E7: The Therapeutic potential of conscious kink with Seani Love

In this episode I chat with my colleague Seani Love, an amazing conscious kink teacher who loves to explore the potential for erotic awakenings and healing through BDSM, ritual and sacred sexuality.


CONTENT WARNING: Talk about sexual assault, consensual non-consent exploration


In this episode, we chat about...

  • Seani's story of how his shameful sexual desires became a healing gift for his lover as she healed her trauma
  • Why people are interested in consensual non-consent
  • What can make kink therapeutic or healing
  • What it takes to be a male sexworker
  • How consent and boundaries can save the world

Seani Love has been exploring the fields of conscious and sacred sexuality for 20+ years and has been teaching for 12 of these. Seani has specialised in how erotic experiences can be healing, empowering, educational as well as a huge amount of fun. His combined background is in the Western Mystery tradition, ritual theatre, various therapeutic modalities and neotantra. In 2015, he won the Sex Worker of the Year award in London and has appeared in films such as the Berlinale Film Festival winner Touch Me Not.

Along with his many amazing colleagues, Seani presents us with 2 courses: Level Up (A course for men wanting to be better lovers of women) and Getting Conscious With Kink (a course for all of us who want to learn more about the power of kink, BDSM.


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