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Conscious Weddings, commitment ceremonies,  devotional ritual creation and support

Your celebration should be as unique as your love- get professional support to plan this special experience and deepen this rite of passage!

Queer friendly, Poly-Friendly and totally customizable care

One-of-a-kind conscious weddings, commitment rituals and ceremonies 

If you're on the path of devotional, committed love and you're wanting to celebrate your love through a ceremony, you'll find yourself on quite the journey!

Marriage is considered one of the major life milestones, and not only is it a big task to plan, organize and create the 'big day' itself... the rite of passage into committed relationship is also a deeply emotional transformational process. 

Your relationship and love is so unique- and your celebration can be as unique as you are and a true expression of your love together! Most people have generic, cookie-cutter weddings that lack the personal depth and meaning that this ritual can hold.

If you're wanting to create something special and personally meaningful, I can support you on this journey- from ritual design to mood boards and inspiration, speeches and processes to take this journey deeper. 

Conscious, Tantric and Unique 



I've been a Tantric Yogini for many years, so the Tantric path is a big inspiration for my work. While traditionally in the Tantric lineages there are no specific wedding rituals (according to my teacher who is a scholar of the tradition), we made our wedding 'Tantric' in spirit by incorporating symbolic colours, ritual elements, the senses, the bindus and other elements into our wedding. 

If you're not into Tantra but want to incorporate your spirituality, more consciousness and intentionality into your planning, we can create a ceremony that is deeply meaningful and symbolic to you and your path together and individually.

I also love to work with other people who are challenging societal norms through poly or non-monogamous weddings and rituals, or looking for ways to have the same level of devotion, commitment and meaning without the typical structures and symbolism designed for heteronormative, patriarchal, monogamous marriage. 

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I create custom packages for couples depending on their needs, desires and budgets

  • Ceremony/ritual design- planning the flow of the ceremony and the ritual elements you want to use
  • Mood board and event creation
  • Pre-wedding rituals and experiences to help you drop in to the experience
  • Emotional support and coaching around topics arising in relation to your wedding
  • Non-traditional commitment ritual planning for poly/enm groups
  • being the ceremony guide and event organiser at the wedding/ceremony¬†
  • conscious 'hens' and 'stags' alternatives
  • post-wedding integration and rituals

I'm also open to hearing what else you may need related to this and seeing if I can offer it or if it's something we can collaborate with another pro about. 

Ideally we work together over 6 months or a year with the whole journey from the initial engagement celebration, moving through your desires and needs for the wedding, supporting you on whatever arises as you move towards this threshold together and integrating after the wedding. 

Our Wedding

Here you can see some highlights from my own wedding with my beloved, which included some traditional games and ceremonies from our cultures as well as unique rituals inspired by our Tantric spiritual path and our devotional commitment together. 

This was a 'low budget' wedding with almost everything borrowed and supported by our amazing friends and family. Our aim was to find the balance of having our 'woowoo' spiritual desires met while integrating with more conservative family members, wanting to create something accessible and digestible for people who are not themselves in our spiritual world, so they can enjoy and celebrate with us! 

We had our own private rituals leading up to the wedding, and a friends-only day after the wedding to celebrate in style. 

We feel the wedding was in total a 6 month + journey and not just about 'the big day' itself but our whole transition into this new form of relationship.


My professional background...

I've been creating events since I was young (my first was an underage rave when I was 17!) and I got more into managing events through by first business 'TrashDolls' hosting parties with bands, DJs, performers and experiences. I later moved to Berlin and ran sex-positive parties and events, including huge multi-room fantasy fetish parties at 'Insomnia' and conscious sexuality multi-day events. After that I started Sensual Artistry and began running retreats and events around the world. I have a lot of experience managing and organising creative events from small workshops to multi-day festival style events. 

I also am a coach and mentor, with many years experience guiding individuals and couples as they move through challenges to come into their full, authentic expression. 

I work with a variety of methodologies, bringing together the ancient wisdom of Tantric Yoga and embodied Nondual spiritual paths with modern somatic and embodied therapeutic processes and a deep understanding of the nervous system and trauma. This is a truly holistic approach working with mind, body and soul to transform your internal and external reality.


The combination of my event management skills, ritual creation and guidance and coaching/mentoring training gives me a combination of skills ideal to support others through creating their unique Sacred Union ceremony. 

Packages designed for you...

I'm available for a variety of options- from as little as 3 individual sessions to bounce ideas and get inspired, to 6-12 month packages with a lot of support for your journey.

Depending on location and budget, I can also be available to travel and host your ceremony live. Currently I'm living in Thailand but travelling is an option. 

Please book in a consultation call to get started discussing your vision! Even if it's not a match, I aim in the call to give you a starting point and some inspiration for your journey. 

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Testimonials from beautiful souls who have worked with me…


Doing the sessions with Luna was an eye opening experience for me. It helped me unite many different concepts and activities, like Meditation, breathing exercises, guided introspection and visualization, etc, into one personal way to communicate with my inside universe and the Kosmos outside. I connected with very deep and very strong aspects of myself that were before shadowed or negated, bringing to me a lot of peace, self understanding and tools to deal with myself and with the world in everyday life.


I managed to connect with long time repressed and denied aspects of myself that were yearning to come out. Now I pay a lot of attention to my female aspects, for example, or to the defenses mechanisms that my persona uses to protect me and that were before perceived as blockages instead of mechanisms


Luna is an absolutely amazing genuine person who has the rare ability to read and manage peoples higher emotional states whilst simultaneously providing professional help.

Even one session with her can lead to a positive change in your life if you are wanting to heal, explore parts of yourself you may not be able to do alone. She is not only professional but personable in all aspects of her life which is a must for any form of healing process with a patient / client relationship.

I highly recommend her to assist you with any form of issues that you may be dealing with. Words cannot describe how much she has helped me, it transcends above and beyond anything I have experienced before in a therapeutic arrangement


I have often struggled with giving myself the permission to go deeper and to heal. The practices, compassion and acceptance that you gave to me allowed me to find the strength and courage within me to face some of my most painful wounds. The transformation in this process was far larger and faster than I expected! Within a few sessions I found with ease my ability to set and hold boundaries, to hold space for myself and my fears, anger, doubt and pain in love, to care for my inner child, to find the wisdom and support I needed from within myself and to break free of the conditioning that held me back from experiencing my full potential. In the past, I have found it triggering to drop into my body and to pay attention to my body and my desires because I have found it overwhelming and very frightening but through our journey together, I finally feel safe, I feel secure and I feel free to express myself in ways that I could never have imagined. You have inspired me and given me the tools to maintain a regular, daily, practice that continues to allow me to heal and transform, allowing me to release and let go of what no longer serves me and to actively acknowledge that I am perfect as I am.


Wow, this journey really opened me up to a whole new layer of my sexuality and my power.

I was able to finally let go of a lot of shame I kept with me since a teenager and to reconnect with my pussy. I had my first full body orgasm which I didn't think was possible for me. I feel so much more alive in my body than I ever have, after years of numbness I was starting to think I was broken but it is all finally shifting. 

I loved learning sex magic and I'm going to use it so much more in my life now!

It was so worth every cent, my sexlife is totally transformed now!

Thank you Luna!

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