E28 - Therapeutic Meets Transformational Spaces (part 2)

PART 2 of the conversation with Mia Mor. Please listen to PART 1 if you want to hear the whole chat!


There has been a divide being made between transformational and therapeutic spaces- and some say this apparent divide is resulting in harm.

Mia Mor has a background in art and movement therapy and a passion for psychology. After years of exploring transformational spaces, she is trialling ways to bring more of her therapeutic background into spiritual, temple spaces. 


We discuss

  • What is the felt sense of Safety in a group space? What do we mean by it?
  • Group conformity and fawning
  • Dissociative practices, trauma and whether people are ready for certain containers
  • Finding authentic boundaries
  • Questioning why are we doing this work- to get high/juicy or to be free?
  • The future of this work with AI, VR etc



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