E1- Surrendering Into Love, with Tristen

Welcome to the first official episode of the Sensual Artistry Podcast!

I'm joined by my partner Tristen as we talk about how our relationship developed, how we moved through a lot of resistance, fear, and stories into deeper layers of unconditional love and support.. and how the universe dommed us into submitting to this relationship!

In this episode, we chat about

  • Going slow and intentional! Why we slowed way the f* down when our relationship began and why that worked for us.
  • Safety, secure attachment and freedom
  • What it means to unconditionally love someone -Releasing stories and fears to come into new depths of relating.
  • How we got dommed by the universe and submitted again and again into love.

Tristen and I are running a course for couples called Awakening Through Intimacy- you can read more and sign up here! https://www.sensualarts.school/awakening-through-intimacy