Embodied Liberation Journey

Experience Radical Self Acceptance, Deep Self Love and Inner Freedom 

Trauma-informed, transformational, virtual 1:1 support

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We all need support on our journey to wholeness...

You were born to be free...

To feel deeply connected and at home in your body, to feel deep ease and peace in your being and to have access to the wellspring of pleasure and aliveness that is all around!

You're worthy of experiencing thriving relationships, epic sex, nourishing support and a life that offers you true peace and contentment. 

I know in my heart that love is at the core of all things, that love is our nature and when we strip back all the conditioning, traumas, shame and limiting beliefs we have inherited then we can live a deeply embodied, empowered and authentic life that expresses the love in our hearts and the wisdom of our spirits. 

¬†‚ÄėEmbodied Liberation‚Äô is the state of being totally in love and intimate with reality, awakened to your inner truth and free from all the stories and apparent limitations set on you from society- while being deeply grounded in reality, your body and in life.

It is a heart centered path, coming home to your truth and to your body so you can live a vibrant, confident and free life. One that is authentic to you as a unique individual and not based on any false ideals of what an empowered man/woman/being is or should look like. 

This is the goal of the Tantric path, as well as being a result of healing and integration. We come into inner peace with what is and we are able to express our truth, to feel the freedom of our full consciousness and to have the love, intimacy and relationships that support our thriving. 

I'm here to guide and support you on your awakening journey.

To be a loving mirror to you in your processes and self discovery, and to provide accountability to you on your journey.

Here are some topics I commonly work with people on as we go on this journey together. 

  • Experience deeper self compassion, acceptance and love

  • Feel more aliveness, vitality and passion in your life- activating the ecstatic potential of your inner being

  • Reconnect to your body, tuning into it‚Äôs wisdom and it‚Äôs ability to self heal and regulate through somatic intelligence

  • Recognise unconscious patterns and liberate yourself from them (Shadow Work)

  • Heal attachment wounding, fears and stories around intimacy and relationships so you can find the love you crave

  • Awaken to your authentic, divine self and move beyond dualistic experiences through nondual awakening meditation and practice

  • Explore the sacred and profound power of your sexuality, learning sexual yoga techniques and rituals to feel more and repattern your sexuality in alignment with your true nature

  • Learn emotional intelligence tools to digest and express emotions in a healthy way

  • Awaken your Kundalini (life-force) power and learn to channel and explore this energy

  • Free yourself from believing your thoughts, and instead use them as tools. (Working with Vikalpas and inquiry processes)

  • Release shame around your sexuality, personality and desires

  • Learn self-regulation to find more peace and ease in your life and to help integrate trauma.

  • Fall in love with life as it is!

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Where Spirituality Meets Science...

I work with a variety of methodologies, bringing together the ancient wisdom of Tantric Yoga and embodied Nondual spiritual paths with modern somatic and embodied therapeutic processes and a deep understanding of the nervous system and trauma. This is a truly holistic approach working with mind, body and soul to transform your internal and external reality.

Utilizing evidence-based somatic body-mind therapeutic techniques that embrace both neuroscience, psychotherapy and spiritual wisdom, my clients learn to accept themselves with loving compassion, bring consciousness to the unconscious and heal emotional wounding at the root. 

You will learn to communicate with your inner parts and understand them, love them and create new empowered choices from the integration and acceptance of all of your being. 

This process incorporates both a 'Top Down' intellectual understanding of the issues you are facing and the patterns playing out in your life, as well as the 'Bottom up' somatic approach of releasing and healing from the body and the primal brain. 

You will combine these powerful processes with the power or ritual, meditation, energy body work, ecstatic trance states and sacred sexuality practices that harness your divine nature and the mysterious realms of the divine. 

This combination is a grounded approach to spirituality that embraces both the modern and the ancient, and how they both compliment each other. 

My work combines my many years of both professional and personal exploration on topics related to love, sex, spirit and awakening. 

