Liberated Relationship Journey

Transform your relationship and transcend limiting patterns through relational shadow work, co-healing and Tantra.

Couples coaching for those who are ready to love without limits.

A 10 week Online Relationship Transformation Journey for couples. 


Create the deep, soul nourishing relationship of your dreams...


You love each other, you know you're meant to be relating with each other, so why is it so challenging?

Relationships are a space to grow, expand and experience parts of yourself that you wouldn't access alone. Relationships can take you to the highest of highs, help you to see life through new perspectives, experience deep erotic states of connection... and also they can expose our most vulnerable parts, challenging aspects and core wounds.

Many of our relational wounds are created around childhood and they show up as we get into deep relationships, asking to be healed. Sadly many of us can't recognise these for what they are and we end up drowning in our triggers, unable to heal and often causing deeper wounds and nervous system dysregulation.

I work with couples of all genders and relationship styles as they work to uncover their core needs and wounds, communicate in ways that create deeper connection and intimacy and assist them in exploring Sacred Sexuality and sexual healing practices that help create a non-verbal, physical and spiritual connection that transcends the problems of the mind.

This journey is about going to the root of your issues to create a compassionate space to liberate old stories and patterns so you can step into unconditional love, acceptance and surrender that your heart desires!

Liberate yourself from old patterns and Stories


You know that unconditional love, acceptance and bliss are possible for you in your patnership, it is our natural state to be in harmony and connection. What holds most of us back is deeply ingrained conditioning around what love should look like, old woundings from childhood, deep fears of abandonment and a lack of tools to help us move through conflict and back into connection.

Thankfully there is hope, as there are tools to move through all of these points of suffering so that you can come back to your true nature and connect as a couple from this space.

A vast majority of us haven't been modelled what a truly healthy relationship looks like, how to process emotions in a constructive way and how to heal trauma patterns, so it is something we need to learn. I have spent years studying a variety of relationship therapy modalities, communication and conflict resolution styles and spirituality models to bring together the most effective tools that have absolutely transformed my own relationships as well as those of my clients.


  • Explore your blockages, resistances and fears in a loving and safe container

  • Find the core wound and core need under the surface of triggers and arguments

  • Heal childhood woundings and attachment patterns

  • Get clear on your core needs, values and desires for your relationship and how to meet those needs.

  • Release shame, fear and blockages to recieving love

  • Explore couples shadow work- bringing the unconcscious to the conscious for integration and transformation

  • Gently re-wire the nervous system to feel safe experiencing intimacy and pleasure and to be able to stay present with the sensations in your body

  • Re-ignite desire through Sacred Sexuality and Erotic rituals

  • Learn to hold space like a pro and offer the compassion and love your partner needs to be vulnerable and speak their truth

  • Help your partner to release sexual pain, numbness or trauma

  • Clear your male/female relationships and stories to create space for new ones

  • Learn emotional alchemy practices to healthily express, release and integrate uncomfortable feelings without projecting them onto your partner.

  • Step into the liberated love your heart desires

From my Clients...


Before our sessions with Luna, my husband and I were wondering how we could continue on in our relationship. We were deeply unhappy with one another and nothing we did seemed to improve things or make a permanent change.

We had worked with two different counsellors previously to no avail, one actually made things worse.

Luna has improved our communication, our intimacy, and strengthened our connection. I am excited about how good things really could be between my husband and I and look forward to my next session with Luna.

I have suffered trauma in my past and Luna has been able to help me work past that and help my husband not feel scared of accidentally provoking my involuntary PTSD responses.


-Anonymous Couple

Spirituality Meets Science...

I work with a variety of methodologies, bringing together the ancient wisdom of Tantric Yoga practices with modern therapeutic processes and a deep understanding of the nervous system and trauma. This is a truly holistic approach working with mind, body and soul.

Utilising evidence based therapeutic techniques that embrace both neuroscience, psychology and spiritual wisdom, my clients learn to accept themselves with loving compassion, bring consciousness to the unconscious and heal emotional wounding at the root.  

