E39- In Sickness and in Health- Caretaking in Relationships with Luci Lampe

When lovers become caretakers-

Over the years, my guest Luci Lampe and I have both experienced firsthand how chronic illness and caretaker dynamics can amplify unhealthy patterns within relationships. We've both come face to face with the emotional and physical challenges it brings, but through it all, we've found ways to unravel the trauma and pain and navigate a path forward.

Luci and her partner Ryan's remarkable journey taught us how inner work, community support, and immersive environments can be transformative. By finding balance between offering and receiving care, they were able to facilitate their own healing and stay deeply connected in love through it all. They show us how trust and open communication can help relationships evolve, overcoming primal fears and embracing the transformative power of surrender.

Luci and Ryan's story is a testament to the power of unconditional love, setting healthy boundaries, and the importance of gratitude during adversity. They've shown us how to find solace and harmony through struggles, and how to trust in divine timing. As we explore their experiences, we hope you find strength, hope, and valuable insights to navigate difficulties in your own relationships, recognize the importance of support systems, and most importantly, how to find your own path to healing.


We discuss

  •  Navigating Chronic Illness and Caretaker Dynamics
  • Inner Work, Community Support, and Power
  • Practices for Healing and Receiving
  • Navigating Challenges and Gratitude in Relationships
  •  Trauma and Resilience in Relationships
  • The Importance of Surrender
  • Unconditional Love and Setting Boundaries
  • Navigating Difficulties in a Relationship

Connect with Luci Lampe- https://lucilampe.com/