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Tantra is a path of embodied liberation, with the intention of you waking up to your fully expressed Truth within this lifetime. 

Free from Samskaras (traumas and emotional energy that trigger you), free from Vikalpas (Stories and mental constructs that bind you) and the ability to be fully here, fully now and fully in love with life. 

I'm passionate about the path of liberation and helping to provide the tools people need to free themselves of conditioning, shame and fear.

Tantric Liberation

Through the 5 layered self



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I'm a fully trained and certified Tantric coach, studying over 720 hours at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality to become a VITA (Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach) coach so that I can guide beautiful beings and couples from all walks of life into their essence, their truth and their vulnerability.

Along with this is am a certified Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama teacher and have studied trauma, psychology, shadow work, NonDual philosophy, communication, relationship therapy, consent and many other topics to ensure I'm able to give my clients and students not just my own lived experience but an interlectual understanding of the psyche, the process of awakening and the healing arts.


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Education, Inspiration and content

You can find inspiration, practices and education on the path of liberation through my blog, my youtube channel and my instagram.

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Tantric Coaching



Are you on the path of awakening and liberation/ Looking for some guidance and support?

I work with singles and couples who are looking to expand their consciousness, live their truth and awaken to their divine nature. 

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Online Courses


Head to the Sensual Arts School to check out our online courses and workshops for your erotic educational needs!

We have courses for singles and couples at a variety of pricepoints.

Learn Shibari, The Art of Tantric Kink,  Neo tantra, Shadow Work and more!


Workshops, Retreats and Events


Join me for a live immersive event!

I host retreats, workshops, Temple Nights and events around the world. 

You can also find out more about my in-person private offerings here.

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