Tantric Coaching for Liberation


Tantra is a path of embodied liberation, with the intention of you waking up to your fully expressed Truth within this lifetime. It integrates body, heart, mind and spirit as all expressions of the divine. Everything in your life can be a pathway to your true nature and to your liberation!

Coaching is a modality that creates an intentional container for you to dive into your inner truth, using your innate intelligence and wisdom to guide you. My job as a coach is to provide you with tools to process your inner world, invite you into deeper inquiry through questions and curiosity, as well as holding a safe and loving space of permission for you to be with what is. We collaborate to support you on your journey in an empowering way, and I provide the practices and tools that will most support you to thrive. 

The VITA modality I am trained in is a deep and transformational process, integrating Tantric teachings and practices with some of the leading therapeutic modalities for holistic and integrated healing that produces rapid results. This works best in the form of a journey over a series of weeks, rather than a one-off 'bandaid' type approach. We journey deep over the weeks to get to the core of any blockages, resistances and issues in the way of your thriving.

I am trained to coach both individuals and couples, and provide options for sexuality focused coaching or liberation focused work. 


Education, Inspiration and content

You can find inspiration, practices and education on the path of liberation through my blog, my youtube channel and my instagram.

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