The Sensual Arts Retreat

May 26th - June 2nd 2023


Bali, Indonesia

September 2nd - 9th  2023

A journey of Sensual Liberation 

Connect | Explore | Surrender

A week-long deepening into sensual conscious intimacy to uncover, reclaim and celebrate the sensualist within

"It is hard to put into words how profoundly beautiful this experience was. Luna and the team held us with such integrity and love, offering an abundance of teachings and delights to guide us deep into our sensual and awakened selves. I feel inspired, activated, deeply connected and attuned to the vast possibilities of pleasure, energy and presence within me."  

-Lif, Sensual Arts Retreat 2022

Join us for a euphoric exploration into the rapturous realms of sensuality and conscious intimacy as we guide you deep into your sensual and awakened selves 


Journey with us through an abundance of teachings and sensual delights with both solo and group processes, skill training, rituals and activities designed to leave you feeling inspired, activated, deeply connected and attuned to the vast possibilities of pleasure, energy and presence within you...

What Is The Retreat About?

The Sensual Arts Retreat is week-long sensual immersion diving deep into conscious sensuality and tantric intimacy designed to deeply connect you with your blissful body, awakening eros within and liberating the fullest expression of your innate sensual nature.

By bringing together the wisdom of somatics, embodied spirituality, conscious intimacy and the Tantric path of liberation, we invite you to release layers of shame, guilt and suppression of your authentic sensual nature in an open-hearted community of awakened sensual beings.

This isn’t simply about hedonism or chasing peak experiences… It's about coming home to your full aliveness, exploring your inner truth and creating a deeper connection with your authentic self.

You'll learn practices and tools from Tantric and Yogic origins, as well as modern therapeutic practices, processes and tools to cultivate somatic awareness and intimate attunement to access the deep wisdom of your body, heart and soul.

This is a celebration, an exploration and a space of discovery and play to unlock and express your Sensual Artist, giving you a toolbox to explore your creative side in your sensuality with new ways of relating, cultivating deeper intimacy and connection with others in your life.

The Sensual Arts Retreat is part internal exploration and part skill development, where we aim to create a space of emotional safety, self-awareness and creative expression dedicated to sensual exploration and play.

Please note that our emphasis lies in fostering enriching sensual experiences. We kindly ask participants to refrain from sexual contact during the activities we facilitate.


Our  Values


All of you is welcome here! Bring your sadness, your anger, your joy, your bliss! They're all perfect and part of the journey


We will continuously encourage you to check in with yourself and each other around interactions and personal boundaries and to ensure you feel empowered in your authentic ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’


Our work is focused on freeing people from conditioning placed on them by society and our upbringings to find out innate truth and wisdom


The retreat is an alcohol and substance-free event (with the exception of ceremonial cacao), and we encourage a deep self-reflection, sharing and self-discovery


All genders, sexualities, races, abilities and relationship styles are welcome to join if you feel the call and align with our values


We are committed to giving back to the environment, which is why part of the ticket sales are allocated to carbon-offsetting projects such as planting trees, as well as prioritising serving vegan and locally sourced food at our retreats


We take a trauma-aware approach to our events that values communal safety, as well as self-responsibility and sovereignty so that you can meet your edges in a way that promotes both growth and healing

What will happen?  ­

You can expect to experience workshops exploring:

  • Consent and Communication
  • Yoga and Sensual Embodiment
  • Sensual Ropes / Shibari (Spain only)
  • JUICY Erotic Ecstatic Dance
  • Neo-Tantra
  • Conscious Kink
  • Massage and Bodywork
  • Tantric Breathwork
  • Self-Love and Self-Worship
  • Conscious Relating
  • Contact Dance
  • …And More!!

Evenings throughout the week will include special rituals and events.


Bindu Breath Awakening

This Tantric Breathwork modality created by Luna, as well as the Dance of Surrender, will be practiced at the retreat.


What Will You Gain?


The Sensual Arts Retreat is an opportunity to liberate your eros, and liberate your life, in a beautiful location away from the overwhelm of the daily grind where you will discover:

  • Opportunities to authentically connect and play  
  • Deeper understanding of Traditional Tantric teachings
  • Embodied experiences of Neo-Tantric practices
  • Wisdom and insight into your true sensual nature
  • Uncover new aspects of yourself and feel more complete
  • Sensuality, intimacy, and conscious relating skills
  • Meet like-minded people and build intimate friendships

What Will You Learn?



