Learn Tantra and the Sensual Arts on Koh Phangan

tantra Jun 18, 2024

Earlier this year, my husband Triss and I decided to move to tropical paradise and set up a school here!

Koh Phangan is often called Tantra Island and is known as being a spiritual hub with countless workshops and experiences for those looking to explore their inner and outer world. 

When I first came to the island just before the pandemic hit in 2020, I fell in love. I had a strong feeling of rightness to move here, and had a profound awakening experience with my teacher Christopher Wallis on retreat. It would take me 4 more years to finally say yes to the island, but here we are!

I've been teaching sacred sexuality, Tantra, conscious intimacy and embodiment all over the world for many, many years. Running events for over 12 years, conscious sexuality events for more than 8 years and running under Sensual Artistry for almost 6 years now. I've always longed to settle down somewhere and have a sanctuary for this work- somewhere I can build community and offer lots of beautiful events where people can come learn, connect with others and experience more of life. 

We decided it was best to create a new name for our in-person work, as over the years we've stepped away from focusing on purely Sensuality and Sacred Sexuality, into a bit more of a holistic space for love and liberation. So the Liberating Love Collective (LiLoCo for short!) has been born!

Check out the Liberating Love Collective website!

We're currently at Sati Yoga in Srithanu, Koh Phangan, offering workshops, retreats and trainings for the foreseeable future!

You can come explore Tantra, conscious relating, shadow work, meditation, somatics and so much more with us!

We're committed to creating an inclusive, trauma-informed and non-culty space where people can learn, grow and explore. This island has had its share of trauma over the years from abusive gurus and unconscious practitioners who have caused harm, and we've been asked by many people to come to teach here to offer an alternative that is grounded in authentic teachings, truly trauma-informed and inclusive. 


We have our first Tantra retreat coming up in July, we'd love to invite you to check it out!
The Tantric Arts Retreat, Koh Phangan

If you're coming to Thailand and looking to learn about Tantra, this is the event for you!

With a combination of traditional NonDual Tantra and modern NeoTantra, this retreat will invite you to open your heart, shed outdated conditioning and come into contact with your true, divine nature

The Tantric Arts Retreat

Sensual Artistry is a space for exploring the realms of pleasure, intimacy and spirituality through the Tantric Arts. 

Explore our workshops and events, take one of our online courses or get private coaching with Luna. There are lots of free resources, guides and inspiration for you to enjoy!

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