The birth of a new wave of Sacred Sexuality and Tantra

tantra Jul 20, 2022

There is a big shift happening in the conscious sexuality and spirituality world...

Many schools and teachers have been called out in the past years for abusive behaviours, cult dynamics, homophobia, ableism, overwhelming people beyond breaking points, grooming, misogyny, pressuring people to cross their boundaries and much more- all in the name of 'healing' but leaving many hurt on the way.

The word Tantra had been taken so far out of context by the neotantra scene that people believe it means spiritual sex, and a lot of the potent liberating and awakening aspects have been stripped away until there are just some nice peak states and erotic massage techniques sold that have very little to do with Tantra. Many teachers have little to no understanding of the tradition yet teach it as if they do.

It's honestly hard these days for me to recommend teachers or trainings because these behaviours have become so common- often due to the heads of many of the largest schools being abusive egomaniacs and their misaligned views being deeply entrenched in the culture and teachings.

Some serious magic was also in this work as many people have experienced radical sexual awakenings and empowerment- but also we have been left with a scene full of hyper-individualist faux 'sovereign' people who are often so caught in their own personal processing and spiritual egos they rarely experience peace or contentment, or the community and depth of relating they truly desire.

Many are even turning to Christianity or other religions because the new age scene has failed them and they're waking up from the cult dynamics and spiritual ego dramas and finding themselves lost and alone.

The first big wave of neotantra has been crashing, and something new is emerging....

A new form of spirituality and sacred sexuality that is more grounded, with no need for dramatic culty language to show how spiritual you are (while excluding others who don't understand what the hell you're talking about)

It is inclusive and accessible so that more people who want to deepen their relationship to self, other and life can join the movement even if they aren't 'woowoo' types. It dissolves the 'othering' and brings compassion and acceptance to the forefront.

It is rooted in tradition and aware of its history, rather than just a washed-out westernised version of spirituality that cherry-picks the fun bits and leaves out the important (and less comfortable) aspects needed for integrated awakening.

It is a trauma-aware movement and integrates our modern understanding of the nervous system and the way that trauma impacts our bodies, behaviours and neurobiology with the spiritual practices that really work and have long-term positive effects.

It bridges science and spirit, mundane and sacred, intuition and rationality.

It doesn't require you to change your name or clothing to fit in and be accepted.

It doesn't ask you to put aside your discernment and surrender to the teacher- it encourages radical truth-seeking and inquiry.

It doesn't tell you that you're broken, nor fool you into thinking you are the chosen one here to save the world to feed your egos need to be important (if you just sign up for all our trainings and do everything we say!)

This new wave doesn't spiritualise old patriarchal and capitalist models- it aims to internally dismantle them and free people from the conditioning that limits their true authentic expression.

It is a movement being led by people who are doing this work because they have been through the fires themselves and long to assist others on their path to liberation- instead of being headed by people wanting recognition, power, sex and money.

We happily put our personal lust and desires to the side in support of those we are here to serve.

It is a movement that has been watching the shadows of the past wave and inquiring, innovating and evolving. We have been seeing the pitfalls and the toxic leaks, and we have been visioning how to do it cleaner, clearer and better.

This new wave doesn't yet have a name, it is not yet trendy and popular- yet it is happening. I am so inspired to see more and more facilitators sharing in this vision and birthing it into the world so that modern spirituality, sacred sexuality and Tantric teachings can evolve to help more people and thrive and awaken in the world.

I created the Sensual Arts Facilitator training in honour of this new wave- inviting others who see the potential for this work and who want to share it with integrity and expertise can come together and thrive together.

We have created a code of ethics, accountability structures and a training to nurture facilitators who have a passion for this liberating work and who want to show up with integrity and skill.

This is a call to 'arms'... I am calling in those who align with this vision of the new wave to come together in collaboration, whether as a student of our school, a guest teacher (for those with years of experience already) or some other form of connection.

We can't do it alone, a movement takes a community of leaders committed to doing better.

This is also a request that my community hold me accountable, with love, to stay in alignment with what I want to bring to the world- should my own ego get in the way and I slip into these pitfalls please call me in and back.

In love and service,

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