The Sensual Arts Retreat embraces a spiritual perspective combining traditional Tantric practices and philosophy (a spiritual path similar to Buddhism which emphasises spiritual liberation and awakening), with the exploration of Neo-Tantra (which focuses more on sacred sexuality, relationships, sensuality, and connection).

You'll discover how to:

  • Expand your heart and deepen your intimate connections with others
  • Cultivate sexual energy and move it through your body and the bodies of others
  • Live a more vibrant, sensual, and sacred life in alignment with Tantric teachings

If you'd like to learn more about Tantra, you can visit our website HERE or listen to a podcast that Luna did on the topic HERE.



Explore the art of Shibari, a Japanese style of rope bondage, with Luna's signature style of sensual rope play incorporating Neo-Tantric intimacy practices into a blissful binding ritual.

You'll discover how to:

  • Tap into playful flow, creativity, sensuality, and connection through rope bondage
  • Uplevel the flow and connection in your rope scene with Neo-Tantric practices
  • Soften into a deep sense of trust and surrender feeling profoundly held and connected

When you pay your deposit, you will receive a FREE Sensual Ropes 1-2-3 course, which can inspire you before the retreat!

**Please note that only the Spain retreat will feature the Shibari workshop. However, in Bali, you are welcome to bring your own rope as there will be opportunities to jam and explore this theme.



Deep dive into solo sensuality through erotic embodiment practices dedicated to your individual process in relationship to your own body and to the earth.

You'll discover how to:

  • Deeply know and trust your body, your desires and your inner wisdom
  • Cultivate a loving and sensual relationship to self before connecting with others
  • Highly attune, listen and respond to your own body’s consent and boundaries



Get down and dirty on the dancefloor with our infamous 'JUICY’ Erotic Ecstatic Dance Journey, as well as contact dance and other sensual movement practices. 

You'll discover how to:

  • Tap into your emotions and more fully express your inner world
  • Liberate and celebrate your erotic energy on the dance floor
  • Drop deep into presence and allow life to move through your being



Learn the art of conscious touch, massage and body de-armouring (and practise your boundaries in the process!)

You'll discover how to:

  • Highly attune to your partner's physical, emotional and energetic body
  • Touch and be touched in both a sensual and consensual way
  • Unlock more inspiration and creativity with Tantric touch and massage techniques



Learn to speak your erotic language, express your desires, and powerfully honour your fuck-yes and your NO with heart-opening communication and juicy consent practices.

You'll discover how to:

  • Talk about consent in a way that doesn't kill the mood but actually turns you on…
  • Confidently ask for what you want, how you want it, and when you want it!
  • Sensually flirt and learn the art of seduction with sexy communication tools



Explore the expansive realms of sensation, power, desire, surrender and play with Sacred Kink and dive deep into embodied shadow work in a devilishly fun and creative way.

You'll discover how to:

  • Reclaim the power of eros by integrating lost or rejected parts of your sensuality
  • Use Sacred Kink as an empowering tool for healing and awakening
  • Liberate stuck emotions and energetic blockages with Sacred Kink






Who is this for?


We are calling all curious wanderers, exploratory sensualists and conscious kinksters

Whether you’re just beginning your sensual journey or you’re a well seasoned sensualist, the Sensual Arts Retreat is open to you if you're looking to deepen your self-connection and expand your freedom through conscious sensuality.

Come as a couple, alone or with friend(s) and explore whatever level of connection feels right for you.

To really get the most out of this retreat we recommend having a foundational practice of yoga and meditation, and at the very least you will already be familiar with other conscious events such as ecstatic dance, cacao ceremonies, etc.

We welcome:
  • Singles, Couples and those in between
  • All genders and sexualities
  • Open minded and open hearted humans
  • Those wanting to explore the mystery and the unknown from a grounded and embodied spiritual perspective (based in Tantra)
  • Those ready to awaken to new realms of possibility in their life and relationships
  • Both experienced sensualists and newbies to this part of the work! 


As with all Sensual Artistry events, our retreat it is Queer, Poly, SW and Kink friendly. We do not pair people up according to gender and avoid using heteronormative terms!


