The Sensual Arts Retreat

26 MAY - 2 June 2023

A journey of Sensual Liberation


Connect | Explore | Surrender



"It is hard to put into words how profoundly beautiful this experience was. Luna and the team held us with such integrity and love, offering an abundance of teachings and delights to guide us deep into our sensual and awakened selves. I feel inspired, activated, deeply connected and attuned to the vast possibilities of pleasure, energy and presence within me."  

-Lif, Sensual Arts Retreat 2022

The Sensual Arts reteat is a week long journey into uncovering and liberating the sensualist within. 

Get in touch with your body, your desires, your boundaries, your longing and release shame around your sensual, authentic nature.

Over the week we journey through a mixture of solo and group processes, skill training, rituals and activities designed to get you more in touch with your sensuality, giving you an opportunity to express yourself and be held by a community of open-hearted and open-minded beings all on the journey of reclaiming their Eros together.

What Is The Retreat About?


The Sensual Arts retreat is designed to be a deep dive into the realms of sensuality and intimacy. We explore what our authentic desires are, how to communicate them and how to access our boundaries and express them. We aim to create a space of safety, self awareness and creativity. 

The retreat is part internal exploration and part skill development for those who wish to gain tools for creating intimacy with others, skills like shibari, massage, sensory play, energy play and more. This will give you a tool box for exploring your creative side in your sensuality and having new ways of interacting with others in your life, as well as the internal resources for finding your authentic path. 

You'll learn practices and tools from Tantric and Yogic origins, as well as modern therapeutic practices, processes and tools to cultivate somatic awareness, attunement and to access the deep wisdom of the body. 

This retreat is a celebration, an exploration and a space of discovery. 


Our Core Values

  • Authentic expression- That all of you is welcome here, including sadness, anger and all other emotions. While we're exploring sensuality then all kinds of emotions can come to the surface, and they're all perfect and part of the journey. 

  • Consent and Communication- We aspire to continuously be encourage folks to be checking in with themselves and each other around interactions and personal boundaries and to feel empowered to say no to interactions that don't feel safe, right or reasonable. We recognize that many of us are conditioned to fawn or ignore our inner cues, or to not ask or make assumptions of others, so we practice and try our best to make interactions consensual and loving. 

  • Liberation- Our work is focused on freeing people from conditioning placed on them by society and our upbringings to find out innate truth and wisdom. The deconditioning process doesn't have to be all struggle, it can be fun and playful too! This work intersects the spiritual and political as we dismantle harmful conditioning that doesn't serve our thriving and sacred truth.

  • Conscious exploration- We have an alcohol and substance-free event (with the exception of ceremonial cacao), and encourage a deep dive into what your motives, vaues and desires are. We take time for self reflection, sharing and self-discovery. 

  • Inclusivity- All genders, sexualities, races and relationship styles are welcome to join if they feel the call and align with our values. 

  • Environmental consciousness- A portion of the ticket sales go towards carbon-offsetting projects planting trees and helping the environment. We recognize international retreats contribute to carbon emissions with flights so we endeavour to give back in the ways we can. We also serve vegan nd locally sourced food, because it is the best for the environment and for the planet, as well as all the creatures living on the planet.

  • Safety- We take a trauma-aware approach to our event that values nourishing a sense of communal safety, as well as self-responsibility and sovereignty. We want you to meet your edges in a way that is integrated and promotes true growth and healing. 


What will happen?  ­


The retreats generally feature workshops about:

  • Consent and Communication

  • Yoga and other embodied practices

  • Sensual Ropes / Shibari

  • Juicy Erotic Ecstatic Dance journey

  • Neo Tantra

  • Conscious Kink and play

  • Massage and bodywork

  • Tantric Breathwork

  • Self love and Self worship

  • Conscious relating

  • Contact Dance

  • And More!!

Evenings will include special rituals and events



Bindu Breath Awakening

This Tantric Breathwork modality created by Luna will be practiced at the retreat, as well as the Dance of Surrender

Who is this for?


This retreat is open to people who are looking to deepen their self-connection and expand their freedom through the field of conscious sensuality.

Curious wanderers, exploratory sensualist or conscious kinkster, whether beginning your journey or experienced. You are welcome to come as a couple, alone or with friend(s) and explore whatever level of connecting feels right for you.

It's required to have some foundations in practices like yoga and meditation to get the most out of this retreat! It's ok if you're new to conscious sexuality spaces but you should be familiar with conscious events and spirituality. If not then please head to a few events in your area before attending like yoga, ecstatic dance, cacao ceremonies or other similar stuff!

