suit your unique case, we'll work together to help you transform these 'issues' and peel away the layers to bring you to a state of authenticity . 

In this 10 week transformation you'll learn the best tools for your unique desires and challenges to create a rapid transformation and a deeper understanding of yourself.

This coaching package includes access to 'Pleasure Yoga' so you can have practices to work on between our sessions and for a lifetime!

10 x 1 hour sessions


I work with a SLIDING SCALE, meaning the prices vary based on your income. 

 €80-250/session . Higher paying packages include custom audio practices and additional email support between calls

How do I know what to pay? - Sliding scales work by people being honest about their level of abundance. The lowest price is for people who are students, jobseekers or starving artists. Average income earners pay something in the middle, and those who are in abundance and have the money pay the full price, which also helps support those in need who need this work and can't afford full price. Even the full price is considered low in the coaching world for what most people charge for this work. 


6 Week erotic awakening and pleasure activation

You know there is something more to sexuality and pleasure, something deeper, more mystical, more powerful... 

That your body is the home of endless pleasure and possibility.

Though perhaps you don't quite feel it yet...

But you know it's there.

Even if you're pre-orgasmic right now, or feeling numb and disconnected. 

Divinity, Conscious sexuality, Tantric sexuality, Sacred sexuality... whatever you want to call it.

This program is designed to awaken your inner pleasure potential, bring your deeper into your sexuality and help you to cultivate a sense of worship for your amazing body. We'll work on strengthening your body/mind connection and pleasure pathways, sensitizing the body and working on self-image and de-conditioning sexual shame.

In these 6 weeks we will explore what a thriving sexuality looks like to you and what you need to embody to really get there.

From energy-body activation, wild and primal expressions of sexuality and emotions, slow and sensual yin exploration and enlightening, powerful tantric practices, you'll explore yourself like never before in this journey!


The sessions in this journey are mixed between emotional self exploration and acceptance, releasing and transmuting blockages and resistance, breathwork practices for energy activation and tantric pleasure practices that will help you experience your fullest erotic expression. 

This journey is for you if you're ready to step into your sexual power, feel more pleasure in your body and feel the divine consciousness of your true nature. 

It's for you if you want a holistic, deep and pleasure-filled exploration of your erotic self.

Pleasure practices are done without your camera on, so you don't need to worry about being watched, and practices can be explained and given as 'homework' if you prefer. 

This is available for all genders, including gender-non-conforming people who want to explore sacred sexuality in their own unique way. 

6 x 90 minute sessions


I work with a SLIDING SCALE, meaning the prices vary based on your income. 


Higher paying packages include custom audio practices and additional email support between calls

How do I know what to pay? - Sliding scales work by people being honest about their level of abundance. The lowest price is for people who are students, jobseekers or starving artists. Average income earners pay something in the middle, and those who are in abundance and have the money pay the full price, which also helps support those in need who need this work and can't afford full price. Even the full price is considered low in the coaching world for what most people charge for this work. 

Are you in?


Lachlan, Australia

Luna is a highly intelligent, well informed empathetic coach who is able to uniquely deal with difficult/deep issues in a safe and liberating environment. I look forward to every session and always end up feeling better about myself afterwards

Jennifer, USA

I learned so much about myself through my sessions with Luna! I was a bit skeptical about coaching but thought it was worth a try and I was so impressed with how deep we went and how much change it made in my life within even a few sessions.

Sarah, Germany

I'd done some traditional therapy before and didn't really find it made much change, I was really impressed with the somatic depth and holistic approach of these sessions, I don't know what I was expecting but it really surpassed my expectations and I'm so grateful to the space of full permission that Luna provided!


What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

A lot of people doubt coaching because it isn't as regulated as therapy is (really, anyone can call themselves a coach) or don't really understand the difference. 
There are some great coaches and there are some that have no idea what they're doing, that's for sure! (I'll admit, I was even one of them before I did my year-long certification!)
Therapy is, in general,  past-focused and problem-focused. You go to therapy to try to 'fix' something and a lot of the time it is very mind oriented. They help you correct damaging behavior and patterns from the past, and it's a great place to have time to share about your issues, process them and get reflection.

Coaching is desire/goal orientated, so we focus on where you want to be and remove obstacles in the way that are there at present, we're not so focused on the 'story' or history unless it's actively causing problems in your life right now. Coaching also focuses on accountability- we hold you to the promises you make yourself so that you can really make the changes in your life you want to make. We also don't position ourselves as an authority and work with an equal dynamic, being a mirror to your experience and having the belief that you know what you really need in your life and have the power and creativity to get what you want, we just ask the right questions and provide tools. Therapy is ideal if you are dealing with trauma that dramatically affects your day to day life or are feeling incredibly shut down and disconnected. Coaching is ideal if you're dealing with life OK and you want to move towards thriving (having some past trauma is fine, we all do! But you want to be at a point where you've managed to find some balance and can regulate your nervous system!)

What if I don't see results?

The results are generally a reflection of the work you put in and your dedication to change, this is why choosing coaching should be a 'fuck yes' decision and not something you'll half-ass and give up on- that isn't worth either of our time! If however you do try your best and see absolutely no significant change at the end of the sessions we can discuss a partial or full refund!

I'm not spiritual or believe in energy at all- is this for me?

We work with a lot of meditation and breathwork so you'll need to at least be open-minded to trying new things. We can find the language and approach that works for you, but the work is quite spiritual in nature and the best work I do is with people willing to try new things and explore their potential.

It's online, how can it be that good? I need in-person support.

In general, in therapy, workshops etc, it is rare to have physical contact with your teacher/therapist unless you're doing specific bodywork. You'd be surprised just how powerful online sessions can be, and you get to do them without leaving the house (I don't mind if you're in pajamas!). A lot of people actually find having the comfort and safety of their home, plus the distance/anonymity of an online coach to be better for working with sexuality. It also means you can turn off your camera and explore some of the practices live and get feedback as you go when working with self-pleasure or erotic practices.

What if I just want 1 session?

I don't often do single sessions, as getting really clear on a desire and getting clarity on your goals and obstacles alone takes a whole hour usually! If you're interested in a longer, single day intensive then we can always work something out, please email me for more information. 

Do you do sessions in person?

Sometimes, especially for breathwork sessions or emotional release, or if you're at a retreat with me! Generally even when I'm in the same city as someone, we do sessions online though. 

Can I be naked/self pleasure while you watch?

No, it's not that kind of coaching. I suggest searching for some lovely webcam models to spend some money on! <3 

Feel free to email me any other questions, or jump on a clarity call with me!

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