E2- Awakening through Kink & Tantra with BLIXX

In this Episode I talk to my friends Arianne and Beatriz from BLIXX conscious sexuality about some of their most powerful awakening sexual experiences.

We talk about

  • Releasing shame and trauma through BDSM and Kink
  • Why consent and integrity is key
  • Merging into oneness through Tantra
  • What Tantra and Kink have in common
  • Why exploring your sexuality and kinks can improve your whole life.

If you're interested in conscious Kink, check out Luna's free e-book here. https://www.sensualartistry.com/pl/2147512424


More about our guests....

BliXX is a brand and a community around personal growth through conscious sexuality, more specifically around conscious kink. The founders, Ariane and Beatriz have a business & management background in leading international companies in Dubai and Singapore and both have been on the path of self-development and spirituality since more than ten years, each individually exploring classic and neo-tantra, yoga, massage, movement, breathwork and BDSM. They met in Berlin 3 years ago and they started BliXX as a conscious sex party mixing Neotantra, Ropes and BDSM where all sexual expressions and orientations were welcomed and celebrated.

Today, BliXX has touched more than 1000 beings in our xperiences, workshops and retreats. Our mission is to spread the power of conscious kink as a tool for personal and spiritual growth, due to its many benefits: Radiance, Creativity and Empowerment that impregnates all areas of life: work, relationships, health & spirituality Somatic trauma healing Somatic shadow work Leadership and Control of power If you want to work with BliXX, they offer online 1:2 VIP coaching sessions and transformational in-person retreats in the Netherlands, for individuals and couples. https://www.xperienceblixx.com/conscioussexualityretreats Links for people to plug in: https://www.instagram.com/xperience_blixx/ https://www.xperienceblixx.com/conscioussexualityretreats