Liberate your Eros

Looking to expand and explore your sexuality?

Here are some offerings I have for people wanting to liberate their sexuality and bring more pleasure and power into their life. 

Your Sensuality is the gateway to your Divinity...

Eros Liberation

For your erotic awakening 
3 Tantric Pleasure Practices to assist in you feeling more pleasure, sensitivity and deep sensual liberation.


Sign up here to recieve 3 free guided Pleasure practices over the next 3 weeks. These practices are simple but can be incredibly deep and transformative. These are perfect for people wanting to explore conscious sexuality, Sacred self pleasure and fuel their erotic awakening!

These are all suitable for all genders.

-Liquid Sensuality pleasure practice for dropping into the Yin, watery essence of your being

-Self Worship Ritual to honour your body with reverence and love

-5 Senses Ritual for activating the senses that can be done alone or with a partner!



Tantric Pleasure practices for deep self love.

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Curious about Conscious Kink?


BDSM can be fun, healing, transformational, deep, freaky, artistic and all of the above at once!

Integrated Kink is a free e-book I released to share some of the knowledge and resources I have around safe, sane and sexy BDSM practices. 

This 42 page E-Book covers all different areas of kink, as well as communication tools and trauma/safety. 

I wanted to share this with the world because I'm passionate about helping people to explore their pleasure in the safest and most nourishing way possible.


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Sex Positive content

Check out my blog and my YouTube channel for more sex positive content, educational material and inspiration. 

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Dive Deeper!

Sacred Sexuality Coaching


Want to work with me to dive deep into your resistances, blockages and fears that block you from embodying your total erotic freedom?

I work 1:1 or 2:1 with couples who want to transform their sex lives and empower themselves to have deeply fulfilling and empowering sexualities.

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Online Courses


Head to the Sensual Arts School to check out our online courses and workshops for your erotic educational needs!

We have courses for singles and couples at a variety of pricepoints.

Learn Shibari, The Art of Tantric Kink,  Neo tantra, Shadow Work and more!

Sensual Arts School

Workshops, Retreats and Events


Join me for a live immersive event!

I host retreats, workshops, Temple Nights and events around the world. 

You can also find out more about my in-person private offerings here.

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