We welcome

  • Singles, Couples and those in between

  • All genders and sexualities welcome

  • Open minded and open hearted humans

  • Those wanting to explore the mystery and the unknown from a grounded and embodied spiritual perspective (based in Tantra). 

  • Those ready to awaken to new realms of possibility in their life and relationships

  • Both experienced sensualists and newbies to this part of the work!

As with all Sensual Artistry events, it is Queer, poly, SW and kink friendly. We do not pair people up according to gender and avoid using heteronormative terms! 


Who this is not for:
  • People who expect to 'get some' or feel entitled to connection with others. We do not guarantee any for of connection with anyone as we encourage people to decide who they want to connect with and how. Your intentions should not just be about what you can get from others but your own personal journey and liberation.

  • Anyone who has an issue with an issue being paired in a practice with someone of the same gender, or has issues being in a space with people outside the gender binary (we do not pair people up based on gender and welcome non-binary and trans people)

  • People who are not ok with non-sexual nudity. While YOU are never required to be nude, others will be, and you must be ok with this from the group to attend. 

  • Folks who have no experience at all in any form of spirituality, embodiment or personal development work. 

  • People who want to stay in their patterns of unhappiness, victimhood, boredom and complaints (We aim to liberate these things!)

  • Those who cannot understand consent and communication (in English) or who have issues with crossing boundaries- there are other more suited spaces to learn these skills. If you're currently in an accountability process for boundary-crossing then please finish that process and find a resolution before joining our retreats.

  • People who have severe active trauma, psychosis, narcissism or are heavily medicated for mental health disorders. While we have a care team we are not therapists, and this is not a space for deep trauma work- you should see a professional individually first. Please contact me if you're not sure if this may be you.


Learn Sensual Ropes 

With Luna Agneya



What Will You Gain?


You will learn skills for sensuality, intimacy and conscious relating, meet new like-minded people and build friendships and community, as well as discover parts of yourself that you may not have uncovered previously.

Previous participants have remarked that the experience was life changing and opened up a whole new world for them and the way they relate to others. 

You can see below more about what you'll learn!

And time in a beautiful location to enjoy away from your usual day-to-day life.


Consent and Safety


Everything is an invitation and we do not pressure, coerce or push people to do activities if they wish to sit out. You can practice alone or with your partner, friend or classmate within the scope of your limits.

There is no pressure to be intimate with anyone, at any time, beyond your comfort levels. We encourage enthusiastic consent and celebrate 'no's and recognizing personal boundaries. This is a major step towards sensual liberation! You're welcome in your juicy yes and your shy no. 

The only required workshop is a consent and safety workshop so that we can be sure to have a safe and respectful container for us all.

We are passionate about trauma-aware and integrated approach to exploration and boundaries that is empowered and nourishing. 

This is a sensual-level retreat, meaning there will be no explicit sexual exploration or play in the public spaces. This means for us that play is based on touch, energy and sensual stimulus, not involving the genitals of others.We want to expand your definition of Eros and intimacy to include a lot more than what most people consider sex.


Emotional Support  


We are aware that exploring to the edges of human sensuality can sometimes bring up intense feelings, resistances or uncomfortable past experiences. We have a care team of trained, trauma-aware professionals who are ready to lovingly support through any triggers or emotional issues that come up during the course of the week. We aim to be able to hold loving space while you traverse whatever is alive for you and perhaps provide some resourcing tools for you to integrate whatever is alive. 

That said, this is a group experience and we have a limited team. If you're unable to have a level of being able to 'hold yourself' then this is not the space for you. Our team need to be available for all the group so there are times when you will need to self-resource if the team is busy with others. 

We have protocol for possible consent violations or issues that may arise and endeavor to support you fully in your experience no matter what comes up. There are always risks in events like this that consent accidents can happen as people learn what their boundaries are and how to express them. We aim to hold these situations with as much compassion and love as possible, and do what we can within reason of our responsibility as spaceholders.



Full or partial nudity can be proposed in some of the workshops. As everything else, it isn’t mandatory, but you should be willing to be around other people who are exercising this human freedom. 

Outdoor nudity may be possible depending on the venues.






­The Venue

The training will be held in the land of hidden heritage, wild beaches and lighthouses, lush woodlands and fresh springs.

A unique space for free expression and a retreat center dedicated to holistic embodiment.

Just across the border of northern Portugal,  and sharing the Peneda-Gerês Natural Park (or Xúres in Galician language) one can find Galicia region. A place where the ancient Celtic culture who inhabited the region and the respect and harmony with nature is still celebrated.

Check out pricing and room options!