I studied the VITA (Vital, Integrated, Tantric Approach) coaching method a the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, studying over 720 hours in my training, along with countless client hours, practicums, extra learning, workshops, courses and my own practice. I've been coaching professionally since 2019 so have years of experience.

I majored in Tantric Sexuality and Relationship Transformation, focusing on sacred sexuality, awakened relationships and nonduality.

‚Äč"Sex, love and relationship coaching is partnering with a client in a loving, compassionate and supportive way to create a conscious container for transformation that results in greater self-love, integration and self-realization while staying focused on the client achieving their goals and desires in alignment with the truth of their original essence" - Layla Martin's definition of her VITA coaching system.¬†

Further Training...

  • Yoga, meditation and pranayama teacher training
  • Somatic Shadow work facilitator training (lvl 1)
  • Psychodynamic constellations facilitator training
  • Awakened Body Somatic practitioner training
  • Awakened Leadership training
  • Authentic Relating lvl 1¬†& 2
  • Authentic Leadership training
  • Tantric Breathwork facilitator training
  • Creating safer spaces Trauma Awareness for Facilitators training

Besides my extensive coaching training, I also am a certified Yoga/meditation/pranayama teacher and am currently studying Nondual Shaiva Tantra at the Tantra Illuminated since 2020 years, and have completed extra training in trauma awareness for facilitators, Shadow work, applied Jungian practices, attachment theory, numerous breathwork trainings, Authentic relating, consent and sexuality trainings and I have 10 years of experience in the adult industry.

I've been working 1 to 1 with people from all over the world and having countless discussions around sex, intimacy and relationships. My life is dedicated to all things liberation, intimacy and healing and I am always learning and expanding my knowledge, as well as living what I teach.

Embodiment Practices


Liberate and empower through the body! This is the 'Shakti' aspect of the work, focusing on energy and the body.

Working with Somatic (body based) processes, we dive deep into the primal brain and re-wire our nervous systems to release trapped emotions, tension and trauma from deep within the unconscious.

Sessions generally include some kind of embodiment practice so that you are not only engaging the rational mind, but all aspects of the psyche and body.

This includes things like Breathwork, Movement, Dance, Emotional expression, Tantric Practices, Sacred Sexuality rituals etc. 

We honour the bodies intelligence and natural ability to heal and transform when we allow our minds to get out of the way, and build resilliance through energy body work. 

Desire Mapping + Integration


The 'Coaching' aspect of my methodology is about being desire and future focused so that you have a direction to move towards in your journey to self actualisation and awakening.

In our sessions we explore your authentic desires (and challenge conditioned ones), your passions and where you feel called to be in life. We honour desire as a vital part of our being and a connection to the greater pattern of evolution, and how we are pulled to contribute to life and the world. We aim to dive deeper than conditioned desire and access 'Pratibha', our deep intuition and knowing.

Through reclaiming desire we start to explore what subconscious resistances are in our way and work to liberate any shame, conditioning and judgments that are preventing us from living the life we desire. 

We honour and respect desire as a form of consciousness expanding and expressing through the world and aim to align our desire with the greater pattern of reality.

Shadow Work + Internal Alchemy


The 'Shadow' is another word for the unconscious- anything we are not aware of in our conscious mind. 
These unconscious aspects of the self often can play out in our lives through patterns, judgments, complexes and self sabotage. 

Shadow work is the process of bringing these unconscious aspect to the 'light' of awareness so they can be integrated into our lives and no longer 'rule' us. 

Our shadow can sometimes be our romantic side, our vulnerable side, our lust, our power... by acknowledging and welcoming all parts of us we are able to live more fully in the world and more consciously. 

This is essential for our path towards wholeness and integration- that we own our full spectrum self and bring loving awareness to all of our parts so they don't come our in unconscious or harmful behaviors. 

In the Tantric sense, this is a form of 'Shakta Upaya' or dissolving Vikaplas as well as Samskaras ('Stories' and traumas)

Awareness + Awakening


Tantra is a path of NonDual awakening, and cultivating a deep awareness and conscious inner connection is important for self reflection and a deep connection with reality, with life and with the all pervasive love available to you at all times.

