Hi! I am Luna Agneya


So who am I anyway?

What is my 'story'?

How did I get to be doing this work?

I'm an Australian born, half Irish human who has lived in a few countries around the world. 

Some labels I occasionally identify with when needing to be labelled are Queer or Pansexual, Non-Monogamous/Relationship Fluid, Kinky... I'm happily inhabiting a female body but consider my soul to be androgynous and transcendant of gender. 

Though saying this, I prefer to avoid the labels and boxes, and live a fluid life beyond mental constructs. 

I've worked for over 10 years in and around the adult industry, giving me lots of opportunities to work with the erotic, relationships and sexuality up close and personal, as well as studying and learning more traditionally on the subjects.  This time working in the industry has given me such a huge range of experiences and chances to meet people of all walks of life, to discuss intimacy and relationships with people in ways that other people usually wouldn't get to, and I've got to really see and feel the importance of intimacy, touch and connection as part of a persons wellbeing. 

​I was drawn to spirituality from my late teens, being immersed in the psychedelic music scene and exploring yoga and meditation from my late teens, before diving deeper after a trip to Nepal in my early 20s. In 2016 I went to India to do my yoga teacher training, and eventually dived into the embodied liberation path of Tantra. Through Tantra I found a deep connection with my soul, my body and an integrated spiritual path, bringing the divine into the every day aspects of my life and exploring the path of awakening. While studying at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, I had a deep awakening into the power of Tantra, and continue my Tantric studies now with the Tantrika Institute, as well as with awakened masters around the world. 

Some of my main teachers include... Christopher Wallis, Layla Martin, Adyashanti, Carolyn Elliot and many more.

I've always been an artist, exploring and studying various mediums like fashion design, graphic design, circus, dance and performance as well as many other skills. I like to see sensuality, eroticism and intimacy as an artform that can be explored with the same curiosity and creativity that can keep someone interested, engaged and evolving throughout a lifetime. 


I've been creating events for most of my adult life, starting while I ran 'TrashDolls' so that I could create stages for talented performers and artists to share their work on, then moving into creating conscious sexuality events in 2017.

Between Europe, Bali, Thailand and Australia, I have hosted and participated in countless workshops, retreats and festivals on sexuality and intimacy, growing confidently as a facilitator, event co-ordinator and educator.

My personal and professional explorations always continue, I have a passion for philosophy, education and experiential learning. I'm passionate about spirituality and the path of enlightenment, human psychology, anthropology, the arts and the mystical traditions. I love to make spiritual awakening accessible, grounded and inclusive. I am always working to become aware of my own shadows, privilages and biases, and doing my own integration work to really embody what I teach, to create safe spaces and to show up with integrity and authenticy.

You can read more about my explorations and experiences in my blog, and by following me on instagram and facebook.

I look forward to working with you and along-side you.

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