This is not for:
  • People who expect to 'get some' and are looking for a pure hedonistic pursuit
  • Those who feel entitled to connection with others, specifically of the opposite gender Anyone who has an issue with being paired in a practice with someone of the same gender
  • Anyone who has difficulty sharing space with people outside the gender binary
  • People who are not ok with non-sexual nudity (while YOU are never required to be nude, others will be, and you must be ok with this to attend)
  • Folks who have no experience at all in any form of spirituality, embodiment or personal development work
  • People who want to stay in their patterns of unhappiness, victimhood, boredom and complaints
  • Those who cannot understand consent and communication (in English) or who have issues with crossing boundaries
  • People who have severe active trauma, psychosis, narcissism or are heavily medicated for mental health disorders


While we have a care team we are not therapists, and this is not a space for deep trauma work - you should see a professional individually first. Please contact me if you're not sure if this may be you.





Below you will find an example of our retreat schedule (subject to change). We will be including a half day break mid-way through the retreat for integration (maybe with an optional beach trip pending on the weather!)



Our  Policies

Consent and Safety

At the Sensual Arts Retreat, all activities are voluntary and there's no pressure to participate beyond your comfort levels. You can practise solo or with others within your limits.

We prioritise enthusiastic consent and personal boundaries, and provide a mandatory consent and safety workshop to ensure a safe and respectful environment for all. Our approach to exploration and boundaries is trauma-aware and empowering.

Please note that this is a sensual retreat, which means no explicit sexual activity will occur in public spaces. Our play is based on touch, energy, and sensual stimulation without involving genitals, and we aim to expand your definition of Eros and intimacy beyond traditional notions of sex.


Emotional Support  

We understand that exploring the boundaries of sensuality can bring up intense emotions and past experiences. Our trained care team of trauma-informed professionals are available to lovingly support you through any triggers or emotional issues throughout the retreat.

However, this is a group experience and we have limited resources, so it's important that you're also able to self-resource when needed.

We have protocols in place for consent violations and aim to support you fully. Please note that accidents can happen as people learn their boundaries, but we aim to handle them with compassion and within reason of our responsibility as spaceholders.



Full or partial nudity can be proposed in some of the workshops. Again, this is always an invitation, but you should be prepared and willing to share the space with other participants who are exercising this human freedom. Outdoor nudity may be possible depending on the privacy of the venues.

­The Venue - SPAIN


The training will be held in the land of hidden heritage, wild beaches and lighthouses, lush woodlands and fresh springs.

A unique space for free expression and a retreat centre dedicated to holistic embodiment.

Just across the border of northern Portugal,  and sharing the Peneda-Gerês Natural Park (or Xúres in Galician language) one can find Galicia region. A place where the ancient Celtic culture who inhabited the region and the respect and harmony with nature is still celebrated.

­Getting there

There are several airports available in the region, such as Vigo (VGO, 30 mins from the Finca) or Santiago de Compostela (SCQ, 1h20m) on the Spanish side, or even Porto (OPO, 1h40m) in Portugal.

 We can help arrange transport to the venue closer to the date depending where people are flying in from. 

­The Venue - BALI

Our beautiful Bali location will be a beach-side resort with beautiful nature, Balinese style rooms and setting and getting to experience the jungle beauty.

We will arrange a bus from Denpasar airport to the location on the 2nd (included in your ticket).

 Memories From Our Past Retreats

The Investment




Shared rooms and couple rooms are available. We will send you a list of options and prices when you apply.

Accommodation prices vary between ​€350 - €420 for singles and €700 - €975 for couples.



High-quality organic vegan/vegetarian food, three meals daily, tea, coffee, etc. 

Cacao and Blue Lotus ceremonies are also included.

TIcket price


+​ Accommodation (€350 - €420 for singles and €700 - €975 for couples)

Deposit of $500/pp to secure your space.

Apply now by clicking the button below.

Apply Now - SPAIN

The Investment




There are a variety of rooms for different budgets and price ranges. Twin-share or couple share available. 




High-quality organic vegan/vegetarian food, three meals daily, tea, coffee, etc. 

Cacao and Blue Lotus ceremonies are also included.



All attendees get instant access to our 'Sensual Ropes' or 'Deep Self Worship' online course so they can dive right in and continue their practice after the retreat. Each course is worth over €200.