This is the 'Shiva' aspect of the work, focusing on consciousness and expanding our awareness so that we can expand beyond the limited self.

In our work we will utilise various meditation, inquiry and mind-body practices for creating deep self awareness and connection to source, as well as gently dissolving ego structures that keep us suffering.

This connection to unity consciousness is the deepest healing tool we have, and provides a grounding in the totality of what we are. 

The power of Eros...

Eros is our creative life-force, it is the energy that creates life, draws us to connection and drives our will to live. It is connected and part of Kundalini Shakti, the energy that runs through our body and fuels our awakening- The ecstatic current.

Living in a sex-negative and traumatized world, we have all kinds of limiting beliefs and programming that creates suffering, self hatred and dis-integration of the psyche. Most of us have grown up with various forms of trauma and separation of self, shame and judgments, especially around sex, love and relationships. Unfortunately, we all have work to do in this area because it's deeply embedded in our cultures. 

I am here to support people to free themselves from the shackles of the conditioning, shame and trauma that stops us living as full expressions of love in the world. 

We work with Eros, desire and pleasure because Eros is the gateway to your power; and is often one of our most closed-off and traumatised spaces in our lives. Reclaiming our erotic power will make radical changes in all aspects of our life. 

I work holistically with sexuality and I don't work with specific issues such as 'I want to have an orgasm' or 'I want to fix my premature ejaculation'. This would be more suited for a specialised coach. 

We may just work somatically or through conversations and processes around themes with sexuality, or we may do embodied practices and rituals together to help you liberate this area. 

Spirituality, Liberation and Awakening


My students know me for my grounded approach to spirituality which is free from a lot of New-Age fluff, bypassing and problematic elements. My approaches are based on timeless spiritual wisdom which is non-dogmatic and encouraging you to explore and experiement for yourself, not simply adopt new beliefs and let go of your discernment. 

I work with 'Direct Realisation' traditions that emphasize your direct experience of 'the Divine' (god, source, the sacred... whatever you want to call it) and I focus on practical, applied spiritual practice that gets to 'the point' and supports you to live a more content, empowered, peaceful, joyful life with less suffering and more love.

Incorporating the philosophy of NonDual Tantra with modern-life approaches, I aim to support people in recognizing the way our wellbeing is deeply tied to our environment, systems of oppression and marginalization and other factors like diet, family and more, to see how we are intimately connected to the whole and then exploring how we can shift our perspective and our daily choices to come into thriving, wholeness and wellbeing. 

From my clients...


I have undertaken a variety of self-development and inner work practices and this was by far the most transformative.

The practices, compassion and acceptance that you gave to me allowed me to find the strength and courage within me to face some of my most painful wounds.

The transformation in this process was far larger and faster than I expected! Within a few sessions I found with ease my ability to set and hold boundaries, to hold space for myself and my fears, anger, doubt and pain in love, to care for my inner child, to find the wisdom and support I needed from within myself and to break free of the conditioning that held me back from experiencing my full potential. Through our journey together, I finally feel safe, I feel secure and I feel free to express myself in ways that I could never have imagined. You have inspired me and given me the tools to maintain a regular, daily, practice that continues to allow me to heal and transform, allowing me to release and let go of what no longer serves me and to actively acknowledge that I am perfect as I am.



You were born to Thrive

My preference is to work with people over a period of time so we can really get to know each other, I can support you through various waves of experience in your life and take a journey together! I've been grateful to have clients who I see over years, and this has the most profound impact. This is why generally I encourage a 3 month minimum signup, ideally committing to 6 months together. 

Through a series of processes and practices, we awaken your passion and truth, peel away layers of conditioning, shame and guilt that hold you back and integrate your unconscious with your conscious so you can come back to wholeness.

Through this journey we move from surviving to THRIVING- exploring what it means for YOU to thrive, what support you need to get there and providing the tools and encouragement you need to take control of you journey.