This process incorporates both a 'Top Down' intellectual understanding of the issues you are facing and the patterns playing out in your life, as well as the 'Bottom up' somatic approach of releasing and healing from the body and the primal brain. 

You will combine these powerful processes with the power or ritual, meditation, energy body work, ecstatic trance states and sacred sexuality practices that harness your divine nature and the mysterious realms of the divine. 

This combination is a grounded approach to spirituality that embraces both the modern and the ancient, and how they both compliment each other. 

I studied the VITA (Vital, Integrated, Tantric Approach) coaching method a the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, studying over 720 hours in my training, along with countless client hours, practicums, extra learning, workshops, courses and my own practice. 

I majored in Tantric Sexuality and Relationship Transformation, focusing on sacred sexuality, awakened relationships and nonduality.

​"Sex, love and relationship coaching is partnering with a client in a loving, compassionate and supportive way to create a conscious container for transformation that results in greater self-love, integration and self-realization while staying focused on the client achieving their goals and desires in alignment with the truth of their original essence" - Layla Martin's definition of her VITA coaching system. 

Besides my extensive coaching training, I also am a certified Yoga/meditation/pranayama teacher and am currently studying Nondual Tantra at the Tantrika institute, and have completed extra training in trauma awareness for facilitators, Shadow work, applied Jungian practices, attachment therapy, numerous breathwork trainings, Authentic relating, consent and sexuality trainings and I have 10 years of experience in the adult industry working 1 to 1 with people from all over the world and having countless discussions around sex, intimacy and relationships. My life is dedicated to all things liberation, intimacy and healing and I am always learning and expanding my knowledge, as well as living what I teach.

On the road to liberation, you will be guided to...

Conscious communication + space holding

To create deep intimacy and safety, we have to learn to communicate in a way that gives space for our deep truths- even when they may be uncomfortable! 

We explore how to communicate in ways that help us to express our desires, share our core needs, speakto uncomfortable truths and learn to listen and hold space with love and compassion. 

From this space of clarity, safety and truth we can then explore deeper layers of pleasure and passion. 

Couples Shadow Work


Where are you unconsciously sabotaging your relationship, acting out of past woundings and blocking love?

We all have unconscious aspects of our psyche and they love to come out in relationships! Through deep processes we dive into these shadow pieces, shine some light on them and integrate them so that we can live a truly conscious and liberated relationship. We work with both our individual shadow pieces and the ones created by the relationship dynamic.

Co-Healing, Regulation and Attunement 


Often what gets in the way of us experiencing deeper levels of intimacy and pleasure is unhealed trauma, a disregulated nervous system and core wounds around intimacy and love. We need to create safety if we want to heal!

Using science-based practices for healing these traumas, we allow ourselves to open to new depths of intimacy and release past pain so that we can recieve the love we deeply crave and move forward into a new reality of safety, love and pleasure. 

Non-Monogamy friendly Coaching

I have personal experience in Poly/ENM configurations and I welcome people exploring any kind of relationship dynamic to work with me, whether you're in an open or closed container. 

I know how unique the challenges of open relating are and I love to support this community, as well as fellow Queer folks, kink lovers and sex workers.

A journey into deeper layers of Love and Connection...

Over 10 sessions (weekly or fortnightly), you will be taken through a series of processes and practices designed to build a strong foundation for your relationship, get clear on your desires, needs and vaues, clear old stories and woundings and build a toolbox for how to navigate future issues in your relationship.


This is not just a regular couples councelling session... this is a journey into new layers of your relationship, setting the foundations for your future together. We will dive deep together and uncover patterns in the way of your thriving in love. 

Some of the tools and practices we may use over the course of your journey are...

