For those with a Deep, Passionate Longing

to fall Ecstatically in Love

with all of reality...


Sensual Artistry is the art of living a life deeply connected to the body, the heart and the earth we live on. It's a life lived in intimate connection with our reality, embracing the beauty and wonder all around us, celebrating life and celebrating love!

A life devoted to love, to liberation and to truth. And one filled with creativity, authenticity and joy.

A life lived in harmony with the earth, with other beings and in connection and reverence to the great mystery.  



On this site you'll find my virtual offerings such as information for private work with me, my podcast and blog as well as some free offerings and practices for your journey. 


Hey, I'm Luna..

I'm passionate about freedom, love, intimacy, sexuality and the path of liberation.

I've been breaking out of the boxes of society since I was a teen, and dedicated my life to Love, Liberation and Truth.

I've lived many lives over my years, from my punk and raver teens, becoming a fashion and graphic designer, to working as a stripper and showgirl, 'joining the circus', travelling the world (sometimes without a bank account and living with no money), becoming a yoga teacher and eventually finding myself focused on creating live events and working privately with students. 

I have spent the last 15+ years working in the field of sexuality, from my early days as a stripper, erotic performance artist and nude model, to running a feminist freelance network for alternative models and performers, then evolving into my career as a Sexuality & Intimacy coach, educator and facilitator. 

My passion is liberation and embodied awakening, which is why I've been drawn to the spiritual path of Tantra, embodiment modalities like somatics, dance and breathwork, and anything helps us create deep inner and outer connection, and revolutionary work that aims to free us and reconnect us to our true nature. 

I created the Sensual Arts School as a space to offer courses, retreats and trainings for others on the path, and I also work with individuals, couples and groups who are working with topics related to love, intimacy, sensuality, relationships and spirituality.

I'm a queer soul in a female body who is happily in an open marriage, a Tantrik Yogini, earth-lover and a plant-based eater... and while these labels can help you to get to know what I'm about, in reality I'm an ever-changing expression of the divine dancing through this life exploring what it means to live in this world as a Lover.  


More about me

What you can find here...


One-on-one Liberation journeys for individuals and couples


Get support on your journey towards epic relationships, radical self acceptance and liberated love!!!

I'm a fully certified and trained Integrated Sex, Love and relationship coach, a somatic practitioner, shadow-work facilitator and experienced mentor who is devoted to exploring all things related to sex, love and spirit, and supporting others to liberate themselves and life a more pleasure-filled, nourishing and authentic life.

I've trained in many modalities over the year and offer a combination of mentorship. therapeutic coaching, somatics, shadow-work and meditation to support my clients on their journey to freedom. 



Workshops, Events and Retreats


I have offered in-person immersions and experiences on topics related to sexuality, play, pleasure, relating and spirituality for over 10 years! 

At the Sensual Arts School, we value conscious, grounded education and trauma-informed, inclusive spaces to explore our relationships and our inner world. 


I run trainings usually between Asia, Australia and Europe, both for general students and for professionals. 


Check out our Sensual Arts Facilitator trainging. 



Online Courses + group journeys for your evolution


The Sensual Arts School is an online platform to learn Tantra, Sacred Sexuality and intimacy tools.

You'll find a variety of offerings that change over time as our school evolves. We aim to create high-quality, transformational programs that help you get your journey started no matter where in the world you life!

Our courses are queer-inclusive and aimed to empower you with the tools you need to live a more embodied and liberated life.



The Sensual Artistry


Erotic Awakenings and Liberated Love- Exploring the transformational and healing power of Sacred Sexuality and new paradigm relating.
This podcast is about loving without limits, the power of doing 'the work' and how you can awaken through intimacy.

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1 on 1 Liberation Journeys

I take people on a journey to radically accept themselves, liberate shame, tap into their higher wisdom and explore their erotic potential. 

Combining the awakening and liberation tools of Tantra with modern therapeutic tools like Somatic Awareness, Shadow-Work, Transformational and healing Breathwork, Ritual, Parts Work, Aspecting, Inner Child Work and Emotional Alchemy, we get to the core of your desires, needs and obstacles so you can awaken into your true essence and come into alignment with your truest expression.  