Ticket price

From $1,450 USD

Earlybird Price until June 30

Deposit of USD$500/pp to secure your space.

See full room listing and prices

(all prices including room, food, retreat expenses, shuttle transfer, free massage and bonus online course)

Apply now by clicking the button below.


Want DOUBLE the experience?

Join us for the Tantric Arts Retreat (starting on September 12th) and enjoy a 3 night break between retreats at the venue fully catered with accommodation at no additional cost!

Saving you $328 USD!

Are you ready to dive into a world of Sensual aliveness, connection, and exploration?

Apply Now - Bali

What people say....


"I never expected to learn so much about communicating my desires and needs, nor to have so many issues rise to the surface that had been submerged. The week was wonderful, difficult, ecstatic, challenging, heart-wrenching, playful, tedious and exciting. And most of all, unforgettable."

 —  Jaina, 2019



The 7 days I spent working with Luna and Tris was amazing.

They created an incredibly safe container for the group and myself to flourish and open, exploring topics that could be difficult or challenging to many. What really lights me up is bringing spirituality to sensuality, sexuality and kink, and this is exactly the direction I felt they approached it from.

It was fun, it was exciting, and ultimately it felt fresh. These areas are not new to me, so to have space to explore in new ways and have new concepts presented to me was exciting and at times thrilling.

I went with my partner, and I'm so glad I did. We journeyed into new levels of surrender to each other, creating more trust and deliciousness between both of us (YAY!). We had a very deep and connected relationship before we went, and this was truly an enhancer of this.

Not only do I feel safe to return and work with them again, I actively desire to see what else they create and enjoy their playfulness all over again.

—  Ryan, 2022


"I really can’t begin to say enough how brilliant the whole thing was. It was so well organised and done with the most amazing sensitivity. I have rarely met such a group of pure souls . So empathic and so open . Yes , we the group, made the event by “showing up” by being brave , but that would not have been possible without all the work and planning that was done to create the container that allowed that magic to flow" 

—  Toby, 2019


"The impact that the retreat had on my life is pretty hard to put in words: I profoundly changed my world view in a very positive way - emotionally, physically and spiritually. Would highly recommend an experience like this to everyone!

I feel empowered and more connected to myself. I saw how the other people opened up and I saw me, the connections I made on the retreat are very special to me. I feel like I found my tribe. This is very empowering. Now I don't feel Im a weirdo. : ) "

—  Dom, 2019


"I feel empowered and more connected to myself. I saw how the other people opened up and I saw me, the connections I made on the retreat are very special to me. I feel like I found my tribe. This is very empowering. Now I don't feel Im a weirdo. : ) "

—  Katrin, 2019


"Luna and the team curated an amazing smorgasbord of sensual delights, play and joyful experiences for us. the group was held beautifully by a deeply committed and professional care team, and the emphasis on trauma awareness and mental health made me feel safe and comfortable to explore my boundaries. each participant was invited to add their special gift to the group space and made the atmosphere so much greater than the sum of its parts. the daily shibari was a privilege, a deeply sensual and spiritual experience."

—  Anonymous, 2019

Your Facilitators for the Journey

Meet the team and their roles for this delicious week of magic.

Luna Agneya

Organiser and facilitator

Tantra, Sensuality and Intimacy

Luna is the head of the Sensual Arts School and her life path is around liberating love in the world. She runs retreats, trainings and workshops related to Tantra, relationships, intimacy and sensuality with the aim of supporting people to experience deeper layers of love, more connection to their body and to feel more free in their life.

Luna has studied and practised Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Breathwork and a variety of spiritual and somatic healing modalities over the years, getting certified as a Yoga, meditation and pranayama instructor in 2016 and graduating as a Tantric Sexuality and relationship coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality in 2020, as well as completing a Transformational Facilitator training and Tantric breathwork training and studying Somatic Therapies, shadow work, trauma-awareness and other modalities.

She also passionately studies all things related to love, relationships, trauma and healing, spirituality and sexuality because she believes that our core wounds around intimacy create some of the most conflict in our personal lives as well as in the world, and that if humans could learn to relate in a more healthy and happy way with one another, we could live in a more harmoneous world together. 