This is a process of liberation from cultural programming, reclamation of your authentic self and integration of the body-mind for rapid personal transformation.


Some of the tools and practices we may use over the course of your journey are...

  • Tantric practices to awaken your energy body and connect to your divine nature

  • Aspecting/Gestalt- style processes

  • Breathwork

  • Inner child processes

  • Re-parenting

  • Parts work

  • Emotional alchemy

  • Shadow work

  • Sacred sexuality practices

  • Embodied inquiry

  • Manifestation/sex magic

  • Journalling practices

  • Ritual

  • Desire mapping

  • Boundaries work

How much does it cost?


Pricing depends on how long you are committing to, how many sessions per month and your income level, as I work with sliding scale to make my prices equitable. 

Also, pricing can depend if you want custom audios to practice between sessions, the ability to message me between sessions and recordings of your sessions.


Here is an example which would include you having a client portal and communication between sessions. The lower pricing would be for people with a low yearly income, single parents, people with disability and those in financial hardship. The mid price would be suited for most working people. The higher end would be for people who own property/land, have inheritance or savings or a well paid job.


Monthly pricing (minimum 1 month commitment) 

2x 90 minutes sessions- ‚ā¨400-700

3x 60 minutes- ‚ā¨450-800


3 month package (upfront payment)

2x 90 min x 3 months ‚ā¨1100-2000

3x 60 min x 3 months ‚ā¨1250-2200¬†


Consultation Call

Our first call costs ‚ā¨100. On this call we'll have a drop-in meditation together, hear about what you're working through in your life right now, discuss a plan and what is needed and perhaps work a little somatically to get to the core need, desire and longing. We then can decide if it's a fit to continue working together.¬†

 Want to get to know me more before deciding? I have a whole range of free podcast episodes, videos, blogs and posts you can check out to see if we feel aligned... or try one of my online courses!


Out of your budget?

I recommend starting with my online courses and getting a transmission of my work for a much more affordable price!


More testimonials from beautiful souls who have undertaken the journey with me…


Working with Luna was really a life changing experience. Growing up as a male individual in this macho and insensitive world was for me always a hard and traumatic experience that made it difficult to relate with myself and others without having to take part in these awful gender roleplay.

Working with her helped me a lot to get rid of unnecessary blockages and archaic personality constructions, and be more free and more myself. It helped me relate with life, myself and others in a more personal way, without fear and following my own compass on what I want and who I want to be. Now I'm expecting my First son and I know that having worked with her was a great step towards being the Father I would like to be and making sure I can help my son be himself and as free as possible without traumatizing him with expectations form culture and society that are there just to limit us and make us into a type of person that the system needs but has nothing to do with the personal path to happiness.


Luna is an absolutely amazing genuine person who has the rare ability to read and manage peoples higher emotional states whilst simultaneously providing professional help.

Even one session with her can lead to a positive change in your life if you are wanting to heal, explore parts of yourself you may not be able to do alone. She is not only professional but personable in all aspects of her life which is a must for any form of healing process with a patient / client relationship.

I highly recommend her to assist you with any form of issues that you may be dealing with. Words cannot describe how much she has helped me, it transcends above and beyond anything I have experienced before in a therapeutic arrangement


 Luna holds a very safe and non-judgemental space for all genders / sexualities and lifestyles, has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from, and really takes the time to get to know you so the coaching is planned around your individual needs.

In one session we focused on communication techniques that instantly improved my ability to hold space and deescalate ongoing issues that arose with my partner, even though he didn't participate in the coaching. We also did some inner child work, breath work, and finished off with a sexy guided yoni/lingam couples massage (which I highly recommend!).


My favourite part of the coaching was knowing that I had someone who could hold me accountable and support me through this journey.

I have undertaken a variety of self-development and inner work practices and this was by far the most transformative. I have often struggled with giving myself the permission to go deeper and to heal. The practices, compassion and acceptance that Luna gave to me allowed me to find the strength and courage within me to face some of my most painful wounds.