E9- From Polarity to Authentic Intimacy with Serdar Hararovich

In this episode, I chat with Serdar about his journey coming into an authentic expression of his sexuality and secure love after navigating the pitfalls in the polarity teaching world. 

We talk about...

  • His journey from depression and anxiety to connection and authentic expression
  • The 'people pleaser'/'overgiver dynamic and how that was exacerbated through 'masculine' polarity teachings
  • Soulful attraction 
  • Owning repressed parts and your whole humanness 
  • Having permission to slow down and speak to insecurities
  • How having pre-connection discussions makes the sex so much better!


Serdar is an Authentic Intimacy Coach, guiding people from Insecure to Securely Attached relationships.

Follow him on facebook here- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/serdarhararovich 

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