E32 - Sensualist aesthetics and setting the mood with Aubrey Aurora

In this podcast, Luna Agneya interviews Aubrey Aurora, an erotic ritualist based in BC, Canada, about erotic awakenings and liberated love. Aurora shares her experience in energy work, focusing on the sacral chakra, and including all senses in energy work sessions.


They discuss

  • Exploring Erotic Rituals and Aesthetics
  • Aubrey's journey getting into the Practice of Sensual Energy Work
  • Exploring the Impact of Ambiance and Atmosphere on Intimate Relationships
  • "Creating a Sensual Space: Tips for Decorating and Curating Events"
  • Creative Processes of Embodied Decorating
  • Experiencing the Magic of the Fay Realm
  • Exploring Sensuality and Celebrating Life Through Erotic Urges and Desires
  • Experiences and Events: Celebrations and Deeper Revelations
  • Exploring the Merging of Performance Art and Shadow Work in Immersive Experiences 

The podcast also touches on the merging of performance art and shadow work in immersive experiences.

The podcast ends with Aurora talking about an upcoming event in Italy that will merge romance, revelry, and ritual.


Aubrey is an Erotic Ritualist and event curator based in Vancouver, BC. She has spent the better half of a decade curating luxury erotic experiences for people from all walks of life. With a gift of deep attention to ambience and atmosphere, her work is often described as a portal into the depths of your most sensual fantasies