­Getting there

There are several airports available in the region, such as Vigo (VGO, 30min from the Finca) or Santiago de Compostela (SCQ, 1h20m) on the Spanish side, or even Porto (OPO, 1h40m) in Portugal.

 We can help arranging transport to the venue closer to the date depending where people are flying in from. 

What Will You Learn?



This retreat's spiritual view is focused around Tantric practice and philosophy. We fuse traditional Tantric view and practice with sacred sexuality and modern embodiment work, something that is referred to as 'Neo Tantra' 

You'll learn how to connect deeper with others, open your heart more, learn to explore 'energy' and how to move it through your body and the body of others... and how to live a more juicy, sensual and sacred life. 

Traditional Tantra is a path, like Buddhism, that is focused on a type of spiritual liberation and awakening. NeoTantra tends to focus on relationships, sexuality, sensuality and connection. This retreat is in the category of 'NeoTantra' as this is our focus. You can read more about what Tantra is HERE or listen to a podcast Luna did about it HERE



Shibari is a form of Japanese rope bondage that invites a feeling of trust, surrender and can evoke a deep feeling of being held for the receiver. There are many different styles of rope bondage from sweet and soft to very hard and intense. This retreat we focus on the sensual rope style that Luna specializes in, and how we can bring NeoTantric intimacy practices to the ritual of binding someone. This is a more 'European' way of doing rope and is not traditional Japanese style. 

The level will be beginner-Intermediate with a focus on flow, creativity, sensuality and the connection. The emphasis will not be on learning a lot of different ties. If you're more advanced you can use the workshop time to practice or go back to basics and focus on uplevelling the flow and connection in your rope scene.  

 When you pay your deposit you'll get the free Sensual Ropes 1-2-3 course to get inspired before the retreat!



We start the week of with a focus on solo sensuality and getting to know your body, your desires and your inner wisdom. It's so important we cultivate a deep relationship to self before connecting with others (and during, and always!) so we have time dedicated to your individual process, your relationship to your own body and to the earth. 



Dance is a language to express, feel, be and move with life. It's a pathway to surrender, to the present moment and to a deeper connection with your inner world. In this retreat you can expect our infamous 'JUICY- Erotic Ecstatic Dance Journey' as well as contact dance and some other movement practices to open the body. 



So many of us feel reserved around touch, unsure of how to best touch a body or how to be touched in a way that works for us. We'll have practices to get you feeling inspired, creative and attuned with your partner/s to learn the art of conscious touch (and practicing your boundaries in the process!)



How do we ask for what we want? How do we say no? How do we flirt? How do we have a consent chat that not only doesn't kill the mood but actually gets us even more turned on? We'll practice communication tools, ongoing consent, heart-sharing emotional vulnerability games and more goodies that will open you up to new ways of connecting through language with others!



Sacred Kink is a great way to explore sensation, power, desire, surrender, play and so much more! We consider it to be a form of embodied shadow work where we explore unconscious elements of the psyche in a fun and interesting way. We'll have some workshops for you to learn more about how kink can be an empowering, healing, playful, expansive and juicy practice- and emphasize safety in the process!




Here is a draft of the schedule times. We'll have a half day break mid-way through for integration (maybe with an optional beach trip pending the weather!)

 Photo Gallery

 From past retreats


The below pricing includes all workshops and activities, food and your choice of accommodation.

Earlybird pricing is available until 31st March 2023.

 'Shared Bathroom' means shared between multiple rooms.

'Private Bathroom' means that it is for the use of the occupants of that room.

Pictures are for display purposes only and do not represent your exact accommodation.


Private Apartment
Private Bathroom

Earlybird €3,375 

For two people



For two people

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What people say....


"I never expected to learn so much about communicating my desires and needs, nor to have so many issues rise to the surface that had been submerged. The week was wonderful, difficult, ecstatic, challenging, heart-wrenching, playful, tedious and exciting. And most of all, unforgettable."

 —  Jaina, 2019



The 7 days I spent working with Luna and Tris was amazing.

They created an incredibly safe container for the group and myself to flourish and open, exploring topics that could be difficult or challenging to many. What really lights me up is bringing spirituality to sensuality, sexuality and kink, and this is exactly the direction I felt they approached it from.

It was fun, it was exciting, and ultimately it felt fresh. These areas are not new to me, so to have space to explore in new ways and have new concepts presented to me was exciting and at times thrilling.

I went with my partner, and I'm so glad I did. We journeyed into new levels of surrender to each other, creating more trust and deliciousness between both of us (YAY!). We had a very deep and connected relationship before we went, and this was truly an enhancer of this.

