E14- Queering Tantra and liberation from binary constructs with Mx Gili

I had a really amazing chat today with Mx Gili, one of the epic humans who you get to see content by on our Sensual Arts School social media who is also the creator of Queering Tantra @queeringtantra and an all round awesome human.


We talked about

  • Queer philosophy and Tantric philosophy and how they overlap
  • Their experiences navigating the Tantra world as a queer human
  • The modern neotantra world and how it diverts from original Tantra and gets damn confusing
  • The appropriation debate and misuse of the word Tantra
  • How queer folks can navigate the Tantra world and how Tantra folks can be more inclusive

I really loved this conversation and I'd love to hear what you think of it!

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