  • Relationship assessment and creating a 'couple bubble'
  • Communication practices
  • Aspecting rituals
  • Breathwork journeys- teaching you how to hold space for your partner as they journey through breath
  • clearing past lovers and attachments
  • co-regulation and attunement
  • Sacred sexuality ritual
  • Embodied Shadow Work rituals
  • Healing touch and 'tantric' massage 
  • Tantric energy work 
  • Non-verbal communication practices
  • Inquiry practices
  • somatic attunement

Trauma informed + Inclusive Coaching

Sexuality is inherently a space of trauma for many people, this is why my sex coaching training had trauma awareness as a foundation for all of the work. I aim to empower you with the tools you need to feel safe in your body and your sexuality, integrate and heal past experiences and have the tools for the future to work through whatever may come at you in life. 

I'm also passionate about inclusivity... especially as a queer, kinky ex-sexworker with an invisible chronic illness myself! I understand how hard it can be to find professionals who you feel safe with and not judged for being who you are.

I have worked with people of all genders and beyond, people who are monogamous, poly, relationship fluid or unsure, as well as people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. I aim to create a space that is free from judgment or projection that invites you to show up in your truth and authenticity. 

That said, in some cases I might not be the ideal person to work with you. If you're experiencing very intense PTSD or trauma responses that are overwhelming then it is best to first see a therapist, and come to coaching when you are feeling more grounded and able to focus on thriving. 

Also if you have very specific needs around sexuality issues that I don't feel equipped to handle, I will do my best to refer you to someone who specialises in working with people like you.

More testimonials from beautiful souls who have undertaken the journey with me…


Doing the sessions with Luna was an eye opening experience for me. It helped me unite many different concepts and activities, like Meditation, breathing exercises, guided introspection and visualization, etc, into one personal way to communicate with my inside universe and the Kosmos outside. I connected with very deep and very strong aspects of myself that were before shadowed or negated, bringing to me a lot of peace, self understanding and tools to deal with myself and with the world in everyday life.


I managed to connect with long time repressed and denied aspects of myself that were yearning to come out. Now I pay a lot of attention to my female aspects, for example, or to the defenses mechanisms that my persona uses to protect me and that were before perceived as blockages instead of mechanisms


Luna is an absolutely amazing genuine person who has the rare ability to read and manage peoples higher emotional states whilst simultaneously providing professional help.

Even one session with her can lead to a positive change in your life if you are wanting to heal, explore parts of yourself you may not be able to do alone. She is not only professional but personable in all aspects of her life which is a must for any form of healing process with a patient / client relationship.

I highly recommend her to assist you with any form of issues that you may be dealing with. Words cannot describe how much she has helped me, it transcends above and beyond anything I have experienced before in a therapeutic arrangement


I have often struggled with giving myself the permission to go deeper and to heal. The practices, compassion and acceptance that you gave to me allowed me to find the strength and courage within me to face some of my most painful wounds. The transformation in this process was far larger and faster than I expected! Within a few sessions I found with ease my ability to set and hold boundaries, to hold space for myself and my fears, anger, doubt and pain in love, to care for my inner child, to find the wisdom and support I needed from within myself and to break free of the conditioning that held me back from experiencing my full potential. In the past, I have found it triggering to drop into my body and to pay attention to my body and my desires because I have found it overwhelming and very frightening but through our journey together, I finally feel safe, I feel secure and I feel free to express myself in ways that I could never have imagined. You have inspired me and given me the tools to maintain a regular, daily, practice that continues to allow me to heal and transform, allowing me to release and let go of what no longer serves me and to actively acknowledge that I am perfect as I am.


Wow, this journey really opened me up to a whole new layer of my sexuality and my power.

I was able to finally let go of a lot of shame I kept with me since a teenager and to reconnect with my pussy. I had my first full body orgasm which I didn't think was possible for me. I feel so much more alive in my body than I ever have, after years of numbness I was starting to think I was broken but it is all finally shifting. 

I loved learning sex magic and I'm going to use it so much more in my life now!

It was so worth every cent, my sexlife is totally transformed now!

Thank you Luna!

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