Discover the path of Radical Freedom


Tantric Arts Retreat 






JULY 26-29

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a 4-day immersion into the art of tantra

The path of Liberation, Awakening and Ecstasy

What is it to be truly free, to be totally intimate with life...

...To know yourself beyond your limited ego?

How do we learn to be present with all that life gifts to us, and awaken to the aliveness pulsating through this existence in each and every moment?

Join us for a deep dive into Tantra as we guide you on a journey of self-discovery, embodiment, liberation and awakening. 

The Tantrikas are the wild, crazy mystics- the ones who practice to be radically free and in love with this existence, totally open, awakened and surrendered to life while deeply embodied in the moment.


It's the path of the heart.

It's the path of the ecstatic.

It's the path of radical freedom.


As we walk the Tantric path of awakening we let go of layers of shame and fear, to live with devotion and surrender to the bliss of deep love with all of life, with the intention of realising embodied liberation and awakening in this very lifetime.

It's a path of empowerment as well as of devotion. Of finding the mystical in the mundane, the sacred in the profane and the interconnectedness of all life.  

Are you ready to awaken to the deepest layers of yourself, to transform your relationship to life, to your body and to the unknown?

Join our experienced team who have journeyed deep on the path for years, who have extensive experience holding transformational retreats and spaces for liberation and healing.




And we'll be held by the beautiful, lush and magical island of KOH PHANGAN, also known as 'Tantra Island'

Be part of a community of seekers as we strip away all that doesn't serve us on our path to inner truth and awakening

This is not your typical modern Tantra retreat... 


The Tantric Arts Retreat is for those who want to experience a deeper intimacy with life itself, becoming passionately in love with the moment, with the divine and with this beautiful earth we call home. 

During this 7-day immersion, we will explore the intersection of traditional Non-dual Kaula Tantric Yoga and modern embodiment and somatic work, for a powerful and potent transformational exploration. We'll look at ancient wisdom and practice through a modern lens to make the practices accessible and relevant to your spiritual journey. 

With somatic practices designed to help you reconnect with your body, cultivate self-love, and release tension or trauma stored within, you will learn to listen deeply to your body's wisdom and help you dissolve false identities and limitations that prevent you from embodying the love that you are. 

We'll dive into shadow work, Tantrik Yoga techniques, rituals and celebrations designed to take you on a transformational journey and give you a transmission of this spiritual path that goes beyond what you will find in your usual neo-tantra workshop. 

This retreat is for those who are ready to go DEEP. Those ready to commit to a process that will change their life.

Looking for NeoTantra and exploring your relationships?


Check out the Sensual Arts Retreat, our other offering which is focused on this side of Tantra! That retreat will give you all the heart-expanding, relationship-healing goodness that you desire. 



"Somehow I always had resistance towards Tantra as I used to perceive it as hedonistic and kinda only pleasure-seeking kinda practice, what I lived during the retreat is something completely else- Diving into deep and triggering topic as death, power, shame, desire, communication and connection with self and others while being guided and supported by a cast of really skilful, loving and dedicated facilitators.

You can feel that their words and guidance is filled with experience and love, they also are on the path and keep diving into it as well.

The tools and experiences I gathered during those few days are still part of me and really impacted my everyday life as well my own practices. I will definitely join for another dive when I can."





"The retreat was just what I needed at that moment in time.

It helped me to focus on myself, to bring awareness to my body and emotions during a difficult part of my life. It helped me to grow and to feel my strength. Thanks for that!

Most amazing was the broad variety of activities and topics, that got covered during these days. It felt a bit like an adventurous Journey, always discovering something new... about me, about others, about life."



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