She studies classical Nondual Shaiva Tantra with Christopher Wallis at the Tantrika Institute/Tantra Illuminated since 2019, as well as studying nondual philosophy, spirituality and the path awakening with teachers from around the world to get a varied and holistic perspective. 

Luna also has completed a Trauma Awareness for Facilitators course, somatic practitioner course and has a passion for psychology, shadow work, Integrated and holistic healing modalities and mystery school teachings. 

She now runs facilitator trainings with the Sensual Arts School for others passionate about teaching integrated and grounded approaches to sacred sexuality, as well as creating more queer-inclusive spaces to celebrate diversity and our unique expressions. 

The Sensual Arts School ( )

Sanya Alaya

Facilitator (Spain)

Sanya Alaya is a trauma informed body and mind therapist, specialised in holistic wellbeing and sexuality. She is trained and certified by the Sexological Bodywork Institute, Erotic School of Mysteries and Creative Consciousness Coaching Academy.

Coming from a background of transforming her own traumas, chronic pain and autoimmune disease into a fulfilled life of love, consciousness and pleasure, she now facilitates trauma informed workshops and 1:1 sessions, using techniques and tools from Tantra, Tao, Shadow Work, Conscious Kink, Tantra Massage, Chi Nei Tsang, De-armouring, Breathwork and Meditation.

Her heart mission is to empower her clients to embody their sensuality, playfulness and wild self expression, unravel conditioning, be fully and unapologetically who they truly are and to reclaim their lust for life.

To read more about her:

Triss Tashi


Triss discovered the bliss of tantra a few years ago and has been exploring its depths solo and with partners ever since. He has spent many days in containers practicing tantric arts which have given him an abundant appreciation for the vast pleasure, deep connection and lasting peace that it can bring.

He has now co-facilitated multiple Sensual Arts events and teacher trainings, so is well versed in the practices and guiding workshops in this field.

Triss brings plenty of exuberance, lots of care and tonnes of love with him wherever he goes and is excited to share it with you on this journey together.

Blossom Leela

Assistant and Care team (Spain) Facilitator (Bali)

Blossom is a certified Love, Sex and Relationship Coach and Sensual Arts Facilitator devoted to the practices of radical self-love, erotic embodiment and eco-sensuality.

Through her workshops, events and 1:1 coaching support, Blossom serves the awakening process through teaching and guiding individuals to liberate their erotic life-force energy and cultivate a deeply intimate and reciprocal relationship with life itself.  

Blossom’s methodology combines the practices of Sacred Sexuality and Vipassana Meditation, with the teachings of Non-Dual Shaiva Tantra and Erotic Ecology to dig out the root of human suffering and restore a sense of wholeness.

She believes that when we learn to trust and surrender to a higher power, knowing unshakeably that we are unconditionally loved, and loving, and once we recognise our innate wholeness and interconnectedness with the whole of existence, love and kindness for ourselves and all people, places and things becomes a natural and easeful way of being in the world.

Jessica Bliss

Assistant + Care team (Bali)

Jessica Harvey, PhD, is an MIT-trained organic chemist, founder of Bliss Science, and your Tantric Scientist. After a successful 10-year career as an academic researcher in organic chemistry & neuroscience, she broke free of lab life to pursue experiments in consciousness & sacred relating (a different kind of ‘chemistry,’ you might say). 

As a scientist, Jessica was stuck in her head and cut off from her body, emotions, and intuition. She tried to 'logic' her way through relationships and life - which resulted in chronic fatigue, anxiety, and an inability to savour life. 

After years of numbing herself through overwork and drinking, she left her career and went on a journey to say 'yes' to what scared her. Discovering tantra for the first time brought her an embodied spiritual awakening. She spent 4+ years in tantric communities in full-time study and practice, where she finally stopped overthinking everything by connecting with her body, welcoming the truth of her experience, and relaxing into her feminine power.

Her methodology comes from: parts work, sacred theatre, narrative therapy, process work, meditation, breathwork, non-duality, neo- and classical tantra, attachment theory, trauma, and hatha yoga. 

Her professional credentials include certification by the International Coaching Federation at the PCC level, Layla Martin's Sex, Love, and Relationship coaching (VITA), and Process-Oriented Psychology with David Bedrick.


Got more questions? Check out these or send us an email!

We're also happy to get on a call with anyone interested in joining who isn't sure and has some questions to ask.