E22- Breaking through fawning and shame with Kali

In this episode I chat with Kali, a recent Sensual Arts Facilitator Training graduate and Tantrika. 

We spoke about her journey liberating body shame and sexual repression through open relating and conscious sexuality, and how her 'Fawn' response showed up in her explorations.

Some of the things we spoke to are

  • The lack of sex-education and conversations around relating in many cultures and how this negatively impacts us
  • What is the 'Fawn' response, and how it's not just for the person who fawns to 'deal with' but a communal and inter-relational change needed to support breaking through fawning
  • How fawning shows up differently in men and women
  • Working through body shame
  • Sensual Embodiment


Kali- Sensual Arts Facilitator

Kali is a wild child who believes in the power of vulnerability and embodiment of emotions.

After leaving her optometry career, the path of self-discovery began with training in multiple Yoga styles, Energy work, Somatics and Women’s Circle Facilitation.

She blends these powerful tools to ritualise expression and liberation through the body. Passionate about curating transformative journeys, she attunes to Goddesses' energy to use sensuality as a gateway to spirituality.

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