E34 - The path of Tantra with Jessica Harvey

In this episode, I speak with my colleague Jessica Harvey PHD, a fellow Tantric Yogini and sacred sexuality guide who I'm collaborating with to create the Tantric Arts Retreat in Bali.


 - Jessica's studies in the tradition of classical Tantra

- Beyond all the Sanskrit and complex parts of the tradition, what's it all about?

- Tantra is the spiritual path for the everyday person with a life and job

- Re-orienting your view on life to appreciate the bliss and pleasure in each moment

- Where all emotions are welcome and nothing is a 'problem' anymore

- How Tantra isn't all soft and sweet, how it's about death (in a good way!)

- Busting the myth of men=shiva, women=shakti and heteronormativity. 

- What we'll do at the Tantric Arts Retreat


Interested? Come explore with us! www.sensualartistry.com/tantric-arts-retreat