E20- Tantra, NeoTantra and Sacred Sexuality- What's the difference?

These days the word Tantra gets thrown around a lot, and people are getting confused about what it actually means!

NeoTantra is the more appropriate name for this modern form of 'Tantra'- or Sacred Sexuality.

In this podcast, I try to unravel the threads around these terms and why it's important that we honour 'Tantra' and start to take the term back from the westernised, fetishised, sexualised term it's becoming. 

  • What even is Tantra?
  • What is NeoTantra?
  • Why using Tantra when we're talking about Sacred Sex can cause problems
  • The 'appropriation' discussion

I also wrote a BLOG POST a while ago on this topic if you want to check it out or share it as a resource.