Not only do I feel safe to return and work with them again, I actively desire to see what else they create and enjoy their playfulness all over again.

—  Ryan, 2022


"I really can’t begin to say enough how brilliant the whole thing was. It was so well organised and done with the most amazing sensitivity. I have rarely met such a group of pure souls . So empathic and so open . Yes , we the group, made the event by “showing up” by being brave , but that would not have been possible without all the work and planning that was done to create the container that allowed that magic to flow" 

—  Toby, 2019


"The impact that the retreat had on my life is pretty hard to put in words: I profoundly changed my world view in a very positive way - emotionally, physically and spiritually. Would highly recommend an experience like this to everyone!

I feel empowered and more connected to myself. I saw how the other people opened up and I saw me, the connections I made on the retreat are very special to me. I feel like I found my tribe. This is very empowering. Now I don't feel Im a weirdo. : ) "

—  Dom, 2019


"I feel empowered and more connected to myself. I saw how the other people opened up and I saw me, the connections I made on the retreat are very special to me. I feel like I found my tribe. This is very empowering. Now I don't feel Im a weirdo. : ) "

—  Katrin, 2019


"Luna and the team curated an amazing smorgasbord of sensual delights, play and joyful experiences for us. the group was held beautifully by a deeply committed and professional care team, and the emphasis on trauma awareness and mental health made me feel safe and comfortable to explore my boundaries. each participant was invited to add their special gift to the group space and made the atmosphere so much greater than the sum of its parts. the daily shibari was a privilege, a deeply sensual and spiritual experience."

—  Anonymous, 2019

Your Facilitators for the Journey

Meet the team and their roles for this delicious week of magic.

Luna Agneya

Organizer and facilitator

Tantra, Sensuality and Intimacy

Originally from Australia, though a word-travelling nomad, Luna has been working between the sex-positive and the spiritual communities for over 10 years, and facilitating, educating and coaching and hosting events in these realms for over 10 years. She is a queer, kinky and non-monogamous ex-stripper with a passion for the path of liberation. 

Luna has studied and practised Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Breathwork and a variety of spiritual and somatic healing modalities over the years, getting certified as a Yoga, meditation and pranayama instructor in 2016 and graduating as a Tantric Sexuality and relationship coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality in 2020, as well as completing a Transformational Facilitator training and Tantric breathwork training and studying Somatic Therapies, shadow work, trauma-awareness and other modalities.

She also passionately studies all things related to love, relationships, trauma and healing, spirituality and sexuality.

She studies classical Nondual Shaiva Tantra with Christopher Wallis at the Tantrika Institute/Tantra Illuminated since 2019, as well as studying  nondual philosophy, spirituality and the path awakening with teachers from around the world to get a varied and holistic perspective. 

Luna also has completed a Trauma Awareness for Facilitators course and has a passion for psychology, shadow work, Integrated and holistic healing modalities and mystery school teachings. 

She now runs facilitator trainings with the Sensual Arts School for others passionate about teaching integrated and grounded approaches to sacred sexuality. 


The Sensual Arts School ( )

Sanya Alaya

Sanya Alaya is a trauma informed body and mind therapist, specialized in holistic wellbeing and sexuality. She is trained and certified by the Sexological Bodywork Institute, Erotic School of Mysteries and Creative Consciousness Coaching Academy.

Coming from a background of transforming her own traumas, chronic pain and autoimmune disease into a fulfilled life of love, consciousness and pleasure, she now facilitates trauma informed workshops and 1:1 sessions, using techniques and tools from Tantra, Tao, Shadow Work, Conscious Kink, Tantra Massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Dearmouring, Breathwork and Meditation.

Her heart mission is to empower her clients to embody their sensuality, playfulness and wild self expression, unravel conditioning, be fully and unapologetically who they truly are and to RECLAIM THEIR LUST FOR LIFE.

To read more about her, follow these links:

Tristen Tan


Tristen discovered the bliss of tantra a few years ago and has been exploring its depths solo and with partners ever since. He has spent many days in containers practicing tantric arts which have given him an abundant appreciation for the vast pleasure, deep connection and lasting peace that it can bring.

He has now co-facilitated multiple Sensual Arts events and teacher trainings, so is well versed in the practices and guiding workshops in this field.

He brings plenty of exuberance, lots of care and tonnes of love with him wherever he goes and is excited to share it with you on this journey together.

Assistant + Care team

Blossom is a Sensual Arts Facilitator and a radical self love coach who will be supporting folks on their journey through the retreat. 



Got more questions? Check out these or send us an email!

We're also happy to get on a call with anyone interested in joining who isn't sure and has some questions to ask.