The focus of our sessions can be around sexuality and love or focused more on your journey to embodied liberation and awakening. I also support other practitioners and facilitators on the path with professional mentorship and advanced guidance. 

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Relationship Empowerment Journeys

I work with couples who are ready to go deep and transform their relationships, so they can explore their highest and truest expression of love and passion through an awakened and empowered partnership/s that supports them to thrive!

Working with Conscious Communication, Therapeutic Coaching, Somatics, Tantra and Sacred Sexuality practices, Co-healing and Co-regulating tools, Shadow work, Authentic Relating, Meditation and creating a safe space for vulnerability-  couples can rekindle desire, form deeper and more authentic bonds and use their relationship as a container for growth, healing and awakening. 

Usually couples will chose between focusing on intimacy and relational healing or focusing on Sacred Sexuality, but we can also do a combination of both.

Poly, Queer, Kink & SW friendly. 

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Retreats, Workshops & Events

Do you want a real life, embodied experince exploring the Sensual Arts in community?

My team and I have been running workshops, retreats and events around the world!

Learn the Sensual Arts, Tantra, Embodiment and Intimacy practices in one of our live events! Carefully curated spaces for sensual enjoyment, education and liberation.

The Sensual Arts Retreat is our most popular offering, but we have a variety of retreats that happen through the year 

Luna is also available for private sessions, event bookings, festivals, retreats and other events. 


On Instagram

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Events and featured courses

Tantric Intimacy- Couples Course

Curious about the path of Tantra and what it can do for your relationships?

Come and dive into this 3-part journey for couples, exploring the Yoga of love and intimacy through spiritual practices based on Tantric teachings.

Over these 3 sessions, you and your partner will explore some of the profound practices and principals of Tantra, designed to deepen connection and intimacy.

These practices are a fusion of traditional Left-path Tantra and modern Somatic embodiment practices, combined with some Authentic Relating  and communication tools for deepening communication skills to add to the non-verbal intimacy embodiment work we'll cover. This modern fusion is often called 'Neo Tantra'- bringing the awakening and liberatory technologies of the Yogis into a modern context and how it applies to your relationships.

Evolving Eros Facilitation

Online Course and Community for professionals 

A new wave of Sacred Sexuality and Intimacy facilitation is emerging.

The field is evolving and a new depth of awareness, sensitivity and transformation is required as we enter a new paradigm of love and relating. 

This is more than an online course, it's an offering to the collective evolution of Eros, bringing together leaders in the field to co-create, inspire and revolutionize the way we hold space for sensual liberation and awakening. 

We invite you to become part of our growing and evolving community of facilitators, practitioners and space holders who are devoted to the liberation of love on this planet.

Deep Self Worship

Online Course

Awaken to your embodied pleasure potential

This is one of my favourite online courses that I've created- and now it's available as a self-paced course that you can join at any time.

I'll take you on a journey over the 6 modules to give you an empowering re-education around your sexuality from the perspective of Tantra and Sacred Eros, give you meditations and self-pleasure practices to explore your erotic potential and guide you to feel deeper, love yourself more and build a new yogic practice that includes your sexuality.

This course is for all genders and includes modules on Tantra, Holistic sexuality, Self-Healing, Primal sexuality, Emotional alchemy, YIN pleasure and sex magic. 

From my clients...


"Within a few sessions I found with ease my ability to set and hold boundaries, to hold space for myself and my fears, anger, doubt and pain in love, to care for my inner child, to find the wisdom and support I needed from within myself and to break free of the conditioning that held me back from experiencing my full potential. In the past, I have found it triggering to drop into my body and to pay attention to my body and my desires because I have found it overwhelming and very frightening but through our journey together, I finally feel safe, I feel secure and I feel free to express myself in ways that I could never have imagined. You have inspired me and given me the tools to maintain a regular, daily, practice that continues to allow me to heal and transform, allowing me to release and let go of what no longer serves me and to actively acknowledge that I am perfect as I am."




The Sensual Arts School is an online platform to learn the Art of Sensuality and Intimacy through online courses and programs. 

Kinky, Queer and Poly friendly, the content is for all genders and designed to give you the tools and education you need for a liberated sexuality!

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