Tantric Arts Retreat



Perth Hills, 

November 26-29, 2021

Join us for an immersion into the art of tantra-  The path of liberation, awakening and ecstasy

This retreat is for those who want to experience more from life- more depth, more intimacy, more love, more connection. Tantra is for those ready to let go of shame and fear and surrender into the bliss of deep love with all of life.

There is more to life than what you've know! There are practices and tools to help you to really love your whole self and experience the kind of intimacy that your soul deeply craves. Our intention for this retreat is to awaken you into a deep truth within yourself and equip you with knowledge and practices that will transform your life and help you experience more bliss, love and joy! 

During this 4 day retreat we will explore where traditional Nondual Tantra meets modern NeoTantra, for a powerful, playful and potent deep dive. You will have a chance to explore this transformative spiritual path while enjoying beautiful nature, a loving, heart-centered community and delicious food!

What an amazing experience at the Bliss Sanctuary with Luna and the team for the Tantra retreat.

Luna & Tristan are both very down to earth, inclusive and passionate about the information they provide. The workshops were well structured and the vegan catering was amazing! Would highly recommend!


 Retreat Highlights


ॐ Expert facilitation from experienced teachers and space holders


ॐ Incredible, totally private nature setting where you can frolic and unwind


ॐ A balance of embodiment practices, meditations, rituals and play for a mind/body/soul approach


ॐ Nurturing and rejuvinating time away from your daily grind to experience transformation and upgrades


ॐ Exploring and connect with beautiful community of heart-centred people


ॐ 5 star food catered for the whole journey by Joel Camp + Cacao ceremony


ॐ Spacious schedule for both connecting and relaxing


ॐ Luxurious spa to relax in and a natural dam to swim and play
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What we will explore...

Solo Tantra

"Life has created a form by which it may know itself, and that form is you"
How would it feel to be totally in love with your body, totally trusting of your innate wisdom and Truth... and experiencing blissful, ecstatic states through this amazing vessel of life force you inhabit?

For the first 2 days, the focus is on our relationship to ourselves, getting intimate with our hearts, our bodies and our emotions. You will get to learn about Tantra, embodiment practices, self-worship and the energy body, inviting you to experience the divine through your senses and through your body.


Tantric Relating

"Through your eyes I see myself, and I know the separation between us is but an illusion..."

From Sunday on, we explore connection and presence with others, exploring how we can really see one another and be deeply seen and felt on a heart-and-soul level. We'll dive into conscious communication, intimacy tools and explore how we can move energy with others, as well as some group rituals. We explore our own divinity through others, our interconnectedness and non-duality through intimacy.

If you come with a partner you can work with them for all the partnered practices, or you can explore practices with others and connect with the community.

Who is this for?


  • Singles, Couples and those in between
  • All genders, sexualities and expressions welcome
  • Open minded and open hearted humans
  • Those wanting to explore the mystery and the unknown
  • Those ready to awaken to new realms of possibility in their life and relationships

This retreat is suitable for both singles and couples who are ready to experience deeper love, connection and community. 

As with all Sensual Artistry events, it is Queer, poly, SW and kink friendly. We do not pair people up according to gender and avoid using heteronormative terms. 

Most of the location is accessible by wheelchair except the dam. If you have special needs please let us know in your application. 

This is for those who are curious to explore the unknown, who come with open minds and open hearts.

It is recommended that you have some experience with things like yoga and meditation before the retreat, you will get the most out of it with some basic foundations before attending. If you have no experience and want to join please let me know and I can recommend you some free resources to try before the retreat starts.


Who this is not for:

  • People who think Tantra is just about sex and only want sexual practices
  • People who are not ok with with non-sexual nudity
  • People who want to stay in their patterns of unhappiness, boredom and complaints 
  • Those who are unable to understand consent and clear communication
Full body YES... let's do this!

Your Facilitators for this Journey

Luna Agneya

Organizer and lead facilitator

Sensual Artistry and the Sensual Arts School ( www.sensualarts.school )

Perth born and word travelling nomad, Luna has been working between the sex positive and the spiritual communities for over 10 years, and facilitating and event hosting for 8 years. Luna has studied and practices yoga, tantra, meditations, breathwork and all kinds of spiritual healing modalities over the years, getting certified as a Yoga, meditation and pranayama instructor in 2016 and graduating as an Tantric sexuality and relationship coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality in 2020.

She studies classical Nondual Shaiva Tantra with Christopher Wallis the Tantrika Institute (2+ yrs), as well as studying nonduality, spirituality and awakening with teachers from around the world to get a varied and holistic perspective. 

Luna also has completed a Trauma Awareness for Facilitators course and has a passion for psychology, shadow work, Integrated and holistic healing modalities and mystery school teachings. 

