Welcome to the hidden potential of your relationship...

  • You and your partner have created a relationship that fuels your spiritual growth and gives you the love, safety and expansion you have always dreamed of. 
  • Disagreements and misalignments create a space to connect even deeper, creating more intimacy and deeper self knowing.
  • Your sex life is a space of deep healing, connection to the divine and endless creativity and growth.
  • You've broken through the stories and limiting beliefs around love that you inherited, breaking the chains of intergenerational trauma and pain.
  • You've created a relationship container that is completely unique to you both- living by your own rules and desires, not what society has dictated a relationship should look like.

Sound like a fantasy? Or like a deep knowing this could be yours?

In this webinar you will learn about....

  • The power and clarity of intentional relating
  • What blocks us from true, deep, liberated love
  • The importance of conscious communication 
  • The greater potential for healing, expansion and joy in your sex life
  • How to work with our relationships shadows for integration and evolution
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Let us guess...

You have the same arguments and get triggered by seemingly silly things your partner does but you just don't know how to move through them.

You feel there is an imbalance in commitment in the relationship, one of you feels like they are doing all the work and showing up while the other is in resistance

You can talk or argue for hours about an issue but neither of you really feel understood and no resolution comes through, leaving you feeling disconnected and even shut down.

You've tried spicing up your sex life with workshops, toys, fantasy and other additions but you're still feeling like the sex is getting boring and you're trying too hard.

Sound familiar?

How would it feel to break through all of this and into deeper layers of love, commitment and hot, passionate eroticism?

Join us for this 1 hour free webinar where you’ll learn how to take your relationships to whole new levels- for growth, expansion and evolution.

What you’ll walk away with:

  • A clearer intention for evolving your relationship/s
  • Inspiration on how to liberate your love
  • Practical tools to improve your communication and deepen intimacy

At the end you'll be guided through a couples intimacy practice to explore some of the new tools you have learned and embody what you're learning.

This webinar is suitable for couples of all dynamics- whether exploring Monogamy or Ethical Non Monogamy, gay or straight. It is recommended to watch the webinar as a couple if possible, but if you're single you can still join and get a lot of useful information.

Free Relationship Transformation Webinar

Awakening Through Intimacy

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Hosted by Luna and Tristen

While they have only been in this particular relationship for 1.5yrs, both Luna and Tristen have been through the fires of love and relating, exploring the realms of Open relating, sacred sexuality and personal growth with intentionality. They share a passion for spirituality and the path of awakening, and how they can use their relationship as a place to dissolve conditioning, heal past trauma, re-write stories and expand into embodying unconditional love.



Luna is the headmistress of the Sensual Arts School, a Sex and Relationship coach and facilitator who specialises in alternative relationship dynamics, Tantra and creative Intimacy. Luna is a certified VITA Integrated Sex, love and relationship coach, a trauma aware facilitator and a certified Yoga, meditation and pranayama teacher. She runs workshops, retreats, temple nights and events around the world inviting people deeper into their sensuality, pleasure and divine nature. 

More about Luna

For this special webinar she will be joined by her partner Tristen who has spent many days in containers practicing tantric arts and transformational work which have given him an abundant appreciation for the vast pleasure, deep connection and lasting peace that it can bring. He brings plenty of exuberance, lots of care and tonnes of love with him wherever he goes and is excited to share it with you on this journey together.

This webinar is a taste of our upcoming course, Awakening Through Intimacy.


Awakening Through Intimacy is a 4 month immersion into conscious relating, sacred sexuality and personal development for couples who are ready to step into liberated love and utilise their relating container for spiritual awakening and expansion.