E30 - What Happens at a Sensuality Retreat?

You've probably seen my events if you're following this podcast or on my site...

Maybe you're curious and thinking you might like to attend something some day- but you don't know what will happen and if it's the right space for you!

I decided to spend this episode sharing about what happens at these events and a little about my journey to start running the Sensual Arts Retreat so you can hear the story and get more of an idea of what to expect if you did decide to be bold and brave and book in to join us. 

In this episode I cover

  • How I got into running the sensual arts retreat after experimenting with conscious sexuality events through trial and error
  • Different types of sexuality events 
  • Why I, and many others, struggle at single-night sexuality events
  • Realizing you have trauma responses in sexuality spaces and why slowing down and having a longer time helps a lot
  • What happens in the multi-day events
  • Even if you're a great lover- how you can still get so much out of these events
  • Why invest your time, money and energy into attending an event like this
  • Prioritizing love and relationships
  • Healing shame around your sexuality in community spaces

If you're curious and you want to join us in Spain then you can read more and apply here- www.sensualartistry.com/the-sensual-arts-retreat