E29 - Love and Unique Relating through Trauma and Neurodivergence

Shelby is a Trauma expert and coach who is passionate about educating people about trauma and how to create more safety within themselves, their relationships and their bodies of work

In this episode, we spoke about

  • How neurodivergence, CPTSD and other factors mean we need to create our own style of relating that works for us
  • The unintentional harm that the relationship industry can cause by setting idealistic standards of relating
  • Relating with trauma in yourself and your partner
  • Healthy boundaries around caretaking your partner
  • Being moment to moment with the truth and quality of the love you have rather than a relational ideal

Shelby will be running her course for coaches this month called BODY OF WORK that you can check out.

She also is a guest teacher in our Eros Facilitator Foundations course teaching about trauma awareness in sexuality spaces.

She also has a course I highly recommend called Creating Safer Spaces you can check out here