More about me

Tristen Tan

Co-facilitator and Assistant 

Tristen discovered the bliss of tantra a few years ago and has been exploring its depths solo and with partners ever since. He has spent many days in containers practicing tantric arts which have given him an abundant appreciation for the vast pleasure, deep connection and lasting peace that it can bring. He brings plenty of exuberance, lots of care and tonnes of love with him wherever he goes and is excited to share it with you on this journey together.

Michelle Passmore

Co-Facilitator and Assistant

Michelle is a grounded, juicy and reverent weaver of sacred space. Devotee of somatic integration, wild liberation and pleasure based healing pathways, she values transformation and safety, compassion and fierce commitment alike. She is a somatic sexuality & love coach and practicing Chiropractor. A journey with Michelle will always be grounded in the nervous system with plenty of space for freedom to participate to your edge and be held exactly where you are.

Embodiment,  Awakening and Intimacy

Tantra has roots in what is known as modern Yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism... but the thing that sets Tantra apart from other spiritual paths is that it embraces the body as an expression of the divine, and embraces relationships as a portal to awakening. 

With intentionality, mindfulness, ritual and embodiment tools we can bring our spirituality into all aspects of our lives, not just for the yoga mat/meditation cushion. 

Tantra teaches us practical ways to lead a more heart-based life, living from truth, compassion and connection rather than separation, fear and protection. We can awaken our full potential and love without limits, learning to trust life and ourselves.

We learn to let go of our stories, our conditioning and our shame. We learn to come into the heart and express our truth. We learn how to find deep power in our vulnerability and find deep spiritual connection through our sensuality. 

The Retreat

Here is the basic layout for the journey.


10am-12pm Arrival & camp setup

Introductions, icebreakers and agreements

Intro to Tantra

Opening Ritual



Morning practice

Solo Tantra meditations, ecstatic breathwork and energy exploration

Emotional alchemy, inquiry and empowerment

Evening Self Worship and chakra energy play ritual



Tandava void dancing practice

Conscious Communication and Intimacy

Neo-Tantra - Energy play and embodied connection

Cacao Ceremony

Sensual Temple space and ritual


Morning practice

Final empowerment and liberation ritual 

Group Sharing

Integration practice

3pm Pack down and farewells

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Safety and Trauma-Awareness

We are passionate about trauma-informed spaces, especially when working with sexuality and intimacy!

You are encouraged to express your boundaries and to check in with yourself for each practice, and you can always watch and not participate if you need to!

We are all about it being a full 'fuck yes' or it's a no! We will never force people to partner with someone they aren't comfortable or participate in a practice they don't feel right for.

We are here to provide as safe a space as possible for people to explore their desires, their edges and their inner world.

If you are someone with severe PTSD or mental health issues, please reach out before buying a ticket to be sure the retreat is appropriate for you. Please be aware that some parts of the weekend people may desire to be nude or partially nude, including in the dam and spa, you will never have to get naked if you don't want to but should be OK with other people's natural expression.


By Joel Camp.

Herbal Alchemist + Kitchen wizard.

We want you to feel nourished on every level during this weekend, so we have Joel Camp joining us to nourish our bellies and bodies with his amazing vegan cooking. 

Nature has an incredible way of healing. From the plants, stones + fungi that have been used as medicines for centuries to the foods that nourish us. Over this weekend Joel will be sharing his passion for the plant kingdom through the ritualistic preparation of nourishing meals designed to feed the body, mind, heart + soul

 Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is a heart opening and energising plant medicine that opens the heart and enlivens the body. We will have a cacao ceremony on the final night to give an extra boost and power to our final play. 

The Location

Just 45 minutes from Perth in the beautiful and serene Kalamunda area, we have a beautiful private piece of land with blooming and alive nature all around. With a beautiful swimmable dam and lots of shaded spaces for camping, it's a lovely space to get away!

Indoor and outdoor showers, toilets and all the comforts you need.

We will also hire a hot tub for the retreat, so there will be nice warm bubbles to relax in during breaks and evenings.

Bring a tent, swag or campervan and get settled in for a lovely sleep in the serene nature. 

Come Alone or Bring a Partner!

You are welcome to come to this retreat as a solo guest or with a partner. People who wish to just work with the partner they came with are welcome to do so! And those who come alone can have an opportunity to meet lovely new people and explore to whatever level they are comfortable with.


Sensual Artistry events are always a queer friendly (kink friendly, SW friendly, poly friendly), inclusive space for people of all gender expressions and sexualities. We do not pair people up according to gender and avoid using heteronormative terms. 

The Pricing Options

Tickets include full catering of meals (vegan, GF options), camping accommodation and entire retreat experience!

EARLYBIRD PRICE- $720 PP (Until Oct 25)
DEPOSIT- $300 to reserve your place and pay the rest later. 

Fill out this form to apply to attend and if your application is successful we will send you details for payment.


If you pick the deposit option, you can make the final payment any time before the retreat starts, either by bank transfer or bringing cash.






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