E18- Disability and radical self acceptance with Blossom Leela

In this episode I talked to one of my long-term clients turned empowerment coach- Blossom!

We had a powerful conversation about being in the embodiment and empowerment space as people with disabilities (Blossom with a visible disability and Luna with an invisible one) and how we navigate internal and external gaslighting, victim mentalities, sovereignty and finding radical self acceptance.

  • Representation of disabled people
  • The need to prove yourself- and getting past that
  • Grief and disability
  • Sex, relationships and self-worth
  • Being in wellness spaces and having the pressure to keep up with the group and be 'normal'



Blossom Leela is a Radical Self-Love and Disability Embodiment Coach focusing on body sovereignty and sensual empowerment, harnessing the transformational healing power of pleasure to support the liberation of marginalized bodies - one cosmic orgasm at a time!

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