E36- Tantra massage, de-armouring and conscious bodywork with Sanya Alaya

In this episode, I brought back my colleague and friend Sanya Alaya to discuss massage and bodywork for healing and awakening.

When many people worldwide hear the word 'Tantra', they often think of a sensual massage practice. Where did this come from? Is it an authentic practice or a modern one? 

Sanya shares her exploration through various bodywork styles to help people heal and awaken the pleasure potential of their bodies.

She discusses Tantra Massage, sexological bodywork and de-armouring, 3 key styles of bodywork she trained in, and lets us know why they're helpful and the benefits and pitfalls of each.

We then also discuss some red flags and what to look out for if you're interested in exploring this kind of work.

We hope this episode is supportive for those who are curious to explore this either personally or professionally. 

Check our Sanya's website for more on her work- https://www.sanyaalaya.com/

Her bodywork training- https://www.sanyaalaya.com/bodywork-level-1

And Deep Self Worship has solo de-armouring practices- www.sensualarts.school/deep-self-worship