E15- Eco Sexuality with Brittney Bliss

EcoSexuality is the practice of seeing the earth as a lover rather than a mother! Where we are in a co-creative, deep relationship with the earth, and one that can bring us sensual pleasure and aliveness.

I chat to Brittney Bliss, a Somatic Sex Coach and a Wilderness Witch. She helps people awaken their original erotic nature, while deepening their relationships with themselves, each other, and the Earth. 

In this podcast we talk about

  • What is ecosexuality
  • Tantra and nature
  • Resourcing and healing with nature
  • How people can experience more sensual pleasure and aliveness by connecting erotically with the earth
  • Ways to integrate ecosexuality into your life
  • The activism elements of ecosexuality
  • and much more!

You can join her free online community and access some practices here- The Tantric Earth Academy. Follow Brittney on Instagram Here