Seduce your Shadow

We're all longing to feel real, deep and true self love...

Not the kind of self love that is just about saying affirmations in the mirror and bubble baths (when you really don't actually believe it and feel like a phony)...

The kind of self love that comes from real deep acceptance and embracing ALL of you- even your cute little patterns of self sabotage, your love for getting so overwhelmed that you burn out, your longing for drama... and all those bits you've been told to hate and fix. These patterns can actually be intelligence- ways your psyche is working to keep you safe and loved. We can learn from them as well as dissolve them as we find new ways to be in the world.

To fit in to our society we've all had to cut off bits of ourselves so that we can be safe and accepted, we've had to stifle our authentic expression so that we can survive and fit in, so that we can make a living and hopefully find love and friendships, even if they don't feel as genuine as we desire.

The results are truly MAGICAL when we integrate our unconscious and re-unite our lost selves- coming into wholeness, integration and deep self love.

The Tantric Approach to Shadow Work

The term 'Shadow Work' is best known from Jungian Psychotherapy, but techniques for integrating the unconscious and coming into wholeness have been around for thousands of years.

Shadow work is working with the unconscious and lost parts of ourselves that we may have ignored or rejected, but these parts are still there as part of our larger selves- and they're still impacting our lives, our relationships and our sexuality.

In this workshop we will explore the Tantric approch to shadow work for embodied awakening and liberation with a big dose of pleasure!


Free your mind and the rest will follow! Learn about how our thoughts, stories and judgments ('Vikalpas') can keep us in separation and suffering... and what you can do to liberate the mind while connecting with your body and regulating your nervous system and dissolving dualities.


Tantra is an embodied spiritual path, so in Tantric Shadow work we use embodiment processes- moving sexual energy, breath, sound, movement and other tools to free up the energy body, release trauma from the body and come into deep connection with our true nature.


Ritual engages our unconscious and primal aspects so it is a key componant of Tantric shadow integration work. Through intentional ritual spaces we can create deep transformation using symbology, action and intentional energy. 

All Sensual Artistry/Sensual Arts School offerings are LGBTQI+ inclusive, Poly/Kink/Disability friendly and Trauma informed. All genders, races and humans who long for liberation are welcome here.

In this magical, totally free workshop you will....

  • Learn about Tantric Shadow work
  • Explore 'Embodied Inquiry' to free your mind
  • Learn how you can make your shadow your lover, so you can worship the totality of your being for true self love
  • Be guided through a ritual to explore, alchemise and integrate a shadow piece

Join me for this 1 hour workshop where we will explore a simple yet powerful process to communicate with your unconscious and learn, accept and LOVE a part of you that you may have been rejecting or fighting against. This is a simple yet powerful process that you can use again and again to bring more integration, love and pleasure to your whole being.

FREE workshop and guided shadow ritual

Tantric Shadow Alchemy

+ Monday Nov 22, 10am AWST (For Americans/Canadians)

Replay sent out after the live if you can't make it!


Luna Agneya (She/ They) &

Luna is a Sensuality and Relating expert- teaching, coaching and creating events & immersions in the field on Sensuality and conscious connection for many years. 

A certified VITA Integrated Sex, Love and Relationship coach, Tantric Yogini, event manager and designer, Luna has fused together her many skills and passions into projects dedicated to the liberation of people through the erotic, through relationships and through the shadow work of kink and taboos. 

Luna runs retreats and events around the world and is the headmistress of the Sensual Arts School, an online school for Tantra and Sacred sexuality that is queer friendly and kink positive. @sensual.artistry @sensualartsschool

Erotic Shadow Work for Empowerment

Shadow Work is about making the unconscious, conscious, and integrating all of our being so that we can be whole, empowered and free!

And wow, do we tend to store a lot of our unconscious limitations and blockages in our sexuality. This makes our sexuality a powerful space to explore and dive into our inner truth, our identity and to go in and release repression and trauma...
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